Saturday, November 19, 2022

Finally Guidelines for finfluencers coming from SEBI

Finally, guidelines for #finfluencers coming.

That's why I keep faith in #SEBI and positive that more things in the right direction in the interest of #investors

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Monday, November 14, 2022

Financial Literacy for kids ? happy children's day

Financial Literacy Amongst Kids ?

What and where to start with?

Well, just 'teach your kids to value money' - Radhika Gupta and I totally concur and say the same to my known circle.

how to teach the value of money?

Well, Garbha gyaan theory if you read, until age 8 of babies whatever they see, hear, learn and experience become part of their personality and decision making for life. (that's where money attitude is formed)

So dear parents, watch out for the environment, for your own actions and the way you act and deal with money.

This is where financial literacy starts and most parents don't even realize.

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Saturday, November 12, 2022

Following such financial or investment headlines is dangerous - unfollow finfinfluencer tip

Do not get swayed away by such headlines and returns numbers.

It's no point.
If I start writing such things, I can write daily one fund which has given amazing returns (above normal).

In fact for me as investor, such article writers are to be easily unfollowed. (makes no sense to follow and remain confused- remember, our actions in today's world is directly related to whom we follow)

Why not to get swayed ? (or what to note in this headlines)

A- It's an SIP and not lumsum (the avg.holding period of SIP in the 12th month, is less than a year)

B- It's just 1 year return, of SIP. Even if the markets have done excellent in last one month or good in last few months, the return numbers are going to look exorbitantly above normal (infact thats the current situation)

C- It's equity fund (so volatility of Market and fund will change returns every day)

Hope this helps in unfloowing or choose the right ones to follow.

Bonus tip- any article provider or influencer who always keeps writing only on Top / Best returns, is for surely to be considered to unfollow.

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Wednesday, November 09, 2022

Fearing Pink Slip - lay off ? let's connect to explore value add

If you are afraid of Pink Slip and that you may be amongst the names in the layoffs list, DM and let's explore If I can offer any value add.

If you know someone who fears this, kindly share and refer.

Do this before stopping, reducing or pausing your Systematic Investment plans (SIP or S.I.P.)

First meet and talk consultation offered at no charges.

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Tuesday, November 08, 2022

Home buying decision - A solution - real bad situation

One of my prospect family is badly stuck and I knew I could have avoided this situation for them.

The house that they booked is now at the very final stage and in about a month should be ready for possession, so he has to pay the final sum.

Their current house is not yet sold, which was assumed to be sold and paid to the builder of the new house. (so big sum gap and also capital gain now to be paid- so double whammy)

He got the loan, but less than required, so that is also depressing from them.

They paid few sum to builder, by taking internal hand loans which they have flexibility, not paying any interest, but have to pay in 1 to 2 yrs , which means next 2 years surplus going into paying that hand loans.(looking at surplus, may be more time is required to pay the loan)

Even if they took possession, they wont have any money to do any interior work, so home won't be stay ready.

I feel very bad - here's why.

February, 2017 this family was refered to me by one of my clients and I understood and informed them about our 'home buying- solution', which empowers to take decision on why, what, when, how to take home buying decision and then breaking it down to simple steos before even starting to look out for home.

For most, it's the preparation done before looking out for home is crucial rather than, the 'actual buying' stage.

After prospecting we had informed them about our services, and they thought we are yet not taking decision, so they said we will come back.

Yes they came back yesterday, we did prospecting meet again yesterday and the situation is really stressful and depressing for the couple.

Good time to onboard and engage is the day you thought of buying home, even someday, as it's a preparatory journey which is important, and not only while you have freezed the home.

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Saturday, November 05, 2022

How does Financial Planning Professionals (cfp) day looks like?

Life of a financial planning professional 😂

11:00 am India time today meeting was scheduled online with overseas client about 5 days back, and the link was sent yesterday night.

Today, just 5 mts before the meeting i.e.10:55, I messaged client that I am behind schedule and will join @11:10.

The truth behind the scene -

_I finished a meeting just @10-45 am , _went for the loo to freshen up myself, _had a glass of water,
_checked mail and whats app messages for important messages that may need immediate response (nothing was there that important)
_messaged the client that I am behind schedule and that I will join @11:10 am (10 mts late)
_opened the sheet and plan that I am going to show and refer while meeting this client online and recouping the agenda of meeting
_closed eyes and had deep breath for 5 minutes to recollect new meetings reference to context and thoughts and put aside previous meetings thoughts
_admited the client in to join meeting
_again deep breath and some fast breath as well
-joined the meeting @11:05.

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FPSB India
Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd.

ICOFP Mumbai

_finished the meeting @13:27 (also some break in between)
_sent minutes of meeting and next steps @14:15
_working in another plan currently and already a meeting is scheduled @4 

Sunday, October 16, 2022

Action after following finfluencer - What changed ?

Let's be clear on these -

_Top 5 stocks to buy for 2022
_Top 10 Mutual Funds to buy, this diwali
_Top 5 dividend paying stocks
_Top performing midcap Funds to add
_Best ROCE, Div.Yield, BV and PE stocks to add available under Rs.100
_These funds no one is talking about but are top performing
_Top 6 diversified funds to add for next 5 years
_Must have stocks for Retirement corpus
_Thinking about kids education?- Buy these 3 foreign/global funds
_3 secrets to become rich

and manyany more such shared by #finfluencers are great to read, know but are this helping you take investing decision with right perspective and start or set right?

If yes, great.

Several investors read and are not able to take decisions or take decisions and regret after that.

Not that the funds or stocks or strategies or tips are not right, but the one filter it misses is 'suitability', which  always needs personalized and customized and then all of this information and tips to be evaluated and applied whichever is suitable.

A personal #financialplan helps filter various information and apply and implement with right approach to action it and kill many, whatever is 'right for you'.

Have you ever got confused with all the information available ?

Have you found that after reading the #influencers  #blog or going through #vlog you have delayed the decision or taken decision and then found it to be 'not right'?

Or that you found you were sold course after course on #investing ? -which is good for #financialliteracy.

Share, how has these blogs and videos helped you to start right or set right.

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Ashish Singodia
Prajakta Sarfare
Dr. Hardik Parikh, MBBS, MS [Ophthal], FAICO [LASIK]
Abhijeet Jetly
Manoj Kumar Mahto
Divyashikha Gupta
Kirtan A Shah
Ashish Jhanjee
Bhavin Kothari
Amita Goyal
Sangita Marda Agarwal
Mansi Shah
Abhishek Kulkarni
Sachin Gaware
Ruparanjan Mohapatra
Akash Patra
Abhishek Ganeriwala

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Thursday, October 13, 2022

YouTube - 'If I knew this earlier' video series - World Financial Planning Awareness Day and World Investor Week, Financial planning Awareness Initiative by CFP cm Viresh Patel

We express our gratitude to all professionals who shared their experiences and thoughts and participated in spreading Financial Planning Awareness, and helped in World Investor Week and World Financial Planning Day, 5th October, 2022.

This was in line with the worldwide initiative by Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd. @IOSCO and FPSB India, so thanks for the initiative, and will keep spreading awareness in interest of investors.

The videos are very small and totaling to less than 5 minutes, but loads of learnings for every investor, be it in starting right or in setting it right.

Would urge spreading this awareness.
Kindly Like, comment -one take away, share.


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Vinita Kadam
Sharad Kumar
Janhavi Kulkarni
Rajan P Parekh
Prajakta Sarfare
Amit Visariya 
Kirtan Shah
Rajshree Vachhrajani
Chetan Zode
Hardik Vora
Sangita Marda Agarwal
Mansi Shah
Kalpesh Veera

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