Friday, November 05, 2021

Is your Money working for you ? financial freedom

Happy New year.
On this new year kindly respond yourself and if you intend to let others know, participate in poll.

Money slavery is very much in 89% of professionals accross the world and we work with professionals to reverse this in the best interest of client family's.

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Thursday, November 04, 2021

Happy Diwali, Happy New year

Dear #google connections
Wish you and your dear ones, Happy Diwali 🙏.

May you be able to do and achieve what you aspire and deserve.

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Tuesday, November 02, 2021

93% miss investing in this asset - happy dhanteras

*93% miss to invest in this asset, if you are, choose to not miss this opportunity*


Saturday, October 30, 2021

Mathematical Logic vs Value evaluation - It' s personal, It's different

Give vs Take,weighing the difference, real situation.

Currently own a VIVO V3 handset and looking to buy new one,were preference is Rs.40000 to Rs.50000 new handset.

If I buy say 40 thousand worth of some handset, Vivo V3 buyback price is less than 5000 (best case) and If I buy iPhone 13 the exchange price offered is original buy price of Vivo V3.(as the picture says -15000+3000).

What should be the buy?

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This is real life situation.

Mathamatical logic vs Value evaluation.

Each one of us has a different lens of evaluation to see and define 'Value' and that is were different people will decide differently.

Friday, October 29, 2021

1 in 2 winder in last few months is it right time to buy new or upgrade house / invest?

*Is it right time for real estate home buy or upgrade / invest?*

1 in 2 has this thought

*40 seconds fill for solution*

Do fill, share to your near and dear ones for solution.

Facebook name change to 'Meta', reflects age of transformation

#facebook name change to 'meta', speaks and reflects that we are in phase of #transformation

New you, newer ways, newer approaches, new learnings and defingning and re-defining #wealthcreation.

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Crypto , Bitcoin Acceptance

Bitcoin or cryptos growth & acceptance is based on mix of ever reducing trust on formal currencies and looking for newness/alternate.

Advisors and investors who have born, grown & educated on regulatory environment have less acceptance on this new asset class or currency.


Wednesday, October 27, 2021

I intend to become billionaire, rich and have $500 billion of wealth

"I intend to become billionaire and have $500 billion wealth.

#elonmusk, #billgates , #ratantata , #richardbranson , #stevejobs are some of my idols and I want to become really rich in next 20 years. How can I become one".

I got received this question on #quora.

Having a #wealth target is a superb thing and nothing wrong, but one needs to understand what goes behind it to have that number.

What I have understood, read, learned and experienced -

A- Intent behind that number (if this intent or purpose is not there, this number even when achieved will keep shifting) (this defines values and principles)
B- Attitude
C- Habit
D- Discipline
E- Madness to achieve the purpose (not that figure)
F- Taking and having positive people along and their expertise

There are few other things as well, but I think, I can put this as core.

Intent or purpose will largely define your relationship with money, which is very important.

Money if ignored, and/or if it becomes the only top thing, I have learned nothing can be achieved (money may be).So understanding in aware manner that right balance and then keeping that balance is very important.

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