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Do you buy Insurance / Risk Cover, because Life Insurance Plans are closing? Are you being Bombarded with Mails, Letters, Messages and what not saying

“Life Insurance Plans closing soon, Hurry, Last Chance.. !!!!! ”

Don’t worry you are not alone, I am going to share shortest secret to buying Life Insurance, from any company or agent or executive. I am sharing this because since September I have received queries from around 78 persons till date on the same matter and problem. Messages such as these are doing the rounds and claiming that Life Insurance policies bought after 31st December, 2013 will come with fewer benefits and added service tax charges, most of the people are confused. Before I come to reality, we will know what are the common confusions in people’s minds.

Queries were related to CONFUSIONS like,

-What will happen to my exisisting polices?
-What if the charges increase and plan get costlier?
-What if the plan I am being proposed
 currently,does not exist then?
-What will be the extra cost I have to
 bear,after december? 
 -Will my Exisitng Policy Premium increase? 
-Will I get same benefits as proposed to me when I bought the policy?
-Is the co.I bought insurance from closing,and so plans are closing?  
-Will my existing Policy also end or Will my Existing Plan also be withdrawan?
- Is the current proposed plan good or the new coming plan will be better?

Etc Etc…..I am sure you may be having your set of queries.

Under such or many more confusions and fears especially after lot of fearfull talks and pressure by Insurance Agents people buy new Insurance Policies / Plans, with before and after closing of plans comparrissions and what if scenarios.(Which generally put’s people into understanding that my cost will increase with similar benefits)

How to clear doubts and confusions…..SIMPLE…just ask yourself following questions to make things clearer,-

*Are the Insurance Companies closing down, Including LIC, SBI, ICICI, HDFC, Birla etc  ?
*Why are plans closing?
*What will be the case once plans closing date ends, i.e. from January, 2014?
*Will there be no Life Insurance Plans?
*Do I really need to buy Insurance? And if not how it matters to me?
*Do I really need to buy Insurance? And if yes how much and what?
*Is this a forceful way to sell plans for Companies/Agents?
*Has my current insurance portfolio satisfied me, or is giving me tensions?

We all have heard two to three years before, that in 2012 the world is going to end…..did it happen? How many of us knew then that it was a marketing campaign by Movie makers of now famous movie “2012”?


As a Financial Advisor, I answered this queries and tensions to one of my prospects, only in simple questions

         ·         Do you need insurance currently? What is your current insurance portfolio like?
         ·         Are you satisfied with your current portfolio of Insurance?
         ·         Why are you actually thinking of buying Life Insurance or Life Risk Cover?

Let us sit and evaluate that first, that is what matters and that the answers to above questions should be your deciding force to buy Life Insurance at any point of time and not because plans are closing. Actually this is what only should matter to any person who is buying or thinking to buy Life Insurance.

Have you got clarity in mind and heart?
Happy Investing…..

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Viresh Patel
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