Sunday, December 08, 2013

                                          INVESTOR EMPOWERMENT

I have shared my Ideas and thoughts always with my friends, relatives, & everyone but one thing I have noticed, especially as a Financial Consultant, that all feel; Finance and Investments is a very complex subject & that you need lot of calculations and knowledge to be expert in finances, even for self, and there is lot of secret behind it.

In my endeavour to empower my near and dear ones whom I know directly or indirectly, I will be sharing few thoughts, instances, secrets and details all on 1 topic at a time from Finance and Investing and I will try and make sure it is presented in a very Simple and Understandable manner. I vow to try and make you also one of the experts in this field, irrespective of the knowledge and field you are in, only thing by reading what I write and share regularly.

I would like to share my Vision and Philosophy with you ….

My VISION statement

"To Create Family / Group of Financially Aware Independent Dream Achievers who take informed decisions and Experience Financial Freedom, through simplicity, set processes and clarity”




I will hereby publish and share on regular basis my thoughts on a specific subject / topic to make you expert in that topic on Finance and Investments and will make sure that, you as investor will henceforth take informed decisions with clarity.

So now I would enjoy writing and will make sure you all will enjoy reading and sharing regularly.

From the Desk of,
Viresh Patel
Financial Consultant
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