Tuesday, December 09, 2014


What Are you currently Thinking upon?

1-      Mr.Narendra Modi, his opposition and India ? ( How India will move forward) / ( Will Shiv Sena really Support Maharashtra government for long ) / ( or will Sharad Pawar, NCP Supremo, Withdraw support ) /  ( or How will new foreign policy work in favour of India )
2-      World Economics, Terrorissm, ISIS etc.? ( How China, Pakistan, Afghanistan , Iran, Iraq, Korea,USA, Russia, Japan React to it? )
3-      How all business sectors will benefit from upcoming budget and Modinomics? How will good Governence Help India? Will GST Be launched? Will my Tax burden Reduce?
4-      How Environment is changing? ( Pollution, new diseases’, gas leakages, less greenery, less water )
5-      Will my salary improve, next year as well? Or will I have to change my current job?
6-      How this market condition will improve, so that business improves?
7-      Will SENSEX Touch 30,000 before coming union Budget? Will NIFTY cross 10,000 ?
8-      Will Mr.Rangarajan, RBI governer, reduce rates in next review meet or in between?
9-      How will my health be in future or will my health improve?Hope my family’s health remains good.
Are these actually your worries?


1-      How can I improve / upgrade my lifestyle? Can I have that Latest mobile ? or Can I gift that to my Wife?
2-      How can I prepare for my future of my desire? Children’s education, Graduation, Marriage , Business Expansion, Buying Home / Secondary Home, Retirement, buying new Mid-Segment SUV car, Vacation etc
3-      Will all my dreams be fulfilled, even if I am not there?
4-      How can I concentrate more on work and have only measured worries?
5-      How can I ensure my Family being Happy and safe, both at the same time?
6-      Can I be more with my family, more relaxed?
7-      What is my current situation like? And how far can I go ?
8-      Will me and my family have to scale down, our standard of living?
9-      Do we have to compromise, everytime ?
Are above worries your’s?

If the answer to second set of queries’ is more profound, the answer is right in Financial Planning.  " YES ".

And your worries can minimize and one can actually have only measured worries- which are required to be their, by you, cause you will start choosing worries as well, because of Clarity and Confirmity through Lifestyle Financial Planning.

Family will have better idea of their current as well as future situation. Your basic worries can go in about 2-6 months, from date of enrollment.

Just imagine a situation which most of us go through, some or the other time, which is : Daughter is not well, parents take her to Specialist and Dr.recommends to take out few reports and says about specific problems and also suggest it’s solution, so that daughter can perform better and normal, what she is made for to originally do.SO one is not sticking to the PROBLEM, but knowing actual problem and having a specific solution- does the worry minimise?

WORRIES are forever, but they are no longer your worries, once you know which have to be taken seriously.


Incorporate worry-free life , through proper Lifestyle Financial Planning.Mind you, Time is ticking, and not by your side, always.

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