Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Why HR / Employer seek Financial Awareness sessions, NOW, for employee’s?

What is at the top of Mind of an employee at this point of time, which also in a way is top at every employeer’s mind as well?

Well two TOP MOST upcomming events-

EMPLOYEE RE-VIEW ( INCLUDING PAY ) ( how to enhance employee engagement ?) 
TAX - DECLARATION’s PLANNING in advance for the year? ( WITH AWARENESS) ( as pay scales are also reviewed/declared) ( would that be great ?)

( this directly leads to more employee concentration and highten's productivity )

I don’t know, if you noticed, but both are in red bold, because if it is taken in right sense, and put-forth correctly, handled rightly,  it’s most enjoyable part of life.

After the year 2014-2015 is finally done with and all Employee's have just intime finished their declaration submission, it's that time of the year when they are in total touch of their net Income, Net expenses and Net Taxes paid and these sometimes leads to uncerainity and depression, if not handled properly and so less productivity. ( Reason being sometimes most people realise that their expenses are more then their desired income and hence their borrowing is more i.e. life not self-financed. ( this is time when generally companies are also thinking of employees pay packet revision )

This is also time when employee's are planning or have already planned their Vacations due to Summer Holidays, so yet more expenses.

If this feelings and time, if taken and guided in the right sense can lead to best results from and for them as well as the company

After the tax and expense season the individual comes to practical terms and feels the real ground level pressure. ( Do you as an HR / Employer/ individual, want to feel and be under pressure ?)


-          Depression
-          Less productivity
-          Some may avoid enjoyment  ( also depressing) to not do extra expenses, so absenteeism
-          Non-involvement, pre and/or post season
-          Teamwork going down
-          Only few participate actively, so groupism
-          Borrowing money from colleagues, which creates unpleasant work environment
-          Resulting into Health issues  
-     Individual budgets go for toss and non-planned expenses shoot up
-     At the end of the year, Tax filling issues, non clarity on Tax implication ans tax laws
-     All this leads to Higher Employee Attrition



I am sure you and your employee has experienced a point of time, were all have to submit  IT and investment declarations alongwith proofs and details, so that TDS, can be rightly deducted after full year adjustment by the company. This nearly one month activity is so hectic and disturbing for a lot that people have to run from pillar to post to collect papers and information. Most start searching tax details online, and all sort of misleading or/and non required details are floating around ( which actually takes a lot of time of employee ).Most also do last minute tax saving investments which they grudge later, as they find not good for them. ( but still, lot doing the same mistakes year on year, because of non-planning and in haste).People have less money for next few months and so are more disturbed. Lot of people don’t know what is deductible and not deductible, what can be claimed under which IT section and upto how much limit and what all can be claimed; so end up paying more taxes.


-          People paying more taxes then actual, and some inhaste give wrong declarations, so has to apply for refund ( which is an extra activity by itself)
-          less productivity
-          People having cash crunch
-          People having not good sleep
-          Absenteeism to handle personal finance matters
-          Lot of people fall prey for hand loan or credit card loan in these phase and few also fall into debt trap
-          Attrition- people moving to another company for small increase
-          Resulting into health issues, for self and/or family members

Well, which Employee, Employer and/or HR would not like to enjoy this summer vacation season to it’s fullest ?
More and more people are taking interest in physical, emotional and financial health- ARE YOU ?

It’s that time of the year where-

-          Involvement in Company activities can be increased
-          Person is always present at each and every part of company activity
-          Inter-personal engagement’s happen the most
-          Employer-Employee and all concerned departments and authorities are extremely involved in.
-          Where an individual can actually increase cash flows ( relatively) year-on-year
-          Attrition can be reduced
-          Productivity can be upscaled
-          Overall well-being is maintained
-          Working environment can be upscaled and/or maintained


All the above can happen for longterm only through unbiased, thruthful, loyal, trustworthy FINANCIAL WELLNESS – awareness session at your company by dedicated Lifestyle Financial Consultant.

I am going to LEH-LADAKH Summer Vacation tour at peace of mind.... ARE YOU AND YOUR EMPLOYEE AT PEACE OF MIND ?

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