Friday, October 23, 2015

SHOULD I STOP MY SIP NOW ? A DO IT YOURSELF Checklist of Questions to answer.

When it comes to Investments, a most favoured and recommended vehicle for any investor is in Mutual funds, and when it comes to Mutual fund investing, Long Term is what each Advisor will advice, that also through Systematic Investment Plan or popularly known as S.I.P.

It is so common word now that many Investors search online, call their agents and ask for SIP Start and even Business Cafes, Business Places advertise like SIP and SHOP, or SIP and Burn ( by Health Products companies for calorie conscious people  ) , SIP and CHAT ( Coffee Shops ) etc.

A Investor is often told and aware that when it comes to Mutual fund Investments, it should be for  long term, and SIP is best way-Nothing Wrong.

Often what an Investor does not know is when to STOP SIP ( STOP S.I.P.)?
This is what puzzles a common man, an investor?

Below is simple checklist which will help you answer your above question , just write your answers to these questions .

A-Recollect where you started from, means your idea or reason for starting this SIP
B- Is that idea or reason met ?
C- What do you think of Market conditions? , it's future outlook ?
D-What is you current Asset Allocation standing? Is it as desired as per risk profile?
E- Where does your current Portfolio stand?does it mirror the one it is designed to be ?
F-Does it need any re-balancing ? ( One has to review portfolio at regular intervals )
G-What lead you of thinking to stop SIP ?
H-What will you do after stopping of SIP ?
I- Where will you park your surplus money, once your SIP will stop?
J-Is this a Sentiment related thought or decision?

Once you answer above questions yourself with definity, you can be through on your decision with clarity, and if you have doubts, please get in touch with your advisor.

If you search on this question through internet on,,,, etc. most of the advice will be to not stopping SIP in adverse market conditions, infact most will advise to increase SIP amount ( regular contribution, could be daily, monthly, quarterly ), but not stop SIP. Some have also gone to an extent saying " Stopping SIP is a Bad Strategy ", & some has written on " Why you should not stop SIP ".

I am of the opinion that Systematic Investment Plan ( some even say systematic investor plan  or systematically invested preparation etc.) or commonly popularly know as S.I.P. can be stopped provided you get such answers from above questions.If you still do not find a direction you need to call your Financial Consultant / Planner /Adviser.


Saturday, October 03, 2015

8----8----8 Way of Balancend MoneyLife- Beyond Money


Tired, Bored, Anxious,Sleepy,Feeling Alone, Missing something,Need Break .What ?
Answer Yourself...and Move ahead.

This self evaluation will take you to your sub-conscious Level, consciously.

Yes this is what is also needed to understand Money. 
Being Conscious, Being Aware, Being Enlightened.

Conscious to know your Habbits, Your Emotions, Your Physical Attributes, Your Social Attributes, Your Money Understanding.

We all do so many things daily, without noticing that we are doing something so great or something so much wrong.Example: Each one drives a car or a Bike, just think the day when you were learning, car/bike driving,It was so conscious of us when we pushed the Break paddle or changed the gear, and now it happens without even noticing.Or for that Matter remember the day when you first crossed HIghway or Road all alone, by yourself... and now it happens so naturally-subconciously.

Same way we all need to Follow 8----8---8 way of Balanced life, where-

EIGHT hours of SLEEP

EIGHT hours of WORK

EIGHT hours of OTHERS, like family, social, self interest, societal contributions, growth  etc.)

This is the ideal Day chart that one needs to follow and this is the way actually a human is made to perform and live, traditionally and scientifically.

Now, the question is, DO YOU FOLLOW 8----8----8 WAY OF BALANCED MONEY LIFE ?

Some will surely think, what Viresh is writing , Being a Lifestyle Financial Consultant, people expect from me lot's of talk on Financial Portfolios, Returns, Financial Products, Networth talk, Budgeting, Tables and Charts, but actually the Money answers lies in other aspects which have trickling effect on your hard earned money.

Fro Example:
If one is not giving time for family, the emptiness within most of the times leads to shopping or related lifestyle expenses, like movies etc., Now this has money effect, leading to less money in hand.So I am not here to judge or say not to go for movies or shopping, but a evaluation within is definitely called for.

Another Example could be:
If a individual is working for not 8, but 9-10 hours each day average a week then, he/she may not be getting enough required 8 hours of sleep, which could lead to physical or emotional or behavioural disturbances and problems which directly or indirectly needs and drains your hard earned money.

More Example:
If an Individual is working for more than ideal hours and is left with un-utilised energy, he or she will feel to go for a gymming special classes and or some excursions every now and then , my be adventure tours ( I am saying this could be one of the reasons for this apart from nature loving ) and that will require money and if one is not doing that then he/she may do unwanted expenses, so less money in hand.

Last one:
Have you ever noticed yourself, your partner, your child, your parents chewing, eating hastily-sometimes: that is sign of imbalance in emotions.If this becomes a habit this will have long lasting effect on Physical health and Spending habbits, which trickles down to money.

There was a survey done by Departmental store owners internationally on what leads a person to spend and what inculcates the habbits of spending/buying and one of the biggest reasons was Emotional attributes.

SO, Take a Pause, Awaken your Conscious Mind and Please evaluate the Life , the Emotions that you are currently going through and the way you are living, best is feel your breath deeply for about 5 minutes daily morning so that consciousness prevails.

I request you to give 10 minutes NOW after reading this for yourself and just write your routine 24 hours and see what you have got to offer yourself and one can get a glimpse of what is coming in future and where your hard earned money goes and could go.Just simply write in short and Notice if it is 8----8----8 WAY OF LIFE>

A good thorough Financial Consultant will understand your Emotions, your habbits, your risk fears, your lifestage, your life events, your 24 hours before talking on Money , returns, Portfolios etc.

Get in touch with your Financial Consultant now and plan your money life really well.

DO not FORGET TO SHARE YOUR COMMENTS and if GENUINELY you have written your 24 hours on Paper, What was your experience.I am Waiting to hear from you.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Now that your IT Return has been filed for the financial year 2014-15 , is your concern or job over?

Even after filing your ITR online, your job won't still be over!
Here is a six-point checklist for taxpayers to be observed after e-filing of ITR online.
Most of us think that we are done away with our e-filing task as soon as we submit the ITR online. And perhaps this notion is one of the main causes for the troubles and income tax notices faced by taxpayers after e-filing.
For instance the taxpayers are supposed to verify their income tax return after e-filing and failing to do so may treat their e-filed ITR as invalid. Likewise, ignorance of other things may either lead to additional tax demand or loss of tax refunds.
1. Verify the ITR or dispatch ITR-V
The primary thing that one should do just after e-filing is that either s/he should e-verify her/his ITR or dispatch ITR-V to CPC Bangalore. The detailed manner of doing this is discussed below. Remember that you have to verify the ITR by any one of the following mode.
A. Electronic verification of ITR
The IT department has suggested two methods of verifying the ITR electronically. For electronic verification, you need to login to and navigate to 'E-Verify Return' option of the main menu.
i. The first method is through linking your Aadhar Card with your PAN number and thereafter generating OTP (one time password) which gets delivered at your registered mobile number and thereafter you will have to enter this OTP to validate your e-filing.
ii. The second method is through generating electronic verification code (EVC) which gets delivered at registered mobile number or email ID. This electronic verification code is then used to verify your ITR. The main drawback of the second method is that it cannot be used by those taxpayers who are seeking any ITR or if they have total income of more than Rs 5 lakh.
B. Dispatching ITR-V to CPC, Bangalore
If you have not verified your ITR electronically then you are supposed to download your ITR from  and send signed copy of ITR-V to CPC, Bangalore within 120 days of e-filing. ITR-V is the acknowledgement form that you get after filing your ITR. It must be signed and sent to CPC, Bengaluru within 120 days of e-filing your ITR. The address to send via ordinary post or Speed Post is:
Income Tax Department-CPC,
Post Box No-1,
Electronic City Post Office,
Bangalore-560200, Karnataka
It must not be sent by courier or other means. However, if you have signed the return by digital signature, then posting of ITR-V form to CPC, Bangalore is not required.
If you forget to e-verify your ITR or fail to dispatch ITR-V to CPC Bangalore then it will be considered as if you have not filed your income tax return and the IT department will not process your ITR.
2. Track the ITR-V receipt status
If you have opted to verify the ITR by sending signed copy of ITR-V then you must continuously track the receipt status of ITR-V at CPC, as you will get an alert for non-receipt of ITR-V due to postal loss. Once Central Processing Unit Bangalore receives your ITR-V form, it dispatches an email acknowledging the receipt of ITR-V which should reach you within a month of sending ITR-V to CPC Bangalore.
There are a number of ways to check whether CPC Bangalore received your ITR-V form or not. These are:
  • CPC Bangalore sends the email acknowledgment to e-mail ID which you have mentioned in your ITR. If you don't receive such mail then please check your SPAM folder.
  • You can also check whether CPC Bangalore received ITR-V form or not by entering PAN and assessment year or by filing the e-filing acknowledgment number on the ITR-V Receipt status tab under Services section of e-filing website.
  • It can also be checked by calling CPC Bangalore at 1800-4250-0025.
3. Track the intimation status
After e-verification of ITR, wait for around one month to get the intimation from IT department under section 143(1). You will receive another email from IT department once your income tax return gets processed. This email is called Intimation under section u/s 143(1). Intimation tells you the details about your total TDS deducted, total tax paid, and deductions, if any.
In intimation, you will also find information about any difference between the amount of income, deductions, income tax payable, TDS or income tax paid by in you in your tax return with respect to amount which income tax officer computed u/s 143(1). The same is reflected in the following 2 columns of intimation:
a. Income tax as provided by taxpayer in return of income
b. Income tax payable as computed by income tax office u/s 143(1)
Analysing intimation u/s 143 (1) is of great importance as it will tell you whether the IT department has accepted the details furnished by you in your income tax return as is or whether it differs in the tax calculations of income reported by you. In such a case, you may have to take corrective actions. Consequently you will also get to know whether you are entitled for any income tax refund or if you are liable to pay any more taxes.
4. Pay additional tax if the intimation specifies so:
If the Intimation Received u/s 143(1) specifies that the tax paid by you is less than what is computed by the IT department then this intimation becomes Notice of Demand u/s 156.
For example, if you have paid income tax of Rs 500,000 while the IT department computed your income tax as Rs 530,000 then it will be treated as fall of tax paid. In such case, if you feel that the IT department computation is correct then you can pay the short fall amount and if you think that there is a mistake then you will have to prove your case as per the necessary procedure.
5. Track income tax refund status
In case the income tax paid is more than what is computed by the IT department then the taxpayer is entitled for tax refund. From this year onwards, the refund will be directly deposited in the bank account mentioned in income tax return. The tax refund status can be checked by logging to the account at Alternatively the same can also be checked at, after the ITR gets processed.
6. Make sure to keep income tax records:
Even if you are done with filing of income tax return, it is very important to keep record of all the paper work safely as legal proceedings under the income tax act can be initiated within a span of six years and therefore keep all income tax related documents safely for at least seven years. Following records are advisable to be kept for future references.
  • Form 16, Form 12 B
  • Filed ITR along with ITR-V
  • Copy of Challan for tax paid
  • Tax deducted at source (TDS), Form 16A
  • Tax exemption documents
  • Bank account statements
  • Gifts deeds
  • Intimation from the IT department (soft copy email) and hardcopy etc.
Above details has 98% been reproduced from & following is link for the same--

Another thing one ideally need to do is-

1 Check the acknowledgement, and see if they had utilized the TAX Benefits like Exemptions and Deductions to it’s fullest

2 Check what you are going to repeat for current year as well, like Insurance Premium or SIPs in ELSS, or EPF Contributions or NPS Contributions, School tution Fees etc.

3 You or your ITR filing service provider has filled for Financial year 2014-2015 and you will again have to file for current year by next July,2016 and so preparing oneself and not repeating the same mistakes and doing all at peace of mind is always desirable and advisable

4 Have current years Income tax Exemptions and Deductions readily in place and ideally make a provisional IT form and fill all till end of the year, so that you know what you are going to show, to do and were you still need to work on

This not only helps plan, gives peace, helps ultimate IT benefit , but also saves money.

R E M E M B E R   B E I N G  P R E P A R E D ,H E L P S   S A V E   M O N E Y  A T   P E A C E

To immediately implement on all of the above 4 points, get in touch with your Personal Financial Consultant NOW

ARE TAX FREE BONDS 2015-2016 GOOD FOR YOU- a dope ??

The tax free bond days are back. Long term bonds issued now have special significance given the possibility of interest rate cuts and a bond market rally. Coming in the market this week is the NTPC Tax Free Bonds. 
Is it for you?

The Facts

Issues opens on 23rd Sept and closes on 30th Sept

Minimum investment - Rs.5,000/- (5 * Rs.1000/- bonds)

Maximum investments - Rs. 10 lacs (to qualify as retail investor)

Tenure of bond - 10 years / 15 years / 20 years

Interest rates (tax free) - 7.36% for 10 years, 7.53% for 15 years, 7.62% for 20 years

Interest paid - Annual

Cumulative option - Not available

Maturity value - Same as face value + interest due for the last year

Should have and maintain a demat account to buy the bond

What looks good?

The interest rate

Tax free rate
is equivalent to

Taxable rate @ 30% slab (APPROX.)
( The Above NTPC Issue was Over-subscribed and Further Comming Issue is if PFC)

PFC Tax-Free Bonds Issue Update
For Individual Retail Investors -Category IV
Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Tenure of Bonds
10 years
15 years
20 years
Tax free rate is equivalent to
Taxable rate @ 30% slab (APPROX.) 10.51% 10.76% 10.85%
Long investment period

Lesser reinvestment risk. Short term deposits run this risk as at the end of the maturity period if interest rates had fallen, investor will not be able to reinvest at the same rate

Low risk

Almost no risk, as these are government backed bonds. NTPC is a PSU - Maharatna company and the country's largest power producer.

Fixed regular income

Someone investing Rs. 10 lacs can expect a regular income of Rs.73,600/- every year. So called-No surprises, no risks. 

Interest rate scenario in the economy

With interest rates expected to fall in the future, locking your investments for a high rate may be beneficial. Bond values are likely to go up resulting in reasonable premiums when sold in secondary market.

What doesn't look good?

No cumulative option

No opportunity to create wealth and give power of compounding a chance.

Low liquidity

Although these bonds are liquidatable in the secondary market, expect trading volumes to be thin.

10 years is a long time

The shortest tenure is 10 years. Typical investors in bonds like these, risk averse retirees seeking regular income may find 10 years too long a time to be invested in an illiquid asset. 

Best suited for

People seeking regular income - not capital growth

People in the highest tax bracket - they get the best benefit. If investor is only in the 10% tax bracket or lesser, an FD today may offer better returns.

Investors with low risk tolerance and low risk capacity

Investors who have fully utilised 80C and other tax related savings/investments, need to check this.

How to invest?

Through your demat account. Talk to your stock broker / adviser

Want to know more? 
Please write your queries in comments and I will respond.....FEEL FREE to ask....

-initial write up courtesy,Bhuvana 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

ARE YOU A LEADER OR A MANAGER? What's your trait?

Do not get surprised by reading the topic of this article.

I am writing this cause I am finding a lot many top level people resisting path breaking ideas which is challenging the ongoing corporate culture, for the betterment of their team and company,and I do not stand to sell some financial product and earn, I envisage to help people achieve their desired future.

Here’s where I find some difference in the thought process between Managers and Leaders-not to throw any debate on which is better-as I feel both has it’s inevitable and important place in the corporate place, but this differentiation is not clearly talked about and understood by many and both are somewhere being misunderstood and interchanged even in so-called top-notch company's.

What I have found from internet and I also somewhat relate as some differentiator is as follows, put up in a simple manner-

L E A D E R s
M A N A G E R s
Leaders win Followers
Managers have employees.
Leaders create change
Managers react to change.
Leaders implement ideas
Managers have good ideas.
Leaders persuade
Managers communicate.
Leaders create teams
Managers direct groups.
Leaders make heroes of everyone around them
Managers try to be heroes.
Leaders take responsibility
Managers take credit.
Leaders create shared focus
Managers are focused.

I have gone thru’ few article’s written on the same by Pramila Mathew and I hereby attribute and list the links for your knowledge.(to read her article’s on the topic, click here -    and ) .

I also do not want to throw up a debate on who is better or why leaders and why managers- cause as I said I feel both are equivalently needed in every company.

I am here taking up this topic because I am finding this misunderstanding at two levels
1-      Entreprenuer or Recruiter or Employer
2-      Recruitee or Employee

The problem arises in a company when the interchange in not understood and that is when the company starts either falling down or being stagnant. The need is already very strong of a Visionary and a Implementator in every organization be it small or large.Even if it is a sole proprietorship, the Proprietor comes with a vision and the managers and people in the team will work on the same lines.Similar is the need in a company.

Remember Steve Jobs?, who said “we are not about making boxes. We believe people with passion can change the world for better and that’s what we do and we have opportunity to work with people like that“ that’s the core vision the team members are still breathing with. Am I right? ( for full inspiring rebranding video of Steve Jobs internal meeting in 1997 click here- )

The other problem also arises when the company understandably knows this and so recruits people at special positions and are expected to take Leadership positions in respective fields, but they end up being managers.

Like if a cutting edge technology is introduced to a R & D department Leader the person starts from thinking on company philosophy, company structure and what his immediate boss or company staff will think, which ideally should not be the case and I have seen lot of such technology being used by MNCs and the Indian company’s are still thinking.Lot of best minds of India are working for Large MNCs, Guess why?If we as Indians really want to practicse MAKE IN INDIA, start believing and taking certain risks and breaking rules.Think really out of the box.

Another example is, I am sharing idea of Employee Financial Well-Being programme ( For a Article on the same click here - ) and we have already done this in top-notch company’s, but when I introduce saying we are here to share employee's personal financial related problems to top-notch leaders in the industry, still there is some traditional thought process about accepting that this is actually a Path-Breaking activity for their employee’s and team members and that this is going to actually add value in their team members life, by being aware and taking Life Financial Decisions in an aware manner. Being Aware is first step to Freedom and are we all really Breathing Freedom?

Personal financial issues of employee’s and teams are not properly addressed, and at most what company’s do is tie up with some insurance company or a tax consultant without actually knowing what is the employees financial problem. Please understand any individuals well-being in right sense and manner which actually hits,understands and resolves their problems and needs will up productivity of any company's greatest asset by a lot.

Ask yourself, is tax saving and tax filing only a issue when it comes to your finances, so why restrict your team to only limited exposure. If you can give your team/employee’s an exposure to professional unbiased advisors who will ask and understand you and your employee’s what is their need and problem with a wholesome approach, will that not be a value add for your team?Has anyone asked you or your team, what is your need and what does Financial Freedom mean ?

So what's your trait, a Manager or a Leader ?? 

Do you really want your company to be best sought after place to work with by the biggest asset of any company-employee's?Think different and Pull the team and the company to newer highs.

Wednesday, April 08, 2015


Kindly read this, property Investment News

This justifies my last 1 yr.bearish stand on real estate investments in general and reinforces why Portfolio diversification and Properly defined asset allocation is to be understood and.followed by each one.

( Also note Highlighted sentences as well) 

I am still bearish for atleast a year more.

Altough I like people being agreeing to disagree and would like to hear from you as well on the same.

For any queries,I am just a phone call away.

Thursday, April 02, 2015


Things that matter each one of us-

A Interest rates
B Inflation
C Currency
D Returns on Investments
E Returns from Different Assets and Investment avenues
F Economy
G International Markets

How good it would be if one could know, what could Make or Break markets in future ? That's exactly what I have done my best to present the link below to know holds Past and Future...

Be Happy Informed Investor.......and Being aware of Own Needs is the Seed of Informed Decisions-

Monday, March 23, 2015


I hear, meet and see lot of people around who are either under-insured or not insured for all or either of the following basic insurances-

A- Life Insurance
B- Medical Insurance
C- Critical Illness
D- Accident Cover
E- Asset Cover
F- Vehicle Cover..... E.T.C.

Lots of Insurance Agent's scare people, spread out scarry stories all around the world and try to sell some or other Insurance.

I am of a different view and I am with the majority, who feel, understand and experience such stories as sales pitch and are clear that they do not need any insurance and/or any further insurance, subject to following-

I>  I am Immortal

Guys and Girls, this is the best thing to have and immortality is the ultimate Living beings case, and if anyone is sure of this, Rest assured, and do not pay heed to the stories and sales pitches at all. Just ignore the need as these sales persons will not understand your immortality as they are going to die one day and you will see them dying.BE REST ASSURED, YOU DO NOT NEED LIFE INSURANCE COVER, then.

II> I will be fit for years, and lifetime

Yes, why not, infact it is said that pre-historic recorded years, people used to live healthy for more than 100 years, so why not you and/or your family now? If you are that sure, be at ease and ignore the medical cover required to weaker and ill-fit sections of humanity and you can also protest against medicines and hospitals. YOU and YOUR FAMILY, SURELY DO NOT NEED MEDICAL COVER, if really that is the case.

There are no chances of you or your family members being falling ill, no diseases, no cancer, no diabities, no blood pressure,no heart attacks, no ostopirioses, no alzheimer's, no blood clots, no tumors- all are fit. Kindly help these sellers to understand your secret and follow.

III> I will keep on earning for years, so fulfill my and my family needs

Oh, Yes.I agree, If you are going to be fit and have lot's of desires, best is to keep on working and keep all the desires being satisfied, year-on-year. After all what one needs to achieve ones desired future is MONEY and HEALTH and if you agree with this and are going to work for years, why should you spend on Insurance.

IV> I am Living in a Place, where Natural Calamities cannot occur

WOW.Sure, the people who are selling and pushing general insurances cannot find such place and so are scared and making people take such related polcy covers.Kindly show them the way which leads to your place, where earthquakes, fires, thefts, asset deterioration etc. do not happen.

WHY the Agent's cannot understand such person,is a point to ponder upon.
There are still other set of people, who say, I need to be insured, but not now, let me earn enough first or/and let me be of certain age, have certain responsibilities, then I will think.Why can't these agents understand that it needs a real self experience for people to know the real meaning and need of insurance, and that INSURANCE is to COVER the RISKs which is a probable and if that is not a probability, ONE NEED NOT BE INSURED.

For other's who do not fall in the above thought process, DOES this ADVISOR, this Article, makes sense ? Would love to know your views and suggestions.....

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Market Call after yesterdays bloodbath- What lies Beneath- Views

Good Morning
Hope and always wish, Family is doing good.

Did you really got affected by the bloodbath on the Equity markets yesterday?
Was it Emotional or was it Monetary as well?

Well, If you had gone through the Market update that was mailed to you, you would have been prepared for this, atleast Mentally, and not seeking the cause.( here's the reproduce...".WHAT MAY MAKE or BREAK THE MARKETS IN 2015 and how the year 2014 was?- A Photo Story .... . )

Ok, to sum-up the Crude is the Main cause of concern as it has broken major economical and physcological barrier of $50. to add to the woes, Greece and European economies are in dol drums and some major Economic data are expected to roll out today and in few days, ( Which are expected to be week)...The FIIs and DIIs have sold out due to this in Indian markets and volatility is expected to be more.

Well this is snap-shoot of the inside story, and lets talk about portfolios in general.
As you know by now ( and I am happy for that ), that we are following goal based approach, so though our portfolios are affected, our emotions are the least affected.( you could notice this when you are talking on markets with your friends and peers ) and so short term impact , medium term impact and longeterm impact are already taken tare of in your portfolios.and we are always here to review and re-balance your portfolios as and when, if needed etall.

Any of you have any further queries, I am just a phone call away.

Viresh Patel

Lifestyle Financial Consultant