Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Market Call after yesterdays bloodbath- What lies Beneath- Views

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Did you really got affected by the bloodbath on the Equity markets yesterday?
Was it Emotional or was it Monetary as well?

Well, If you had gone through the Market update that was mailed to you, you would have been prepared for this, atleast Mentally, and not seeking the cause.( here's the reproduce...".WHAT MAY MAKE or BREAK THE MARKETS IN 2015 and how the year 2014 was?- A Photo Story .... . )

Ok, to sum-up the Crude is the Main cause of concern as it has broken major economical and physcological barrier of $50. to add to the woes, Greece and European economies are in dol drums and some major Economic data are expected to roll out today and in few days, ( Which are expected to be week)...The FIIs and DIIs have sold out due to this in Indian markets and volatility is expected to be more.

Well this is snap-shoot of the inside story, and lets talk about portfolios in general.
As you know by now ( and I am happy for that ), that we are following goal based approach, so though our portfolios are affected, our emotions are the least affected.( you could notice this when you are talking on markets with your friends and peers ) and so short term impact , medium term impact and longeterm impact are already taken tare of in your portfolios.and we are always here to review and re-balance your portfolios as and when, if needed etall.

Any of you have any further queries, I am just a phone call away.

Viresh Patel

Lifestyle Financial Consultant


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