Monday, March 23, 2015


I hear, meet and see lot of people around who are either under-insured or not insured for all or either of the following basic insurances-

A- Life Insurance
B- Medical Insurance
C- Critical Illness
D- Accident Cover
E- Asset Cover
F- Vehicle Cover..... E.T.C.

Lots of Insurance Agent's scare people, spread out scarry stories all around the world and try to sell some or other Insurance.

I am of a different view and I am with the majority, who feel, understand and experience such stories as sales pitch and are clear that they do not need any insurance and/or any further insurance, subject to following-

I>  I am Immortal

Guys and Girls, this is the best thing to have and immortality is the ultimate Living beings case, and if anyone is sure of this, Rest assured, and do not pay heed to the stories and sales pitches at all. Just ignore the need as these sales persons will not understand your immortality as they are going to die one day and you will see them dying.BE REST ASSURED, YOU DO NOT NEED LIFE INSURANCE COVER, then.

II> I will be fit for years, and lifetime

Yes, why not, infact it is said that pre-historic recorded years, people used to live healthy for more than 100 years, so why not you and/or your family now? If you are that sure, be at ease and ignore the medical cover required to weaker and ill-fit sections of humanity and you can also protest against medicines and hospitals. YOU and YOUR FAMILY, SURELY DO NOT NEED MEDICAL COVER, if really that is the case.

There are no chances of you or your family members being falling ill, no diseases, no cancer, no diabities, no blood pressure,no heart attacks, no ostopirioses, no alzheimer's, no blood clots, no tumors- all are fit. Kindly help these sellers to understand your secret and follow.

III> I will keep on earning for years, so fulfill my and my family needs

Oh, Yes.I agree, If you are going to be fit and have lot's of desires, best is to keep on working and keep all the desires being satisfied, year-on-year. After all what one needs to achieve ones desired future is MONEY and HEALTH and if you agree with this and are going to work for years, why should you spend on Insurance.

IV> I am Living in a Place, where Natural Calamities cannot occur

WOW.Sure, the people who are selling and pushing general insurances cannot find such place and so are scared and making people take such related polcy covers.Kindly show them the way which leads to your place, where earthquakes, fires, thefts, asset deterioration etc. do not happen.

WHY the Agent's cannot understand such person,is a point to ponder upon.
There are still other set of people, who say, I need to be insured, but not now, let me earn enough first or/and let me be of certain age, have certain responsibilities, then I will think.Why can't these agents understand that it needs a real self experience for people to know the real meaning and need of insurance, and that INSURANCE is to COVER the RISKs which is a probable and if that is not a probability, ONE NEED NOT BE INSURED.

For other's who do not fall in the above thought process, DOES this ADVISOR, this Article, makes sense ? Would love to know your views and suggestions.....


Jigish Bhatt said...

Supper a very innovative way of presenting insurance in positive manner...

Viresh Patel said...

Appreciate your response Mr.Jigish.
Positivity is what I deliver and you are expert in Insurance Promotions, so this statement of your means a lot.

Unknown said...

Awesome way 4 promoting Insurance..

Viresh Patel said...

Your words of Appreciation means a lot to me,
Just to re-iterate, I am no expert to promote any product nor I intend to, this is to create awareness for people to know a way by which, if Risk is probability, there's a way out to be worry-free.... Thanks and keep trending

Unknown said...

Fantastic article Viresh bhai

Viresh Patel said...

Words of Appreciation from a Person who is die heart servicing Clients thru generations in Insurance Industry, is ENCOURAGING. SHARE THIS WITH YOUR CLIENTS and they may like this and be more aware on Risks and Risk covering opportunities, Tejas Shah