Friday, October 23, 2015

SHOULD I STOP MY SIP NOW ? A DO IT YOURSELF Checklist of Questions to answer.

When it comes to Investments, a most favoured and recommended vehicle for any investor is in Mutual funds, and when it comes to Mutual fund investing, Long Term is what each Advisor will advice, that also through Systematic Investment Plan or popularly known as S.I.P.

It is so common word now that many Investors search online, call their agents and ask for SIP Start and even Business Cafes, Business Places advertise like SIP and SHOP, or SIP and Burn ( by Health Products companies for calorie conscious people  ) , SIP and CHAT ( Coffee Shops ) etc.

A Investor is often told and aware that when it comes to Mutual fund Investments, it should be for  long term, and SIP is best way-Nothing Wrong.

Often what an Investor does not know is when to STOP SIP ( STOP S.I.P.)?
This is what puzzles a common man, an investor?

Below is simple checklist which will help you answer your above question , just write your answers to these questions .

A-Recollect where you started from, means your idea or reason for starting this SIP
B- Is that idea or reason met ?
C- What do you think of Market conditions? , it's future outlook ?
D-What is you current Asset Allocation standing? Is it as desired as per risk profile?
E- Where does your current Portfolio stand?does it mirror the one it is designed to be ?
F-Does it need any re-balancing ? ( One has to review portfolio at regular intervals )
G-What lead you of thinking to stop SIP ?
H-What will you do after stopping of SIP ?
I- Where will you park your surplus money, once your SIP will stop?
J-Is this a Sentiment related thought or decision?

Once you answer above questions yourself with definity, you can be through on your decision with clarity, and if you have doubts, please get in touch with your advisor.

If you search on this question through internet on,,,, etc. most of the advice will be to not stopping SIP in adverse market conditions, infact most will advise to increase SIP amount ( regular contribution, could be daily, monthly, quarterly ), but not stop SIP. Some have also gone to an extent saying " Stopping SIP is a Bad Strategy ", & some has written on " Why you should not stop SIP ".

I am of the opinion that Systematic Investment Plan ( some even say systematic investor plan  or systematically invested preparation etc.) or commonly popularly know as S.I.P. can be stopped provided you get such answers from above questions.If you still do not find a direction you need to call your Financial Consultant / Planner /Adviser.


Saturday, October 03, 2015

8----8----8 Way of Balancend MoneyLife- Beyond Money


Tired, Bored, Anxious,Sleepy,Feeling Alone, Missing something,Need Break .What ?
Answer Yourself...and Move ahead.

This self evaluation will take you to your sub-conscious Level, consciously.

Yes this is what is also needed to understand Money. 
Being Conscious, Being Aware, Being Enlightened.

Conscious to know your Habbits, Your Emotions, Your Physical Attributes, Your Social Attributes, Your Money Understanding.

We all do so many things daily, without noticing that we are doing something so great or something so much wrong.Example: Each one drives a car or a Bike, just think the day when you were learning, car/bike driving,It was so conscious of us when we pushed the Break paddle or changed the gear, and now it happens without even noticing.Or for that Matter remember the day when you first crossed HIghway or Road all alone, by yourself... and now it happens so naturally-subconciously.

Same way we all need to Follow 8----8---8 way of Balanced life, where-

EIGHT hours of SLEEP

EIGHT hours of WORK

EIGHT hours of OTHERS, like family, social, self interest, societal contributions, growth  etc.)

This is the ideal Day chart that one needs to follow and this is the way actually a human is made to perform and live, traditionally and scientifically.

Now, the question is, DO YOU FOLLOW 8----8----8 WAY OF BALANCED MONEY LIFE ?

Some will surely think, what Viresh is writing , Being a Lifestyle Financial Consultant, people expect from me lot's of talk on Financial Portfolios, Returns, Financial Products, Networth talk, Budgeting, Tables and Charts, but actually the Money answers lies in other aspects which have trickling effect on your hard earned money.

Fro Example:
If one is not giving time for family, the emptiness within most of the times leads to shopping or related lifestyle expenses, like movies etc., Now this has money effect, leading to less money in hand.So I am not here to judge or say not to go for movies or shopping, but a evaluation within is definitely called for.

Another Example could be:
If a individual is working for not 8, but 9-10 hours each day average a week then, he/she may not be getting enough required 8 hours of sleep, which could lead to physical or emotional or behavioural disturbances and problems which directly or indirectly needs and drains your hard earned money.

More Example:
If an Individual is working for more than ideal hours and is left with un-utilised energy, he or she will feel to go for a gymming special classes and or some excursions every now and then , my be adventure tours ( I am saying this could be one of the reasons for this apart from nature loving ) and that will require money and if one is not doing that then he/she may do unwanted expenses, so less money in hand.

Last one:
Have you ever noticed yourself, your partner, your child, your parents chewing, eating hastily-sometimes: that is sign of imbalance in emotions.If this becomes a habit this will have long lasting effect on Physical health and Spending habbits, which trickles down to money.

There was a survey done by Departmental store owners internationally on what leads a person to spend and what inculcates the habbits of spending/buying and one of the biggest reasons was Emotional attributes.

SO, Take a Pause, Awaken your Conscious Mind and Please evaluate the Life , the Emotions that you are currently going through and the way you are living, best is feel your breath deeply for about 5 minutes daily morning so that consciousness prevails.

I request you to give 10 minutes NOW after reading this for yourself and just write your routine 24 hours and see what you have got to offer yourself and one can get a glimpse of what is coming in future and where your hard earned money goes and could go.Just simply write in short and Notice if it is 8----8----8 WAY OF LIFE>

A good thorough Financial Consultant will understand your Emotions, your habbits, your risk fears, your lifestage, your life events, your 24 hours before talking on Money , returns, Portfolios etc.

Get in touch with your Financial Consultant now and plan your money life really well.

DO not FORGET TO SHARE YOUR COMMENTS and if GENUINELY you have written your 24 hours on Paper, What was your experience.I am Waiting to hear from you.