Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Mr. Anand ( name changed), called today evening, If he need to do any action to withdraw money from his recently opened Mutual Fund Folio A/c. ( Mr. Anand being into Building Real Estate business), felt that since he himself cannot track markets, he should not miss the bus of profit booking,especially when markets are at newer highs, ( especially once he Invested, Markets have never gone lower).

Miss Neeta, has been Investing in Mutual Funds, thru' online provided platform,by a National Mutual Fund Large Distributor.She has always bought them upon messages from this Distributor, mails from them and then checking with friends,what they have been doing and then upon re-confirming, Investing or Withdrawing.She was refered to me very recently, by one of my friends, as she had sold all her Equity Mutual Funds about 6 months ago, put all of them in DEBT Mutual funds, and now was repenting on her decision, at the same time wondering if this was still a time to Invest in Equity Mutual funds.

Mr.Nandavdekar, yesterday called me , if this is the right time to Invest in Equity Linked Savings Scheme, or should he wait till March. He had following three perspectives, which were concerning him-
A- He has declared and considered Rs.1 LAC of Investment in ELSS, for Tax Saving Purpose, to his employer / company
B- Around end June '17, when he was about to invest, one of Mutual Fund Advisors told him, that markets could tank any time, and that he can keep money ready and invest when markets are down.He waited, thinking as such he still has time and that he can anytime invest before March,18 for Tax Saving .
C- Now that Markets have risen, he is feeling sorry, that he missed the bus, but while markets are reaching higher highs, he is also fearful.Again, he is also thinking, that trend shows, markets always dip once, before or around March month,should he wait to Invest?

Mr.Kulkarni, a retiree, had invested into Mutual Funds with some calculated Equity Exposure , only since last 3 yrs.post his retirement.Till then he had never Invested in Equity markets, nor in Mutual Funds.He had invested this large amount with an intention to get Tax-Free Dividend income.Along with his Pension Income, that would suffice his Household needs between himself and his wife.Since then he has been surprisingly happy to receive good, consistent and infact with growing amounts of Dividends .At one side, this has put fear in his mind, always, are the markets going to crash and will my principal decrease?, will my dividend income stop? at the same time, he wants to gift a Vacation this year in December on her birthdate, to his wife's favourite Pilgrimage place, which also instigates him to think more.Shall I withdraw Principal? , Shall I Withdraw partially?, If at all I withdraw, where shall I put, as Interest rates are reducing ? If so, will that Impact my Household expenses flow? with these queries, My Client, sent Mr. Kulkarni to me, and I just had to set his nerves right and help him re-balance his portfolio.

These are the real Concerns and queries at ground level, from a retail Investor. I would even add, lot of Large, so called HNI's are also not sure of Investing, Withdrawing or Holding onto Investments, especially in current Market situation.

These are real times when Investors feel jittery and most even feel the AIR in STOMACH. Bad Market periods, are most of the times better, as there is no chance for Investor to Move out, as generally markets keep downward trend with Large Gaps and MOST OF THE INVESTORS THEN Accept and talk about LONGTERM INVESTING, that they are in the Markets for long period. 

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Don’t make hasty decisions about equity. Before you buy or sell it, make sure you understand the risks and that you are buying into equity for the long term. Of course,YOUR LONGTERM is unique to you only, have you defined so?


Easier to Loose, Hardest to re-cover

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