Thursday, January 10, 2019

Yes, Environment change for the better, NEEDS MADNESS. _How about this, wall clock, made from Elephant pooh ? _How about , Children's school bags stitched by needy people,from old car seat covers, with zero water wastage? _How about Chappals, and shoes, from old tyres? Mind you all these are not recycled or even, non-biodegradable. I met such team of @karandoshi87 and megha who are mad into environmental change for better, leaving there degrees related professiinal work and working in this , unorganised sector profeasiinally. #environmentchangeforbetter #betterenvironment #rivermarch #missiongreenmumbai #betterworld #bnionemumbai #bniindia #csr Feeling more positive now for better world is coming in near future

#easeofoperations #wealthcreation #awareinvestor Clearly Technology is changing the way people invest, and even a 20 yr esteemed firm, is been lagged behind by new age tech cos. This is also becoming a BIG REASON for personal human touch , a personal financial coach, #financialplanners ,as while people transact, the reason to, and track and keep tracking and change as and when needed, is what is missed

#wealthcreation #awareinvestor #mutualfundsahihai Personal finance awareness and Advisory may be one of the reasons , (at the same time yet unaware investors are in large nos., Which just follow blindly the larger groups,without knowing risks vs reward balance)

#mutualfundssahihai #wealthcreation

#wealthcreation #marketresearch #productresearch #awareinvestor