Monday, December 28, 2020

WHAT SHOULD BE MY GOAL FOR 2021? New year resolution ?

Come 2021, a lot of experts and individuals will have #golasetting in mind.

I have personally done enough and learn't that only ONE goal works- resolve to keep doing things for better aligning to your #lifepurpose,
which means thanking GOD and POSITIVE people for great things done until now and recognizing and accepting things and actions which are not working and stop doing them.

So what's your goal?
How are you setting your goals?
Would like to hear and learn and know more

Some would have-
1_ #education in their mind, for self ,or spouse or child
2_ #retirement is today at top of the mind with 57% of individual professionals
3_ #travelexperiences is no longer a goal it is a need like breath
4_ #homebuying is one of the top 5 searched query
5_ #wealthcreation need
6_ #financialfreedom is the buzzword today, as more and more working professionals want to breakfree from moneyslavery
7_ #emergency preparedness, has topped the charts on search words recently ,probably with this 9+ months of experience
8_ #parental care, is a genuine need always , especially with life expectancy going up due to medical advancements and more so because of Indian culture way of upbrining

what's your's ?

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Saturday, December 19, 2020

BREAK-FREE.. what is travel for you?

is about break, time spent together and experience
last about budget

Agree ? Not Agree ?
Hardik Vora (Honeymoon and couple customized travel planner)
Miten Shah (any kind, anywhere ticketing)

If budget, is your first criteria "always", BREAK-FREE.
We help family's budget travel plan year-on-year, such that budget is not the first criteria

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Thursday, December 17, 2020

Pity investors - on ground story

A financial research analyst did internal research report on L & T for the co. to filter & send out to it's investors.A 27 page report & the conclusion was a BUY call

The analyst decided with declaration to co. to buy L&T & it was a saturday & he decided to chk.what other experts in the industry are saying about L&T.

He watched CNBC & ET Now for 2 hrs & then went on to google & decided to not buy now & keep it under watch

Emotions,need, fear, life stage, experiences, knowledge level,etc are factors which influences decision making, even after all the logical research reports.

So much information, so many experts.
Investor still is confused.
Which direction?,What is right,NOW?What first,what next?

Simple is to internalise the system, to connect need & fears and filter the information available thru' that internal system.

You have 2 options to choose from to take this forward after reading this, and not remain confused

A- BEST OPTION- Have disciplne to allot time to get information, learn to use to your advantage

B-SECOND BEST- If that seems difficult, onboard a trustworthy financial planner to do it for you
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Friday, December 11, 2020



Kindly share ur take aways and tag 1 person u care for, to bring up awareness on Salary Change ­čÖĆ

Many will have reduced or lesser take home salaries due to code in wages applicabke April 1, 2021 

Wednesday, December 09, 2020

AMFI Data - You can Benefit from this ?

#amfi November month data released, throws some interesting facts which come out of our analysis

It actually reveals some secrets, see if one can use it for advantage

A_ Out of the total Open ended Income/Debt AUM of #mutualfunds, 35% is held into Overnight & Liquid schemes (Does it reveal, Advisors & Investors are sitting on cash to re-enter when equity market falls?)

B_ Out of total Open ended Growth/Equity oriented AUM of mutual funds, roughly 53% is in Large cap stocks (hybrid schemes not included, nor index funds included) (does this reveal fund managers feeling of risk reward ratio mindset)

C_ Out of the total Open-ended debt & equity funds AUM (2,233,179.85 Cr.) 63% is in Debt schemes & 37% in Equity funds (Does this reflect avg.ideal asset allocation of investor)

D_ Total AUM is 3,004,906.23 Cr., which includes all open-ended, closed ended, special schemes, fund of funds etc (AUM increased by 5.3%, reflecting confidence in mutual funds)

E_  AUM in open-ended schemes in Debt Mutual Funds increased by 5.6% while it increased by 6.4% in Growth/Equity Mutual funds, (#nifty grew by 11%, so does it indicate investors have booked profit & shifted funds in debt funds?)

DISCLAIMER: do your own evaluation & assessment before taking any #investing decision

Saturday, December 05, 2020

Credit Card owners 10 year real experience

I do not choose to own credit card

I had, a credit card, 2 yrs back, for 7 years, I heard smart ways of using it and so applied for the same and got it.

Initially,I was quite self restrictive, and then friends and colleagues, informed me how they smartly manage and so I started ising it

At one point, I didn't realise the extent, but I converted credit card balance to personal loan,thinking with my salary rise, I wil be able to pay off the loan in 8 months

Then there was no coming back. It jist piled up. It really took 7 years for me to realise that although there are smart ways to use credit card,but I do not have control over usage

Hence the reason, I choose to not own any Credit Card

Good that I realised and came out of it with so much self killing thoughts, but, bad that I missed wealth creation / accumulation oportunities for 7 years

A true self described condition and experience of a Investor

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Friday, December 04, 2020

Profit booking or Asset Allocation Rebalancing. What is recomended ?

Profit booking
Asset allocation rebalancing ??
What is recomended?

Invested 1 lac 8 months ago and today value is 1.43lac

Profit booking would mean, 43 thousand removed from total investment, where as , asset rebalancing would mean where ever the drift is away from the original set allocation, bring it back to original one

Here's the example of Asset allocation rebalancing
If Rs 1 lac invested in April,20 in say 80:20 equity to debt ratio,and if current value is say 2 lac

So 80000 should have been 1.6 lac in equity in terms of 80:20 ie 80% in equity.
Say if that is currently 1.8 lac, it is said to rebalanced ,once it is brought back to 1.6 lacs

Here profit booking is natural and the added advantage is risk is also naturally taken care off,plus, market or index calls matter least

Plus, in profit booking, what to do of that 43000 as in above example , is always a questiin, where as asset allocation rebalancing is always answer by itself on next step

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Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Your Definetion of Best? Life learning

A teenage kid went to a fruit vendor and asked him to give 1 kg of BEST APPLES, 6 best oranges and 3 best kiwis, plus 1/2 kg sweet grapes

The kid took all home and gave it to mummy and mummy opened the same and got angry.

_Apples were small
_Oranges were ripe
_Kiwis were very raw (hard)
_Grapes when tasted were sweet, but all of half kg was fully ripe

Mummy asked the kid to return and the vendor denied taking back,the reason -

he said was-
_Best apples means sweet and juicy
_Best Oranges means sweet and sour
_Best Kiwis means Sweet and sour
_Best grapes means sweet

The definetion of " BEST" differed for Vendor and the buyer had a different definetion

Similarly, Investors definetion while investing in a particular asset class or financial product is very different from the product expert or advisor

KINDLY do your due deligence , in a way that the product expert has asked yoi enough questions and understood all your aspects before suggesting you any product or giving you form to sign on dotted line and ensure that " BEST" has same understanding for both

So , what is your definetion of BEST ?

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Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Fan Moment - Financial Life Planning - Real Wealth approach

#fanmoment with George D. Kinder at Lonavala, back then , 2016

Father of Life Planning, with focus on money behaviour and decisions

Had opportunity to stay with and get trained directly from the mentor himself,here in India 4 years back

Since 4 years managing client growth with behaviorial understanding as well

With various certifications like

_Liscentiate (which empowers risk understanding and managing fully ),

_CFP CM (Financial Planning ),

_NISM IA 1 & 2(empowers planning- financial+investment) (basic for SEBI Investment Advisor registration as well)

_and many such this learning on and introducing to Life Planning is feather on the cap ,more so over, add on advantage for clients the way it is managed and understood from their money understanding point of view to help them manage better for growth and financial freedom, which I believe needs to be from today and not one day

"Money management is more to do with person management and not only of money management.Any Advisor who can manage both,must be prefered over only money manager"

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Friday, November 27, 2020

Hope you are not doing this- LONG TERM HOLDING- Reason for underperformance

Mr. Soni had invested in HDFC TOP 100 and also had a 1 year SIP for 2 years then. One fine morning in November,’20, he received letter from HDFC mutual fund, which gave him reminder that he had done this investment . He realized that he had invested Rs.3.4 Lac in total then and today it’s value is Rs.5 Lac. He called me up and asked me what to do, but one thing repeatedly he wanted me to say is whether he has earned good returns or was there better fund which could have given better returns

Mr.Kulkarni inherited Castrol shares from his father which were purchased @Rs.10 then. He had emotional bonding and for 5 years he was not selling those shares, rather he was saying, “badh raha hai and dividend bhi de rahah hai, then why to sell”. At the same time, in those years term, he bought another 3 shares and the returns what he got was much above holding value returns of Castrol, but he never used to compare and consider selling Castrol

GONE ARE THE DAYS of holding everything bought for long term

YES< Investments should be for long term, but same fund or company or asset should be minutely tracked and rebalancing should be done

Below is the example to understand better –

No alt text provided for this image

( Disclaimer : this is representational and does not necessarily mean actual )

Mr. Shah, started Investing just in March,’20 and his lump sum investment value was Rs.1 Lac. When he approached his financial planner, his planner, prepared strategy to invest in 50:12:38 ration for Equity: Debt: Gold , and they Invested accordingly. Mr.Shah and his planner were very clear that this 1 lac of investment they are investing for long term ( specifically for Mr.Shah more than 12 years )

In November start, the values had increased and Rs.1 Lac invested was then Rs.1.65 Lacs.

Generally 90% of Investors and 78% of Advisors understand long term means KEEP IT AS IT IS. But his planner did something which very few do. His planner re-balanced the whole portfolio to original set asset allocation and redeemed from Gold , and Equity ratio proportionately and re-invested to reset the whole investment to originally set 50:12:38 weightaes to the asset classes.

90% of investors do this, long term, means buy and hold, but the times have changed and active management is required.

Gone are the days when Dada purchased and Grand son reaps the benefit, and in between keep holding same funds, same shares, same asset class.

It’s time to change, if not , you are inviting underperformance

So Which one do you choose-

A_ Buy, Hold and ready for underperformance

C_ Buy and keep re balancing

D_ Sit on the sidelines- ie “ better hai invest hii mat karon as I do not understand anything”

What is your current way ?

Happy Investing, Keep growing

Happy to hear from you

DISCLAIMER : In no way this should be considered the ideal asset allocation , nor does it in any way to be considered or assumed that we are claiming that we can give "XYZ " returns. This is for simple understand of not making mistake of buy and keep holding and not reviewing or not rebalancing, just because of the normal NOMENCLATURE of LONGTERM. It needs re-think , on investment strategy and the advisor you are working with

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Time to Buy, Sell, Hold or Add in Equity markets ?

Why are markets moving up, is it normalization is back ?
Now that #vaccine is arriving, are we out of the dooms day, and is that the reason that equity markets are going up?

Should I invest in Equity now, I feel I am missing the growth?

#liquidity is something which plays a major role and recently few global funds and investors have upgraded and increased India allocation.

For example, #MSCI Global Index has increased their allocation by 0.8%

Here is the #BIGPICTURE , in march,'20 FIIs took away about 60000 crs & in november,'20 they have again pumped in similar amount, which has resulted into markets going up ( For reference , attached daily and Monthly FIIs figure chart)


Well, it all depends upon multiple factors and main important is
_If you are already invested, has it beaten your assumed returns substantially?
_Can you handle high volatility?
_How much are you OK for down side?
_How far or near is your next usage from this funds?
_What kind if asset class of fund you are holding?
_How is your financial plan originally made?

We have impacted asset allocation & re-balancing as on today for more than 90% of our clients

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Friday, November 20, 2020

Why not Equity Investing ?

*Why investors do not prefer or prefer less investing in equity?*

Share this in your known group/s, *vote* and you will get the result
Also, comment your experience ­čÖĆ

Do vote yourself, if you have not done yet ­čÖĆ

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Vaccine news & Equity Market

Isn't this vaccine news seeming like CNBC show in equity market ? 

#moderna says it's vaccine trials show 94.5% effectiveness in preventing
#coronavirus19 , 

while #pfizer last week reported 90% effectiveness

#astrazaneca says they must be ready with #vaccine by december end and

#seruminstituteofindia foinder asks if India has Rs.80000 crorers to buy vaccines 

moreover, @WorldHealthOrganisation chief says vaccines may not mean end of the #pamdemic 

At times the same Larsen & Tubro share one expert says buy, another expert says if you have.long term view and patience then buy, the third one says sell 

finally leaving the investor to herself/himself , no one actually knowing what is going to happen especially in short to medium term 

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Saturday, November 14, 2020

Equity Investors survey-Shocking result

*This Equity Investors survey shocked us, and you will also realise why?*

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

What is Investing? - 20 seconds read

Words of Wisdom -
*What is Investing*

20 seconds read

Saturday, November 07, 2020

IPL & Captains strategy

Hello IPL lovers
You are the team Captain and
It is 13th over of the IPL at the quarter finals and batting team needs 67 runs to win and has 5 wickets left, & best batsman is still playing

The captain at this juncture has either a medium fast bowler to give the ball to bowl 13th over or their best spinner with just 2 overs left of himself

With this situtation what should be the strategy ,If you were the captain you would apply?

Would you keep best spinner for the end or would you give it to spinner now and take risk at the end with the medium fast bowler ?

Would you go for wickets now or would you concentrate on containing runs?

Investing strategies are similar

Best Investment calls are taken after having an over view of opportunities, challenges, limitations, risks and more important what kind of person you are, like the one clear overview you have as a team captain above

So captains Kirtan A Shah , Hardik Vora Piyussh A Shah Sanket Prabhu , Ashish Singodia  Jesse J Saurav Agarwal  Divyashikha Gupta  CA. Anand Lunkar Dr.Vinita P. Kadam (P.T)  Bhavin Kothari CA Shrenik Shah , Nirmish Patel , Farzana Suri Victory Coach   would like to hear from you as well, your strategy

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Thursday, November 05, 2020

Core Principle & No Marketing

This stands as our way of working, following this principle at the core and not for marketing

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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Case Study-My Fathers words of Wisdom-Money Approach

Approach and Attitude with/towards money is more important than how much more - Classique example

My father used to tell me,

'stock market is place for all, but what and how you approach with your money is important. Never play and speculate with money'-

This has stayed with me fore ever and this attitude and approach has helped me not only make money, but probably save more from losses

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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Simple 3 Basic Tips to ensure right Mutual Fund buy

#simpletip #mutualfunds
How to ensure right Mutual Fund buy?

Any mutual fund scheme should match few things -

A- Investors Risk Profile with the funds risk offering

B-Investors Investment psychology with fund managers investing psychology

C-Fund Objective - Investors objective with funds objective,including holding period and returns expectation and generation

Simple and Effective. If this 3 not done probably, very high chances, the investor not being happy

Thoughts ?

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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Big change in Real Estate as Asset class? Svamitva by PM Modi

Is this going to be game changer in villages #realestate markets , and as an asset class ?

Under #SVAMITVA scheme, first ever ,ownership rights providing property cards issued yesterday.

This scheme was declared on April,'20, and 6 states have approved drone mapping.

I believe, this is going to bring customised real estate advisory at it's core and the real estate growth can be more widespread rather than limited to metros and B/C town cities

What's your view? Will #reits benefit more, due to increased demand and  awareness?
Ashwin Ramchandani
Ashish Singodia  Kirtan A Shah  Piyussh A Shah Bhavin Kothari .Rachit Vora Magicbricks

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Saturday, October 10, 2020

Rights and Duties of Mutual Fund Investor

 A friend of mine bought a car, with that he got right to use his car, at the same time, he bought insurance for the same as he knew, it is his added responsibility with right to use the new car

When one of my client fixed up marriage for his son, immediately he called up interior designer, to renovate his house, and ensure private and new space for the to be couple.

With every right, comes responsibility.

As a mutual fund investor, their are certain rights which I believe one needs to be aware of, at the same time as a responsible investor ,certain duties also needs to be followed in the interest of self smoother wealth creation journey

 I would be addressing both together, as Rights and within that, relative responsibility and duty to make it easy for investor to understand, connect & follow

RIGHTS & DUTIES OF Mutual Fund Investor-

A-    Assess documents

Right to assess scheme related documents like

Scheme Information Document (SID),

Statement of Additional Information(SAI),

Key Information Memorandum(KIM),

Fund Fact sheets

and Addendums ,

Annual reports etc

It is duty & responsibility of every investor to go through the documents available, understand, ask questions, research, analyze and find suitable mutual fund scheme with be-fitting risk-o-meter, matching your own risk profile and ensure objective of the scheme, matches needs

No alt text provided for this image
No alt text provided for this image

B-    Right to know Fees, commissions and expenses

Expense ratio reflects many aspects, like cost of regular funds which is paid as distributor commission, once one chooses to work thru' a mutual fund distributor and other fund management charges, which has a direct impact on returns from the funds, and hence, while it is right of every investor to know the fees, expense ratio , it is also duty of every investor to read, and understand the value the mutual fund distributor brings, by choosing regular funds. This also empowers the investor to choose between investing thru' distributor or thru' direct schemes. With this fees/commission paid by the scheme to the distributor, one may also be able to judge, if the scheme is just pushed for commission only or is it rightly suggested with suitability test.SO it becomes investors responsibility to ask and ensure , if the scheme suggested is suitable and need to know what process the distributor follows to understand suitability

C-     Right to receive dividends

Every investor has right to receive dividend once declared within 30 days. At the same time, it is investors duty to inform and keep updated KYC, including address and banking details to ensure, such transfers to come on time

D-    Updates

Right to receive scheme related, Fund house related, as well as Investment related updates- again this is advisor and investors job to remain informed and do necessary changes if it does not fit at the same time it is investors duty as well, to keep the Mutual Fund house to keep updated contact details, KYC and banking details and keep reading the updates

E-     Right to have a Complaint redressal system

Every Mutual fund house, needs to ensure there is a dedicated Grievance redressal officer and mechanism and the contact details are updated on the website. To know more on how and what of complains, click here - Mutual Fund Complains- how and whom ?

At the same time, it is expected that with all the information available the investor will ensure suitability and keep track of the updated information and make changes if and whenever necessary

Happy Investing

Peaceful Investing

Happy wealth generating journey

Happy money making work for you.......

Thursday, October 08, 2020

Mutual Fund Complain - how and where to complain ?

 How much return can and will I get from XYZ Mutual Fund investment, is the first and most important question for any investor.

I was recently asked over Zee Business Mutual Fund Helpline Show – “I am disappointed by one of the major Mutual Fund house, where and how can I complain?”

Every Mutual Fund Investor, when invests, thinks with a positive thought, that her/his investments will grow and after doing research as per their understanding the investments are done

Recently, I was asked in a show the complain mechanism and process and whom and how to complain, incase of losses and not satisfied and I strongly believe, that every Investor need to be aware of this, as every Rupee invested is hard earned money

Every Investor need to be aware of rights and duties before understanding complain process. (to know it click on the link -  Rights & Duties of Mutual Fund Investor )

Herewith is the process, of course, listing it down as per my experience and understanding and with a background that there is a valid complain.

While queries, can be multiple, complaints can be and need to be amongst the listed ones as follows-

No alt text provided for this image

With this background, what should be the process?

In my experience and understanding, if the Investor is investing thru’ a Mutual Fund Distributor,

_First complain over call should go to the distributor and then in written mail, as a query and not as complain,

If not thru’ distributor, the call should go to fund house as query and their response should be followed/understood

_If you are satisfied with the response, thank them, and if some allocation or scheme needs to be change, do the changes, if as investor, you sense so

_If there is no or lukewarm response, from either the fund house in case of direct call or thru distributor, write it as query/complain over mail to Mutual fund house official INVESTOR RELATIONS OFFICER and GRIEVANCE REDRESSAL OFFICER, with cc to distributor and ask distributor to follow the same, and always keep distributor in loop

_If there is no response or the response, is not satisfactory, write back for more clarity and/or reminder to similar email ids

_Even after that, if there is no or lukewarm response, or generalized statement, then , you may utilize SCORES Platform 

( SEBI Complaint Redressal System ), provided by SEBI for complain registration for any listed entities and registered intermediaries and mutual fund is one ( Link of SCORES provided at end of article )

_A SEBI officer takes it up and the redressal happens with proper response


Even before choosing the type of complain on SCORES platform, following question is asked-

Have you lodged a complaint with the concerned intermediary / listed company for redressal of your complaint?


You can only go forward, only if it’s a YES, else, the complain does not get registered and time gets wasted

ALSO, Before starting to write a mail, keep and ensure following minimum things handy-

A_ Folio Number ( a latest or first statement would help )

B_ Registered mobile no

C_ Registered email address

D_ The sequence and record of the previous complaints and the responses with timeline

To Register your complain with SCORES Platform, you will need to signup and register for which you would require-



_CKYC Number


_Bank details ( keep cheque leaf handy)

And you can get the confirmation on registered email id.

One can also upload PDF document upto 2 MB as supporting document with the complaint on communication/s done with grievance redressal officer of the respective Mutual Fund House

One can also track complain status on the SCORES Platform.

Before registering your complain on SCORES platform, kindly ensure, there is enough efforts made on following query and complaint process with distributor and grievance redressal officer and it is well recorded, else, once you go to SCORES for registering your complain, and if you respond NO, to their question one have to go back to follow the process

Also, as investor, if you want to know which Mutual Fund house has maximum complains, you can also visit AMFI ( Association of Mutual Funds India ) AMFI-Investors Complain details

Also providing herewith link as example, on where and how, it is displayed on Mutual Fund individual website and where to search for the relevant officers. Sample-HDFC Mutual Fund Website link

I always hope that there is enough pre-investing work done, that it would never lead to any negative feelings, or negative returns or scheme not working as expected, but incase, such things happen, I believe, every investor should be aware of the query and complaints process

Happy Creating a Positive World

Happy Investing

Happy Making money work for you

Feel free, sharing any experience, of anything that I may have missed, if any

NOTE: This may or may note be the whole, as different complaints may need probably a different approach, but is good enough to be aware of


Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Zee Business Mutual Fund Helpline- When ,How often and how to Review Investments ?

When should one review Investments and what should be review strategy ?

On the verge of WORLD FINANCIAL PLANNING DAY,'20, being today , 7th October,'20, glad to respond to common investor query, yesterday on Zee Business, Mutual Fund Helpline

Really appreciate, Swati Kumari & Kirtan A Shah, for the opportunity to meet my purpose and share and empower investors, especially on this big puzzle on when and how to review investments

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Friday, April 24, 2020

WHAT ARE OVERNIGHT FUNDS ?- Mutual Fund , Debt Funds Category Query

Franklin Templeton AMC Declaring to close 6 Schemes from immediate effect has resulted in lot of queries coming in and major TWO-
( For particular which funds and detail on Franklin Templeton click on link below given at the end, ONLY Once you have read this article, which will help you understand it better )

A- How do various Debt funds differ ? 
B- What is Overnight fund and how is it different ?

It's always my pleasure to spread this awareness at anytime ,especially in these disturbing times in the larger Investor Interest.



I would like to avoid to explain this in technical terms.

In Common mans language, Giving money to someone for a predefined fixed term,against interest and assurity of repayment at end of the pre-defined term.
Simply, put, as example,I lend Rs.1,00,000 to Mr.Sudhir, for 18 months, in return will receive Rs.8200 per month and at end of 18 months will receive 1 Lac Back  ( regular income )
another example- I give Rs.100000 to Mr.Raj for 18 months , in return will receive NO Income , but Rs.113000 at the end of 18 months

Exactly this happens in Debt mutual Fund, only thing is they collect money of all amounts ( as low as Rs.5000 ) ,collect money from multiple investors and lend to many companies, banks etc., and inturn earn interest either regularly or at maturity.
( Very Simple way , Ofcourse it is much more than this, but this could be first step to understand debt mutual funds ) ( Some other day, other article will be shared later , not today )


To Start with please have a good look at the different DEBT Fund Categories available to invest in India across all the mutual Funds- ( Have tried and put in as simple words as possible )

 I request you to go thru' the above list fully.
NOW there are certain Common threads how these differ and on those basis SEBI has also divided whole of DEBT Funds in to 16 Categories and mandated Fund Houses to keep and maintain there funds accordingly

ALL of these funds have been divided on following Criteria largely and common factors between 16 categories, upon which it has been named and divided-

A_ Duration of Papers/Bonds which the Fund can buy
For example Government Bonds of 10 year maturity is generally bought by GILT Funds with fixed term and Interest rates, and there are 1 night funds lend which falls under Overnight category AND 91 days in Liquid categories.That is were the fund names are termed as Duration or Term , which means term of investment ).IT's simply the time horizon for which you can and intend to hold the investment, like we all do in FDs .In Simple terms, it can also be defined as how early or how much time there will be or will not be the Liquidity of the funds invested

B_Entities restrictions from which they can but the Papers / Bonds
For example Corporate Bond Fund Specifically buys majorly Corporate Bonds , which means the fund can or will hold Bonds of maximum pvt companies and listed companies, while Banking Fund will only hold bonds ONLY from Banks 

C_ Risk 
There are certain Funds which will hold maximum % of their holdings in AA and even below rating Papers,but it may offer higher interest ,at the same time Default on Capital and /or Interest pyt is high, while certain funds are only mandated to buy AAA ( Highest rating ) Bonds only, where risk on Capital default and/or interest default is near to zero

D_Duration Timing ( Or Diversified Duration )
These are specifically constituted to take Interest rate Directional calls and the fund manager is given flexibility by the Investor while choosing these funds to take Interest rate Directional calls and buy on investors behalf mix portfolio in terms of Term or Maturity time of the Papers.In Simple terms, A Investor may choose to buy 15 days FD and a 5 year bond by himself/herself, similarly , the Fund manager here buys across maturity term and ratings as well.Generally fund manager chooses here papers as per interest rate cycles

Any Investor and/or Advisor is understood to filter and decide on Investment in one of the 16 categories, largely after understanding INVESTORS NEED and RISK PROFILE and Matching the same with the categories available


In these disturbing times when actually investors are getting mixed calls and thoughts and hearing and exploring on the options.While exploring options, and the Franklin news, in last 24 hrs or less, I have received lot of queries on this particular category of DEBT FUND

WELL HOW IT IS DIFFERENT, I think I have largely explained the same in above question and response. It differs in terms of Paper the fund holds.

SEBI defines overnight funds as open-ended schemes investing in overnight securities; ones that have a maturity period of 1 day. They have a very short investment horizon, these schemes are not impacted by interest rate changes and defaults in securities and are supposed to be the safest among the debt mutual fund categories



Unexpected announcement of winding down of six credit risk funds by Franklin Templeton (FT) has created lot of anxiety as reflected in your messages and calls.

From Kotak Mutual Fund we would like to assure our investors, as under:
  • Debt Funds can be broadly divided in two categories - Credit Risk Funds and Non Credit Risk Funds. Liquidity, Maturity profile and Credit quality for Non Credit Risk Funds which constitutes ~ 92.42 % of our debt AUM as on April 22, 2020 is substantially superior to credit risk funds. We expect these funds across entire Mutual Fund Industry to continue their normal operation without any material impact.
  • Banking liquidity in excess of Rs 450,000 crore, Long Term Repo Operations ( LTRO ), expectations of further rate cuts and Operation Twist by the RBI is likely to keep bond market liquid and normally functioning in current challenging times. Credit Risk Funds can be broadly categorized between high risk- high return- relatively illiquid concentrated funds and low risk- low return- relatively liquid- diversified funds. Both Funds have differing Risk Return as well as liquidity profile. Our Credit Risk Funds which is ~ 7.58 % of our debt AUM as on April 22,2020 are managed conservatively on credit side with sufficient liquidity to manage expected redemptions and contingencies.
  • We recommend you to consider portfolio quality as well as liquidity profile of our credit funds to determine weather we are capable of continuing normal operations in current challenging times. We are sure that you will be able to notice the portfolio credit quality and liquidity profile. 

The six funds are Franklin India Low Duration Fund, Franklin India Dynamic Accrual Fund, Franklin India Credit Risk Fund, Franklin India Short Term Income Plan, Franklin India Ultra Short Bond Fund and Franklin India Income Opportunities Fund.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020


YOUR EXPERT TAKE ? ( share your thought and be part of the discussion)
WILL THE LIFESTYLE CHANGE POST LOCKDOWN (and continue the same that we have lived for years )
WILL IT CONTINUE THE SAME ( as during lockdown )

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Wednesday, April 08, 2020

42 minutes of INSTA LIVE -9common queries responded

It is So Satisfying to reach out and address genuine concerns and queries of Retail Investors

Did my first attempt thru' INSTAGRAM LIVE yesterday evening 8pm and address broadly following LIVE queries-

1- When is the #market expected to recover ?
2- Should I hold on to my current Investment or sell or Switch of hold as it is?
3- Should I start a SIP now ? Is it good time to start S.I.P.?
4- Should I invest thru' Lumsum or SIP ?
5- Should I invest in One fund or multiple? & if multiple how should I divide?
6- Should I hold or add on in Smallcap or Midcap Funds ?
7- Should I choose different dates for SIP? OR is One date fine ?
8- How long will it take the economy to recover?
9- What are the recent #Mutualfund Cut-off timing changes and why it is important for a common man to know?

The Live show with Swati Kumari was scheduled for 30 minutes, but so many queries were pouring in, and we both were so engrossed in providing resolutions, that we couldn't even know that we already have crossed 42 minutes

Appreciate Swati for conducting the and doing efforts to reach out and help investors be and remain Aware and Educated

This was my first ever #INSTALIVE and so thanks Payal Tekchandani , Sayli Potdar Dr.Chetan Zode Sanket Prabhu Kirtan A Shah to encourage and empower me to take

Monday, April 06, 2020

"I Cannot Afford to Loose now- Have wasted lot of Time and Money."

A Investors Investing Journey, that went wrong and left him fearful and loose trust.


Started Investing in Equity shares Since 2005-2006 ( after traditionally always investing in FDs, bonds, PPF, Insurance Policies etc ), and 2008-2010 lost the Capital by 60%.

Understood and was guided that Investing in Equity was not a retail investors forte, I switched to PMS ( Experienced one ), since 2014 and TODAY, still not covered 2005-2006 Capital, Forget Growth

I Now cannot afford to loose money- enough of "TRYING" Financial Products and Advisors- IS THE PROSPECTS STATEMENT.

I have 

Life Insurance Policies

Mediclaim Policies


Direct Stocks

Mutual funds

Real Estate Investments.    

BUT Nothing Grew ?

CAN YOU AFFORD LOSS OF TIME and MONEY and not ready to meet Life Needs and always Disturbed ?

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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

These times are DISTURBING and so was 12-3-2020, last thursday for Indian Mutual Fund and Equity Investors and Being on Zee Business LIVE - "Market Crash and Mutual Funds", with Rapid Fire round type questions AND Addressing REAL CONCERNS and QUERIES of Investors- was SO SATISFYING To provide even smallest of clarity and calmness to disturbed , lost Investor, gives me high and that too on TV LIVE (my first show time) person who has never been on stage untill age 33 and I could go LIVE on TV, Appreciate the Anchor Swati, Sanket, Kirtan, and all my teachers, mentors, coaches , family members, my clients, and all positive people around me to help me grow,inspire me and pushed me to better myself to do and march towards my ultimate purpose To Watch the show - Click on the link provided Do Like, Share Comment & post queries, if any There could be no other time, BUT NOW, to realise,a experienced & +ve financial planner besides, at all times #FNquotes #zeebusinesslive #cfp #happytogether #feeonlyplanner #mutualfundslive #expertspeaker #mutualfunds #certifiedfinancialplanner #financialplanner #lifebeyondgoals #couplegoals #coupleplan #travelgoals #mutualfundssahihai #financialfreedom #childeducation #retirementplanning #retireearly

Are YOU SCIENTIFICALLY CREATIVE ? ________-----------------------> It's a whole different area of study on creating a portfolio to not only grow but to also keep the hard earned money AND stay calm even in highly scary markets . HAVE YOU DONE THE STUDY ? OR ENGAGE with a EXPERT WHO has not only done ,but is also practicing the study #FNquotes #familybudget #happytogether #cfp #feeonlyplanner #couplegoals #travelgoals #lifebeyondgoals #wealthcreation #familywealth #smallstep #lifestylechoice # #wealthprotection #retireearly #mutualfundssahihai #certifiedfinancialplanner #financialplanner #cashflowmanagement #personalfinance #financialplanning #retirementplanning #lifeneeds #financialsolutions #retirementplan #retirementgoals #retirementplans #financialfreedom