Sunday, February 16, 2020

#morningbreakfast ; Lifestyle ; Concious Living _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_+_+_+_+_-_-_-_-_-__-_-_-_-_ ( One of my Client and his wife's Conversation in front of me after about 1 hr of my draft plan presentation ) Husband: About 20 yrs back or a bit more , people used to have smaller houses and more people living in the house.We don't spend on things which is like drinking, smoking , going out for dinner / launch every week. Now that we know all our expenses and life needs ,surplus & opportunities ,should we talk about our expenses in detail? Wife: I agree, Today we are 3 of us and we have 3 BHK, yet every wardrobe has no space Both said together- Can we re-look at oir clothes buying habit ? And this #30wears & #conciousbuying is exactly what they discussed about, and now developed a habit , resulting in saving more every month for past 18 months or so. This conversation probably came, when they came to know their #CURRENTSPEND & it's #WHEREABOUTS & #lifeneeds #oppourtunities every rupee can generate Presenting this calrity, is part of my core offering & every client is #moreclear post 3 meeting #thereader :Darling when can we have such clarity ? (so much to contribute ) #fnquotes #cfp #cashflowmanagement #conciousbuying #lifestyleexpense #happytogether #couplegoals #retire

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