Friday, March 27, 2020

Lot of individuals are getting disturbed due to this uncertain,uncalled, _disturbed situation and if they can sustain more this period, or _what will happen to their businesses, are they ready for growth, _what will happen to their job,will their be Pink slips coming post 3 months -will their business run the same way _Do they need to change their preparedness and if at all , what changes they can do for better preparedness .....and many more There is always a Blind Spot for each one of us? Always experiences teach us a lot ? IMPORTANT IS WHAT DO WE DO WITH THOSE LEARNINGS & Once we are aware of the Blind Spots? IF WE DO NOT TAKE CORRECTIVE ACTION TODAY, even after knowing, we are calling of repeat of same uncertain disturbing situation again & NO ONE ELSE IS TO BE BLAMED I Am Offering a pro-bono 40 minute session, to understand your challenges, and explore solutions. DM your Mobile no. & email id and would be happy if I can listen out your disturbance thoughts & provide some solution #FNquotes #correctiveaction #lifelearnings #staymotivated #happytogether #cfp #feeonlyplannner #certifiedfinancialplanner #coupleplan #covid2019 #toughtimestoughpeople #coronastopkarona #gocoronago #couplegoals #coupleplan #financialplanner # #cashflowmanagement #childeducation

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