Wednesday, April 08, 2020

42 minutes of INSTA LIVE -9common queries responded

It is So Satisfying to reach out and address genuine concerns and queries of Retail Investors

Did my first attempt thru' INSTAGRAM LIVE yesterday evening 8pm and address broadly following LIVE queries-

1- When is the #market expected to recover ?
2- Should I hold on to my current Investment or sell or Switch of hold as it is?
3- Should I start a SIP now ? Is it good time to start S.I.P.?
4- Should I invest thru' Lumsum or SIP ?
5- Should I invest in One fund or multiple? & if multiple how should I divide?
6- Should I hold or add on in Smallcap or Midcap Funds ?
7- Should I choose different dates for SIP? OR is One date fine ?
8- How long will it take the economy to recover?
9- What are the recent #Mutualfund Cut-off timing changes and why it is important for a common man to know?

The Live show with Swati Kumari was scheduled for 30 minutes, but so many queries were pouring in, and we both were so engrossed in providing resolutions, that we couldn't even know that we already have crossed 42 minutes

Appreciate Swati for conducting the and doing efforts to reach out and help investors be and remain Aware and Educated

This was my first ever #INSTALIVE and so thanks Payal Tekchandani , Sayli Potdar Dr.Chetan Zode Sanket Prabhu Kirtan A Shah to encourage and empower me to take

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