Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Big change in Real Estate as Asset class? Svamitva by PM Modi

Is this going to be game changer in villages #realestate markets , and as an asset class ?

Under #SVAMITVA scheme, first ever ,ownership rights providing property cards issued yesterday.

This scheme was declared on April,'20, and 6 states have approved drone mapping.

I believe, this is going to bring customised real estate advisory at it's core and the real estate growth can be more widespread rather than limited to metros and B/C town cities

What's your view? Will #reits benefit more, due to increased demand and  awareness?
Ashwin Ramchandani
Ashish Singodia  Kirtan A Shah  Piyussh A Shah Bhavin Kothari .Rachit Vora Magicbricks

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