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Mutual Fund Complain - how and where to complain ?

 How much return can and will I get from XYZ Mutual Fund investment, is the first and most important question for any investor.

I was recently asked over Zee Business Mutual Fund Helpline Show – “I am disappointed by one of the major Mutual Fund house, where and how can I complain?”

Every Mutual Fund Investor, when invests, thinks with a positive thought, that her/his investments will grow and after doing research as per their understanding the investments are done

Recently, I was asked in a show the complain mechanism and process and whom and how to complain, incase of losses and not satisfied and I strongly believe, that every Investor need to be aware of this, as every Rupee invested is hard earned money

Every Investor need to be aware of rights and duties before understanding complain process. (to know it click on the link -  Rights & Duties of Mutual Fund Investor )

Herewith is the process, of course, listing it down as per my experience and understanding and with a background that there is a valid complain.

While queries, can be multiple, complaints can be and need to be amongst the listed ones as follows-

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With this background, what should be the process?

In my experience and understanding, if the Investor is investing thru’ a Mutual Fund Distributor,

_First complain over call should go to the distributor and then in written mail, as a query and not as complain,

If not thru’ distributor, the call should go to fund house as query and their response should be followed/understood

_If you are satisfied with the response, thank them, and if some allocation or scheme needs to be change, do the changes, if as investor, you sense so

_If there is no or lukewarm response, from either the fund house in case of direct call or thru distributor, write it as query/complain over mail to Mutual fund house official INVESTOR RELATIONS OFFICER and GRIEVANCE REDRESSAL OFFICER, with cc to distributor and ask distributor to follow the same, and always keep distributor in loop

_If there is no response or the response, is not satisfactory, write back for more clarity and/or reminder to similar email ids

_Even after that, if there is no or lukewarm response, or generalized statement, then , you may utilize SCORES Platform 

( SEBI Complaint Redressal System ), provided by SEBI for complain registration for any listed entities and registered intermediaries and mutual fund is one ( Link of SCORES provided at end of article )

_A SEBI officer takes it up and the redressal happens with proper response


Even before choosing the type of complain on SCORES platform, following question is asked-

Have you lodged a complaint with the concerned intermediary / listed company for redressal of your complaint?


You can only go forward, only if it’s a YES, else, the complain does not get registered and time gets wasted

ALSO, Before starting to write a mail, keep and ensure following minimum things handy-

A_ Folio Number ( a latest or first statement would help )

B_ Registered mobile no

C_ Registered email address

D_ The sequence and record of the previous complaints and the responses with timeline

To Register your complain with SCORES Platform, you will need to signup and register for which you would require-



_CKYC Number


_Bank details ( keep cheque leaf handy)

And you can get the confirmation on registered email id.

One can also upload PDF document upto 2 MB as supporting document with the complaint on communication/s done with grievance redressal officer of the respective Mutual Fund House

One can also track complain status on the SCORES Platform.

Before registering your complain on SCORES platform, kindly ensure, there is enough efforts made on following query and complaint process with distributor and grievance redressal officer and it is well recorded, else, once you go to SCORES for registering your complain, and if you respond NO, to their question one have to go back to follow the process

Also, as investor, if you want to know which Mutual Fund house has maximum complains, you can also visit AMFI ( Association of Mutual Funds India ) AMFI-Investors Complain details

Also providing herewith link as example, on where and how, it is displayed on Mutual Fund individual website and where to search for the relevant officers. Sample-HDFC Mutual Fund Website link

I always hope that there is enough pre-investing work done, that it would never lead to any negative feelings, or negative returns or scheme not working as expected, but incase, such things happen, I believe, every investor should be aware of the query and complaints process

Happy Creating a Positive World

Happy Investing

Happy Making money work for you

Feel free, sharing any experience, of anything that I may have missed, if any

NOTE: This may or may note be the whole, as different complaints may need probably a different approach, but is good enough to be aware of


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