Saturday, November 07, 2020

IPL & Captains strategy

Hello IPL lovers
You are the team Captain and
It is 13th over of the IPL at the quarter finals and batting team needs 67 runs to win and has 5 wickets left, & best batsman is still playing

The captain at this juncture has either a medium fast bowler to give the ball to bowl 13th over or their best spinner with just 2 overs left of himself

With this situtation what should be the strategy ,If you were the captain you would apply?

Would you keep best spinner for the end or would you give it to spinner now and take risk at the end with the medium fast bowler ?

Would you go for wickets now or would you concentrate on containing runs?

Investing strategies are similar

Best Investment calls are taken after having an over view of opportunities, challenges, limitations, risks and more important what kind of person you are, like the one clear overview you have as a team captain above

So captains Kirtan A Shah , Hardik Vora Piyussh A Shah Sanket Prabhu , Ashish Singodia  Jesse J Saurav Agarwal  Divyashikha Gupta  CA. Anand Lunkar Dr.Vinita P. Kadam (P.T)  Bhavin Kothari CA Shrenik Shah , Nirmish Patel , Farzana Suri Victory Coach   would like to hear from you as well, your strategy

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