Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Vaccine news & Equity Market

Isn't this vaccine news seeming like CNBC show in equity market ? 

#moderna says it's vaccine trials show 94.5% effectiveness in preventing
#coronavirus19 , 

while #pfizer last week reported 90% effectiveness

#astrazaneca says they must be ready with #vaccine by december end and

#seruminstituteofindia foinder asks if India has Rs.80000 crorers to buy vaccines 

moreover, @WorldHealthOrganisation chief says vaccines may not mean end of the #pamdemic 

At times the same Larsen & Tubro share one expert says buy, another expert says if you have.long term view and patience then buy, the third one says sell 

finally leaving the investor to herself/himself , no one actually knowing what is going to happen especially in short to medium term 

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