Monday, December 28, 2020

WHAT SHOULD BE MY GOAL FOR 2021? New year resolution ?

Come 2021, a lot of experts and individuals will have #golasetting in mind.

I have personally done enough and learn't that only ONE goal works- resolve to keep doing things for better aligning to your #lifepurpose,
which means thanking GOD and POSITIVE people for great things done until now and recognizing and accepting things and actions which are not working and stop doing them.

So what's your goal?
How are you setting your goals?
Would like to hear and learn and know more

Some would have-
1_ #education in their mind, for self ,or spouse or child
2_ #retirement is today at top of the mind with 57% of individual professionals
3_ #travelexperiences is no longer a goal it is a need like breath
4_ #homebuying is one of the top 5 searched query
5_ #wealthcreation need
6_ #financialfreedom is the buzzword today, as more and more working professionals want to breakfree from moneyslavery
7_ #emergency preparedness, has topped the charts on search words recently ,probably with this 9+ months of experience
8_ #parental care, is a genuine need always , especially with life expectancy going up due to medical advancements and more so because of Indian culture way of upbrining

what's your's ?

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Saturday, December 19, 2020

BREAK-FREE.. what is travel for you?

is about break, time spent together and experience
last about budget

Agree ? Not Agree ?
Hardik Vora (Honeymoon and couple customized travel planner)
Miten Shah (any kind, anywhere ticketing)

If budget, is your first criteria "always", BREAK-FREE.
We help family's budget travel plan year-on-year, such that budget is not the first criteria

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Thursday, December 17, 2020

Pity investors - on ground story

A financial research analyst did internal research report on L & T for the co. to filter & send out to it's investors.A 27 page report & the conclusion was a BUY call

The analyst decided with declaration to co. to buy L&T & it was a saturday & he decided to chk.what other experts in the industry are saying about L&T.

He watched CNBC & ET Now for 2 hrs & then went on to google & decided to not buy now & keep it under watch

Emotions,need, fear, life stage, experiences, knowledge level,etc are factors which influences decision making, even after all the logical research reports.

So much information, so many experts.
Investor still is confused.
Which direction?,What is right,NOW?What first,what next?

Simple is to internalise the system, to connect need & fears and filter the information available thru' that internal system.

You have 2 options to choose from to take this forward after reading this, and not remain confused

A- BEST OPTION- Have disciplne to allot time to get information, learn to use to your advantage

B-SECOND BEST- If that seems difficult, onboard a trustworthy financial planner to do it for you
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Friday, December 11, 2020



Kindly share ur take aways and tag 1 person u care for, to bring up awareness on Salary Change 🙏

Many will have reduced or lesser take home salaries due to code in wages applicabke April 1, 2021 

Wednesday, December 09, 2020

AMFI Data - You can Benefit from this ?

#amfi November month data released, throws some interesting facts which come out of our analysis

It actually reveals some secrets, see if one can use it for advantage

A_ Out of the total Open ended Income/Debt AUM of #mutualfunds, 35% is held into Overnight & Liquid schemes (Does it reveal, Advisors & Investors are sitting on cash to re-enter when equity market falls?)

B_ Out of total Open ended Growth/Equity oriented AUM of mutual funds, roughly 53% is in Large cap stocks (hybrid schemes not included, nor index funds included) (does this reveal fund managers feeling of risk reward ratio mindset)

C_ Out of the total Open-ended debt & equity funds AUM (2,233,179.85 Cr.) 63% is in Debt schemes & 37% in Equity funds (Does this reflect avg.ideal asset allocation of investor)

D_ Total AUM is 3,004,906.23 Cr., which includes all open-ended, closed ended, special schemes, fund of funds etc (AUM increased by 5.3%, reflecting confidence in mutual funds)

E_  AUM in open-ended schemes in Debt Mutual Funds increased by 5.6% while it increased by 6.4% in Growth/Equity Mutual funds, (#nifty grew by 11%, so does it indicate investors have booked profit & shifted funds in debt funds?)

DISCLAIMER: do your own evaluation & assessment before taking any #investing decision

Saturday, December 05, 2020

Credit Card owners 10 year real experience

I do not choose to own credit card

I had, a credit card, 2 yrs back, for 7 years, I heard smart ways of using it and so applied for the same and got it.

Initially,I was quite self restrictive, and then friends and colleagues, informed me how they smartly manage and so I started ising it

At one point, I didn't realise the extent, but I converted credit card balance to personal loan,thinking with my salary rise, I wil be able to pay off the loan in 8 months

Then there was no coming back. It jist piled up. It really took 7 years for me to realise that although there are smart ways to use credit card,but I do not have control over usage

Hence the reason, I choose to not own any Credit Card

Good that I realised and came out of it with so much self killing thoughts, but, bad that I missed wealth creation / accumulation oportunities for 7 years

A true self described condition and experience of a Investor

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Friday, December 04, 2020

Profit booking or Asset Allocation Rebalancing. What is recomended ?

Profit booking
Asset allocation rebalancing ??
What is recomended?

Invested 1 lac 8 months ago and today value is 1.43lac

Profit booking would mean, 43 thousand removed from total investment, where as , asset rebalancing would mean where ever the drift is away from the original set allocation, bring it back to original one

Here's the example of Asset allocation rebalancing
If Rs 1 lac invested in April,20 in say 80:20 equity to debt ratio,and if current value is say 2 lac

So 80000 should have been 1.6 lac in equity in terms of 80:20 ie 80% in equity.
Say if that is currently 1.8 lac, it is said to rebalanced ,once it is brought back to 1.6 lacs

Here profit booking is natural and the added advantage is risk is also naturally taken care off,plus, market or index calls matter least

Plus, in profit booking, what to do of that 43000 as in above example , is always a questiin, where as asset allocation rebalancing is always answer by itself on next step

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Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Your Definetion of Best? Life learning

A teenage kid went to a fruit vendor and asked him to give 1 kg of BEST APPLES, 6 best oranges and 3 best kiwis, plus 1/2 kg sweet grapes

The kid took all home and gave it to mummy and mummy opened the same and got angry.

_Apples were small
_Oranges were ripe
_Kiwis were very raw (hard)
_Grapes when tasted were sweet, but all of half kg was fully ripe

Mummy asked the kid to return and the vendor denied taking back,the reason -

he said was-
_Best apples means sweet and juicy
_Best Oranges means sweet and sour
_Best Kiwis means Sweet and sour
_Best grapes means sweet

The definetion of " BEST" differed for Vendor and the buyer had a different definetion

Similarly, Investors definetion while investing in a particular asset class or financial product is very different from the product expert or advisor

KINDLY do your due deligence , in a way that the product expert has asked yoi enough questions and understood all your aspects before suggesting you any product or giving you form to sign on dotted line and ensure that " BEST" has same understanding for both

So , what is your definetion of BEST ?

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Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Fan Moment - Financial Life Planning - Real Wealth approach

#fanmoment with George D. Kinder at Lonavala, back then , 2016

Father of Life Planning, with focus on money behaviour and decisions

Had opportunity to stay with and get trained directly from the mentor himself,here in India 4 years back

Since 4 years managing client growth with behaviorial understanding as well

With various certifications like

_Liscentiate (which empowers risk understanding and managing fully ),

_CFP CM (Financial Planning ),

_NISM IA 1 & 2(empowers planning- financial+investment) (basic for SEBI Investment Advisor registration as well)

_and many such this learning on and introducing to Life Planning is feather on the cap ,more so over, add on advantage for clients the way it is managed and understood from their money understanding point of view to help them manage better for growth and financial freedom, which I believe needs to be from today and not one day

"Money management is more to do with person management and not only of money management.Any Advisor who can manage both,must be prefered over only money manager"

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