Wednesday, December 09, 2020

AMFI Data - You can Benefit from this ?

#amfi November month data released, throws some interesting facts which come out of our analysis

It actually reveals some secrets, see if one can use it for advantage

A_ Out of the total Open ended Income/Debt AUM of #mutualfunds, 35% is held into Overnight & Liquid schemes (Does it reveal, Advisors & Investors are sitting on cash to re-enter when equity market falls?)

B_ Out of total Open ended Growth/Equity oriented AUM of mutual funds, roughly 53% is in Large cap stocks (hybrid schemes not included, nor index funds included) (does this reveal fund managers feeling of risk reward ratio mindset)

C_ Out of the total Open-ended debt & equity funds AUM (2,233,179.85 Cr.) 63% is in Debt schemes & 37% in Equity funds (Does this reflect avg.ideal asset allocation of investor)

D_ Total AUM is 3,004,906.23 Cr., which includes all open-ended, closed ended, special schemes, fund of funds etc (AUM increased by 5.3%, reflecting confidence in mutual funds)

E_  AUM in open-ended schemes in Debt Mutual Funds increased by 5.6% while it increased by 6.4% in Growth/Equity Mutual funds, (#nifty grew by 11%, so does it indicate investors have booked profit & shifted funds in debt funds?)

DISCLAIMER: do your own evaluation & assessment before taking any #investing decision

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