Saturday, December 05, 2020

Credit Card owners 10 year real experience

I do not choose to own credit card

I had, a credit card, 2 yrs back, for 7 years, I heard smart ways of using it and so applied for the same and got it.

Initially,I was quite self restrictive, and then friends and colleagues, informed me how they smartly manage and so I started ising it

At one point, I didn't realise the extent, but I converted credit card balance to personal loan,thinking with my salary rise, I wil be able to pay off the loan in 8 months

Then there was no coming back. It jist piled up. It really took 7 years for me to realise that although there are smart ways to use credit card,but I do not have control over usage

Hence the reason, I choose to not own any Credit Card

Good that I realised and came out of it with so much self killing thoughts, but, bad that I missed wealth creation / accumulation oportunities for 7 years

A true self described condition and experience of a Investor

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