Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Fan Moment - Financial Life Planning - Real Wealth approach

#fanmoment with George D. Kinder at Lonavala, back then , 2016

Father of Life Planning, with focus on money behaviour and decisions

Had opportunity to stay with and get trained directly from the mentor himself,here in India 4 years back

Since 4 years managing client growth with behaviorial understanding as well

With various certifications like

_Liscentiate (which empowers risk understanding and managing fully ),

_CFP CM (Financial Planning ),

_NISM IA 1 & 2(empowers planning- financial+investment) (basic for SEBI Investment Advisor registration as well)

_and many such this learning on and introducing to Life Planning is feather on the cap ,more so over, add on advantage for clients the way it is managed and understood from their money understanding point of view to help them manage better for growth and financial freedom, which I believe needs to be from today and not one day

"Money management is more to do with person management and not only of money management.Any Advisor who can manage both,must be prefered over only money manager"

#FNquote  #financialplanning #personalfinance #financialfreedom #investingforbeginners


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