Thursday, December 17, 2020

Pity investors - on ground story

A financial research analyst did internal research report on L & T for the co. to filter & send out to it's investors.A 27 page report & the conclusion was a BUY call

The analyst decided with declaration to co. to buy L&T & it was a saturday & he decided to chk.what other experts in the industry are saying about L&T.

He watched CNBC & ET Now for 2 hrs & then went on to google & decided to not buy now & keep it under watch

Emotions,need, fear, life stage, experiences, knowledge level,etc are factors which influences decision making, even after all the logical research reports.

So much information, so many experts.
Investor still is confused.
Which direction?,What is right,NOW?What first,what next?

Simple is to internalise the system, to connect need & fears and filter the information available thru' that internal system.

You have 2 options to choose from to take this forward after reading this, and not remain confused

A- BEST OPTION- Have disciplne to allot time to get information, learn to use to your advantage

B-SECOND BEST- If that seems difficult, onboard a trustworthy financial planner to do it for you
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