Monday, December 28, 2020

WHAT SHOULD BE MY GOAL FOR 2021? New year resolution ?

Come 2021, a lot of experts and individuals will have #golasetting in mind.

I have personally done enough and learn't that only ONE goal works- resolve to keep doing things for better aligning to your #lifepurpose,
which means thanking GOD and POSITIVE people for great things done until now and recognizing and accepting things and actions which are not working and stop doing them.

So what's your goal?
How are you setting your goals?
Would like to hear and learn and know more

Some would have-
1_ #education in their mind, for self ,or spouse or child
2_ #retirement is today at top of the mind with 57% of individual professionals
3_ #travelexperiences is no longer a goal it is a need like breath
4_ #homebuying is one of the top 5 searched query
5_ #wealthcreation need
6_ #financialfreedom is the buzzword today, as more and more working professionals want to breakfree from moneyslavery
7_ #emergency preparedness, has topped the charts on search words recently ,probably with this 9+ months of experience
8_ #parental care, is a genuine need always , especially with life expectancy going up due to medical advancements and more so because of Indian culture way of upbrining

what's your's ?

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