Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Your Definetion of Best? Life learning

A teenage kid went to a fruit vendor and asked him to give 1 kg of BEST APPLES, 6 best oranges and 3 best kiwis, plus 1/2 kg sweet grapes

The kid took all home and gave it to mummy and mummy opened the same and got angry.

_Apples were small
_Oranges were ripe
_Kiwis were very raw (hard)
_Grapes when tasted were sweet, but all of half kg was fully ripe

Mummy asked the kid to return and the vendor denied taking back,the reason -

he said was-
_Best apples means sweet and juicy
_Best Oranges means sweet and sour
_Best Kiwis means Sweet and sour
_Best grapes means sweet

The definetion of " BEST" differed for Vendor and the buyer had a different definetion

Similarly, Investors definetion while investing in a particular asset class or financial product is very different from the product expert or advisor

KINDLY do your due deligence , in a way that the product expert has asked yoi enough questions and understood all your aspects before suggesting you any product or giving you form to sign on dotted line and ensure that " BEST" has same understanding for both

So , what is your definetion of BEST ?

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