Thursday, June 10, 2021

Be prepared and enjoy the freedom of being unplanned at times

Unplanned break is good, says a 'financial planner'- VIRESH PATEL CFP CM

Life is and will never go as thought or planned. At times it is good to do certain things unplanned.Keep and be ready for such flexibility.

Surprise yourself and family members,enjoy that freedom.

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Friday, May 28, 2021

Where are you in your journey today?

Travelling right ?

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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Is your family safe and secure after all Insurances and Investments done?

All of us intend to have mainly both of these from every rupee earned ,saved and invested- security and growth.

Whatever you have done from money and money decisions (even non-money decisions have impact on these aspects), till date, How secure is your family ? If not, what are you doing to ensure you feel secure and safe?

Financial planning with #financialnorth takes a 360 degree view and suggests customised strategies to ensure right balance of #security  and #growth.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Separating Couples need to ensure this - my view in today's moneycontrol article

My view published in today's moneycontrol article on separating couples experience tough times, (Link at the bottom of post)
A_ to get the decree
B_ post decree

especially when it is contested.

A- Time to get decree is stretched and totally undefined
B- Post getting it , 70%+, it haunts back, and 30%+ the demands continue from spouses.

Plus, on ground understanding between couples during good times and the bank statement and ITR data, practically are different in most cases, be it salaried couple of business family.

SO it is extremly important to consult and appoint a legale advisor as well as a financial planner at the same time,which ideally results in faster decree and smoother life post decree

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Separating couples need to ensure this while divorce

Friday, May 14, 2021

Investing with clear direction is must

In my school days we used to go to Borivali National Park walk on unexplored ways, but what I lately learned that the senior most always used to start with saying, OK, this path seems to be heading towards _________ and we are looking to reach _________.

I thought then, that it was directionless, but then realised later, that the direction was predefined before we started, we may have wavered at times the path, but because we knew the destination, the direction was very clear.

Similarly, When we stand for a race, we know what is the winning line and so we know our track to run on, to reach and cross the winning line.(by doing our best)

Where is your money directed towards?
Are your investments well directed,in the required right direction?

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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Which one would you choose ?

Which one would you go for - ' A ' or ' B '

This is fun.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Can you see the light in darkness?

When going is tough
Tough get going
Tougher, moves swiftly.

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Sunday, May 09, 2021

Who is Mother for a baby?

Mother is the first Neutral advisor for life.

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Saturday, May 08, 2021

Prevention is better then urgent cure

What is your situation or habit,where you have taken preventive measure or action and feeling relaxed or better or proud today?

98.5% learned and educated would have,learnt,heard and written this in education journey.

92% of them would have used this in conversation (written or verbal).

How many actually follow this?

What is your thought of % who actually follow this?

Photo Credit : @missiongreenmumbai , @subhajit Mukherjee

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Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Invest with clarity and direction

Investing is exploring opportunities and start with understanding and suitability.

Most investors have limited approach to investments,especially not knowing to what extent the opportunity is available and can be tapped.

Make the most of opportunity.

Invest with clarity and direction.

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photo credit : Madhu model

Thursday, April 29, 2021

How are you preparing to get what Universe is ready to give, what you deserve and desire?

#Universe is ready to give you what you deserve and desire, if you work for it?

How prepared are you, or how are you preparing to get it all?

Act to impact.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Giving back to Financial Planning young community

In the journey of 15 yrs in Financial Services and 8 years of fee only planning services offered we hereby intend to give back to community and to kickstart the process we are planning for a Q & A session ' only for pursuing or recent #CFPCM #financialplanner #fpsb passouts ", especially who intend to start their own practice going forward.

We believe there is huge need of #financialplanners and if we can share professional practicality post certification and initial queries, we would feel happy.

If you fit the bill,
do comment in personal message (#linkedin only) your -
_Email id
_Mobile number
_CFP status

Session is intended to be held in first 2 weeks of May and further details will be shared on personal.
(This would be a give back to community session, and so NO CHARGES)

Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd., India team , Rajesh Krishnamoorthy  Noel Maye are doing their best to grow the community, it is my bit for the community.

Will do my best to respond the practicality of client handling and how this certification is great to add value and be the change in clients life.(no technicals)
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Thank you Corona Time Warriors

A BIG SALUTE TO all Covid time Warriors, who are fighting against all the odds and doing best to ensure common citizen stays healthy, come out of health illness condition, stays safe and remains in best possible comfort zone even while staying home.

#hatsofftoyou dear corona warriors.

Lets is send this messege by posting this on eavryines wall such that maximum warriors get this messege and let us together let them know that we #thank them and that we are doing our bit to not let them stressed more. 

They are going thru' one of the worst stress period of their life be it personal or professional. 

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Thursday, April 22, 2021

One may miss Equity Market charts and interest rate News, but cannot afford missing these charts and news any more

It is not a day to send msgs and posts, it is a day of being self aware and take care of mother earth.

For friends , relatives , mentors , and all near and dear ones and social connects, It is not the Equity or interest rate market to regularly have a eye on.. if you miss once it should be OK, but it is definately very much needed to keep an eye on these charts and data and work together to be the change and demand for better today and tomorrow.(forest cover and co2 emission increase or decrease charts)
Today, PMO and CMO and all ministry channels are just a click away.

#tweet #tag #hashtag #mention the concerned authority ,and ask for better environment.

Oxygen is less available today, but today is the most important day, when we have realised importance of #oxygen, so why not ask and work for better for life in a natural way by taking care of just 300 to 500 meters of your area. 

Join hands in your area and take care of only this 300-500 meters to start with. 
#bethechange rather than expecting someone to bring the change.

For tracking green and forest cover here is the link-

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Monday, April 19, 2021

Aiming for the moon, How ?

The Aim is high, and wondering how to reach there ?

Each one of us have 2 options,
1_ Keep wondering
2_ Understand and do what is right for you today and in the journey.

We are part of journey for our clients who choose number 2 option.

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Sunday, April 18, 2021

Future Fund Manager is technology?

Future of Mutual Fund schemes Fund Manager seems to be tech manager - Quant / AI / Fintech manager?


which means technical skills is and will be automated to large extent, and so product buying will become a cake walk and technical data will be in abundance.

This gives me emense confidence to be in the field of man to man customised financial life planning amd advisory.


There will be lot of easy information and financial product buying will be at a click of a button.

For which asset class is suitable, which fin.product is suitable and what needs to be done at that particular point in time, especially with aware family, will still need human touch for understanding , helping them understand and help them take suitable actions, atleast for another 10-15 years. (not tech. expert, but also think human need will increase)

What is your take (nothing for or against, but a healthy view point sharing)_
Kirtan A Shah
CA Yogesh Awasthi 🇮🇳
Bhuvanaa Shreeram 🎯
Prajakta Sarfare
Divyashikha Gupta
Vibhav Kulkarni
Abhishek Kulkarni
Abhijeet Jetly
Ajinkya Kulkarni
CA Pritam Mahure
Farzana Suri Victory Coach
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Friday, April 16, 2021

Such Financial Headlines could be dangerous for you

Most disguising and Mis-leading headlines. 

10% , 20% or even 50% 'down from top' is and should never be a reason to buy.

There are always reasons for ' UP ' or DOWN ' and one needs to analyse those reasons , understand the market scenarios, the economic conditions and impact, the company and/or industry scenario and connect all of them with individual family's life needs, risk taking ability, liquidity needs, life stage etc before even taking any portfolio or investment call,be it UP or DOWN. 

What say ?
Kirtan A Shah 
Shreyans Shah 
CA Yogesh Awasthi 🇮🇳 
KEYUR SHAH India's Best Expert CFP Coach India's Best Digital Practical CFP Coaching 
Tejas Shah 
Dr. Hardik Parikh, MBBS, MS [Opthal], FAICO [LASIK]

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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Important to Be Aware and Prepared in the thrilling journey of Investing for Financial Freedom

In the thril of life and exploring newer ways of enjoying nature and being adventourous , it is important to be aware and prepared for the rough whether and wave that may hit.

Similarly in the journey of investing for life fulfillment, it is very important to be aware and prepared well at start of the journey, to know the rough swings of cash flows, markets, interest rates, life challenges and such variable aspects.

How aware and prepared do you think you are in your journey ?

(don't know?, just note if you get disturbed anytime and is that disturbance caused due to reason of cashflow, current investments, markets, life challenges etc, if yes, you have begun the journey less prepared)

Photo Credit : Actor/model, Surbhi Joshi

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Saturday, April 10, 2021

Continous learning and testing is in our ethos - Investment Management Summit , 2021 Certificate

Investment Management Summit,2021 is a brilliant effort from team Sadique Neelgund 🇮🇳 , Priti Neelgund, Priya Srinivasan QPFP ® CFP and entire team - Heartfelt Appreciation.

Two things core and this is how community grows with a common goal.
There is a huge need of certified and practicing professionals and

_Learning and Sharing together
_Testing the learnings together

will help grow community to serve better and larger number of family's.

Proud to share that I earned this certification.

This goes without saying to express my gratitude to experts who shared their knowledge and experience-
@prashantjain , HDFC Mutual Fund
Suyash Choudhary IDFC Mutual Fund
Raamdeo Agrawal, Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd
Vetri Subramaniam, UTI AMC
Kaustubh Gupta , ABSL Mutual Fund,
Radhika Gupta ,  Edelwise AMC
@jineshgopani ,  Axis Mutual Fund
Kirtan A Shah
Amit Trivedi
Nilesh Shah, Kotak Mutual Fund
Kalpen Parekh , DSP Mutual Fund
Rajesh Krishnamoorthy, FPSB Ltd. - India
Vidhu Shekhar, CFA, CIPM,
@VRNarsimhan, NISM
@S.Naren, ICICI Prudential AMC Ltd
Swarup Mohanty, Mirae AMC
@RSrinivasan, SBI #mutualfunds
Also thanks to fellow advisors to keep up the energy and common goals.

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Thursday, April 08, 2021

Right balance between Risk and Growth

Balance between development and taking care of Nature.
Balance between Risk and Growth in Investment.
Balance between Self respect and Ego.

and so on.....

Right balance is key to everything and we prepare customised strategy for each client to ensure a balance such that there is least or zero disturbance at the same time required growth trajectory for fulfillment in the journey of achievement.

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Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Working for Green portfolio, but Fire in Backyard ?

Working more than 10 hours a day,even all through pandemic for betterment,
ensure ,
your porfolio is not draining your hard earned money, after all the hard work done to earn, save, research and then invest to find one day that it is negative real growth.

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OH Death, You could have better waited

I had few Complains to make
I needed few clarifications
I had to send my love to dear ones
OH Death
you could have better waited
I even had few work to do.

Death has no time, thanking ,caring and sharing does not need time.

Thank GOD🙏 I am breathing this very moment.
I send love to whole universe
I have no complaints
Thank my near and dear ones, mentors, clients , team members 🙏

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Creating a Long term Vision with short term view

Tomorrow is nearer then I think.

Most of the life events are foreseable and known (I agree,not exact), but since near ones is more clear,more certain and exact and if that is close to heart and/or high priority, 97% tend to satisfy near term events and needs.

This is easy.

We do deep discussions with clients in understanding and helping them define life events (stage one) and once these are defined well and GAPS identified and strategy in place to fulfill, I have found, every individual is committed to achieve and make it happen.

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Thursday, April 01, 2021

Got your Salary? Master this Number 1 secret to save on tax every year

Master this Number 1 thing for tax saving every year 

Financial year 2020  - 2021 being a pandemic year lot of first time and first timers resulted into higher tax oitflow.

HRA, LTA, home loans, Insurances, EPF, PPF , ELSS , tution fees are some of major components which needs a proper plan.

Monday, March 29, 2021

Not done enough to strategise if this happens post investing

In beautiful journey of Investing one still have certain risks and needs to pass thru' rough times. If you get disturbed during rough times, you have not done enough to strategize..

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Why investors delay decisions - Truth revealed

It is not yoir fault dear Investor.

When a expert fin.product seller says it is time to remove money from equity and big bull Rakesh jhunjhunwala says, "I would even sell my wife's bangles to be in equity", what should a investor understand and do?

But with being caught netween 2 advisors opinions do understand cost of delay.

If you agree or also are goong thru' or have gone thru such delayed decision period, comment if you agree 

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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

1 in 5 Life Insurance policy holders face this problem - lets change it together

This is a big system problem for policy holders.1in 5 policy holders have faced this problem.

You bought insurance policy 5-10 or more years before, sitting at home and for some reason are looking to liquidate by redeeming or surrendering the policy.

The big question is,
Why is it made as a requirement that the policy holder has to visit the branch or office to submitt signed form and KYC documents?

Policy holder never went to any branch or office to buy the same?

Sign this petition and keep sharing it.🙏

Click here to Sign Petition to change this

Do share your experience if you have also faced similar challenge. #comment

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Friday, March 05, 2021

Do what you know - be mindful - Investing decisions

If you are disturbed?
If you are confused?

on #investing decision, be it hold, buy, add, sell or switching of asset class,

Do what you know will make you -
_Less fearful

something which you have not done or never done.

Why I am writing this?

many investors know what to do, just they keep waiting in doing right, and miss the chance of optimisation , and so remain disturbed, fearfull, and always feel uncertain. 

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Monday, March 01, 2021

What is Wealth ? Money or wealth is not....

What is Wealth ?
Money or wealth is not to
-compare with anyone,
-not to showcase to anyone,
-neither there can be a standard formula of how much is enough or big or small.

Wealth is
_always individualistic ,
_very personal number
_derived from multiple factors.
Largely based on
B- a number which reduces FEAR factor - which needs to be discussed, understood and defined for yourself and your family.

Is there anyone, with you have discussed this and who is in a position to understand this ?

I didn't find one and so I chose to be the one since last 8 years now.

Have you defined yours yet, or are you also in a race where there is NO END LINE ?

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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Avoid this Situation today while investing

Such situation should never come in any ones life.

Mr. Shrinivasan (name changed), in a business of importing products and supplying to government, and has a big order, for which they need large funds.

Thankfully, Mr. Shrinivasan has invested, but in residential flat and plots, where there are NO BUYERS today or if buyer comes, they ask for more than 50% loss to buy price 7 years back (forget today's price).

To service the order, for need of fund, he has to take a loan of Rs. 1 cr. and for that he has to mortgage his current house.

Although he has investments, major part of his investments are in real estate.

Asset rich, Liquidity poor, is a very big challenge and probably one worst condition should eve happen to someone.

Disclaimer: This is representational example, without any direct reference of any individual person, but for  understanding the situation.

As per report, 30% of #wealthy (forget others , who have 90%+ as real estate of their total net worth), are facing liquidity risk at least once in a year, which becomes reason for taking loan, even if they when they are not comfortable doing so.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Stadium noise vs Match winning is like, Stock market euphoria vs need fulfillment - Sachin Tendulkar interview

"We want Six, We want six. SACHINN, Sachinn " -Noise from stadium.

In an interview Sachin was asked, "how do you remain focused,when there are a lac+ supporters in stadium shouting for a six and making noise?"

The response is something to take away for every investor to apply.

"Stadium noise is euphoria & I take it as encouragement and motivation, but while on the pitch on the ground, I remain focused on what is match need and what I need to do to win."

This is a big take away.

With markets at such valuations & so many experts talking, there is bound to be euphoria and noise ( similar to cricket stadium noise), but what matters is family need fulfillment while making investing decision ( balancing risk and growth ).

Nothing else should matter- everything else, is just noise.

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Friday, February 12, 2021

15 years of Client First through Financial Services

Today completed 15 years into Financial Services and we have just started. So much coming ahead and we are not yet done to work for client betterment.

Today 1% of Indian hold wealth equal to 99% of Indians, we target to bring it down to 98.9% in next 10 years.

I believe, this can be easily achieved.

I would like to thank all my mentors, people who questioned my steadfastsness to leave behind commission based services and only work on fixed fee based model, people who liked my services and give referals,mentors and members within community for helping me reach where I am currently at the same time, keeping me focused to achieve my vision.
Leaving behind ongoing comissions, stoping all income and embarking on a joureny for fixed fee client centric offering which is not understood, not accepted, not heard off, was not at all easy, but the journey is full of satisfaction that GOD has choosen me to add value in peoples life.

Actually just started ,bootstraping for next level of growth and reach.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Your view in government policy and confidence to imolement, defines your next investment action

How confident are you in capability of government to implement policy's rolled out?

*Why your view on this is very important for you as an investor,*- will follow once this ends

Monday, February 08, 2021

Which asset class peers prefer the most today

*Check which asset class is prefered by peers to increase allocation to or invest today?* 

Also input.

#assetclass #peers #financialplanning #bestfinancialplanner #financialfreedom #FNquote #wfhtips #wfhsolutions 

Friday, February 05, 2021

Direct Bond buying from RBI for Investors - Breaking News

*RBI Is allowing Retail investors to buy bonds directly , are you ready?*


NOW you can directly open A/c with #RBI and buy bonds

this is #pathbreaking for indian investors.

Untill now, individual investors are not allowed to directly buy every RBI issued government bonds ,and had to buy thru' #mutualfunds or Retirement funds used to buy, now you have option to compare with #FDs, #Retirement funds, etc.


Friday, January 29, 2021

This is how wealth is lost / not made

Mid March,20, I received a call from a friend to help him understand his investments and market and also I upfrintly asked him, if he has longterm money to add, be ready to add.

He was scared and said he is expecting money,but not ready to invest more,instead,he redeemed his already invested money at loss.

Again, in August,20 end, the same person called me, and asked if now he should Invest in lumsum or monthly, and I asked him to invest in parts and not lumsum,but in december,20,he lost patience and added bigger lumsum as investment and in Jan,21 first week he messeged me, he had invested and is making handsome profit in short term.

Today, he called me, his investments are negative and the markets are choppy,should he remove and sit aside.

What do you think, can this friend make wealth this way?

Is this investor, going to experience real freedom?

Kirtan A Shah
Priyanka Acharya
Mehernosh Randeria - Wealth Wisdom Wellness Coach
Shreyans Shah
Bhuvanaa Shreeram 🎯
Ashish Singodia
Aarti Naik
Jane Sha
Vipul Prasad
CA. Anand Lunkar
Yash Patel
Sanket Prabhu
Nikhil Gopalakrishnan
Ruparanjan Mohapatra
Jinay Rajparia
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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Time challenge is not individual,and can better be resolved at community level

"TIME challenges are not individual, but community problem, and it needs to be resolved at community level" - Dr. Ashley Whillans. Attended this masterclass arranged by #TEDEX.

I am in awe of this statement, as this is so true. If someone has
A-time management issue,
B-feels she/he is so much busy,
C-experiences that 24 hours is less in a day or
D-even if feels that 24 hours are too long- how to pass time, these are not any particular individuals issues or challenges as -
A_ these challenges are faced by many
B_ these challenges can be resolved at community level

Loved the survey on #behaviouralinsights at work place, especially on time management & on challenges which cropped up in this #pandemic

Since years, we have been service providers to #financialexperts as well, not because they lack knowledge, it is because they lack time to apply the knowledge.So while they are busy in preparing reports, plans & tracking & measuring for their company growth, we help them focus there, and do the same in their personal finance space and keep then on track of growth with clarity.This is our full time job.
#time is rare & free commodity, but rarely valued. (I have done the mistake myself)

#financialplanning #financialfreedom #financialplanning #finacialliteracy #wfhsolutions

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Check what Court says to Investors complain

See what Court says on Investors complain.
Please ask as many questions and clarify everything before signing on the dotted line.

Buying any product (not only financial ,#investment or #insurance), read the underlying statements, if cannot read or do not want to read, atleast give yourself enough time to ask questions on #negative aspects more first and then #positive outcomes and posibilities.

Else, what is the meaning of being literate / educated ,if still one is incurring losses, and after losseing regrets that if only she/he had read.

#FNquote #riskmanagement  #financialplanning #personalfinance #financialfreedom

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Debt funds for Higher returns- My cautious view in Economic Times

My View in #economictimes article on #debtfunds for higher returns, 6th Jan,21

Voice of caution.

Yes, returns are important,but vis-a-viz risk taken, and so understand need, risk and then look and ask for returns, and that too in the right proportion.

In race to deliver returns, it is easy to suggest long to medium term debt funds, but their is inherant capital loss risk as well. So tread cautiously and in a well informed manner.

Appreciate Mr.Prashant, for giving me opportunity to share my view in larger interest of investors.

#FNquote #financialplanning #riskmanagement #wealthcreation #mutualfunds #mutualfundssahihai #financialfreedom #investingforbeginners #couplechallengeaccepted #wfhtips

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

At Nifty current PE what would you do ?

#nifty pe (price to earnings) around 40 for FY 20-21


With FY 21-22 estimated earnings, it is around 27, one year forward earning.

Meaning, if nifty50 is around 14600 and for next financial year, if fy 21-22 estimated earnings is around 550 the price to earnings ratio is about 26.

This is generally considered in higher side.

What would you do under such valuations  ? (Experts share your views)
_ If you are invested for last 1 year, would you hold?
_If you missed investing, would you start?

Disclaimer- I do not claim to be equity analyst, but read multiple house reports (know how to read them thru' experience and certifications) and above data is picked up from one such securities report.

PS - Lot of experts say PE has no relevance under scenariis like current one, but world over there are billions of dollars in Dynamic asset allocation funds and quant models, including india, which are based on PE, so I am sure, cannot be ignored

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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

4 indicators to follow to choose best financial planner to meet

Keep it simple.
How to choose the best financial planner?

Many financial planners experience this, that they are working with client's who took time in choosing financial planner and lost some or the other opportunity and genuinely that's a pain in investors' life.

Here I have penned down certain thought's after many investors shared how they choose their best financial planner to interview, after a lot of time loss and multiple experiences.

Do share your thought's on the same and let me know what you would like to know more to make your life moments peaceful and fulfilling.

Kindly note: This is step 1, of choosing the best financial planner to interview and in due course will be sharing more.

To know the 4 indicators, click on link below-

4 indicators to follow to choose best financial planner to meet

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Friday, January 08, 2021

What is Money for you ?

Interesting to know various views and nothing right, nothing wrong- In fact every view is right.

Someone says,
_money is power,
_another says money gives peace,
_a lady says :money provides safety",
_a young chap says "money gives experience"

What is money for you ?

Thursday, January 07, 2021

The Inside truth - What disturbs at this Index levels ? Not high or low levels

2 Different Case studies, and one key observation.

CASE STUDY 1 : I had invested in equity even in 2006 & removed all the investments in 2011-12 without any profits at cost.Now I have sent you current statement, which shows profit of about 33% on lump sum investment made in May & July 2019.Let me know what should I do, I do not want to loose profits now.

CASE STUDY 2 : I waited since July 2019 to start investing, since I was hearing then, that markets will fall, but it never fell until March,'20.When it fell, I was fearful to start investing and heard a lot of experts who were talking about waiting for the markets to stabilize.Now the markets have elevated to level, where again it seems it is due to fall. Waiting for last 1 and half year, what should I do now, kindly suggest?

Two different calls, 2 different situations, 2 different people, & 2 different experiences, similar kind of disturbance.

What disturbs is not the market levels, but past experiences & memories, which imbibes emotion of fear, greed, caution & this is what disturbs anyone & not #sensex nearing 50000.

Based on ones own experiences & the actions done or not done, one develops memories, which disturbs investor.

#FNquote #financialplanning #financialfreedom #investingforbeginners #mutualfunds

Friday, January 01, 2021

Happy New Year, 2021

Be in Control 2021

Here's wishing Control with Direction in 2021

#beincontrol #happy2021 #financialplanning #financialfreedom