Saturday, December 25, 2021

News you can use which will shape up investors networth coming new year 2022 and beyond

My pleasure to present within 1000+ strong financial advisors community -  Network FP -  NEWS update that is going to shape up NEW YEAR not only for investors but also for financial planners / advisors.

Appreciate Sadique Neelgund 🇮🇳  , Priya Srinivasan  , Sneha Manjrekar  the entire NFP team  for providing opportunity to present, share and contribute to community.

I have always believed to grow together and keep sharing.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2021

How do you read this important information and take informed decision?

How should you read this important data and what should you do after reading it?

November,2021 inflation upped to 4.91% which was at 4.48% in October,2021 but last year i.e. November, 2020 inflation was 6.93% so this november it is lower.

So someone may say it is due to energy (petrol,deisel,gas) prices the inflation could be up and wait for another month of data.

OK, may be, but while you are waiting for another month of data to confirm if inflation is really up or it is again down, federal reserve meeting is lined up this week which is expected to later announce pull out of more liquidity measures and indication of reversing policy rates early next year.

This reversal, will have negative impact on global equity markets, including India and BSE , NSE may fall by 5% to 15%.

Now with this information what should you do?

Simple, sell all, and wait for the market to fall 10% and start buying again.

Is it this simple?
Do you have any other strategy?
This is just 'one piece' of information, can you track such multiple, evaluate and take decisions?

DM and we can understand better and explore strategies which is specifically applicable to suit you.

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Saturday, December 11, 2021

SEBI mulls regulating and banning algo based trading

Starting 2022, services you availed for buying and selling of equity may stop.

SEBI is rightly mulling to regulate and stop #algotrading.

What is algo trading?

In simple terms, buy or sell and/or both certain assumption based formulas (simple or complex) and standardizing the same to offer investors and brokerages #api to avail these services.

Why SEBI is regulating and stopping?

A_ there were many such offers going on  and many of them made such products and even offered / showcased sure shot returns strategy where as most of them have inbuilt risks and very little market cycle testing.

B_ every strategy is based on certain assumptions which is based in past data and the analysis of the same is done by humans which brings subjectivity basis experience, education and understanding plus market cycle.

SEBI rightly understands that one size does not fit all and the same strategy based on assumptions may not fit all.

Plus, every analysts chooses to opt for certain investing psychology, which again may not fit all.

Hence In the interest of investors, #sebi is tightly mulling to stop, ban and regulate.

My take -
algo trading is not bad, infact blessing in disguise in current #fintech world, but needs regulation and many #disclaimers and declarations for one to understand suitability and then choose.

Would be interesting to know your view and open to challenge to my view.

Kirtan A Shah
Madhvendra .
Nikhil Gopalakrishnan   
Vipul Prasad   
CA Neha Jain    
CA. Anand Lunkar     

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Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Life of Equity research analyst - insiders real perspective 😊

Equity research analysts are now researching about climate and weather and different types of viruses and it's impact. (on a lighter note, don't take it seriously) 😀

Someone told them it is all about data collection and study, which they are master in.

Climate and weather (how rains accross India in winter season) is data driven and can be studied and it has forebearence on crops and food ,which has direct impact on inflation and GDP.

Omicorn, new corona virus variant, has 30 mutations and there needs a study if current vaccine is powerful enough to negate or reduce it's impact, which is again largely data driven.

Life of equity research analyst can't be explained so simply.

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Friday, November 05, 2021

Is your Money working for you ? financial freedom

Happy New year.
On this new year kindly respond yourself and if you intend to let others know, participate in poll.

Money slavery is very much in 89% of professionals accross the world and we work with professionals to reverse this in the best interest of client family's.

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Thursday, November 04, 2021

Happy Diwali, Happy New year

Dear #google connections
Wish you and your dear ones, Happy Diwali 🙏.

May you be able to do and achieve what you aspire and deserve.

#happydiwali #happynewyear #financialfreedom #financialplanning

Tuesday, November 02, 2021

93% miss investing in this asset - happy dhanteras

*93% miss to invest in this asset, if you are, choose to not miss this opportunity*


Saturday, October 30, 2021

Mathematical Logic vs Value evaluation - It' s personal, It's different

Give vs Take,weighing the difference, real situation.

Currently own a VIVO V3 handset and looking to buy new one,were preference is Rs.40000 to Rs.50000 new handset.

If I buy say 40 thousand worth of some handset, Vivo V3 buyback price is less than 5000 (best case) and If I buy iPhone 13 the exchange price offered is original buy price of Vivo V3.(as the picture says -15000+3000).

What should be the buy?

#decisionmaking #financialplanning #couplesgoals #financialfreedom #financialplanner

This is real life situation.

Mathamatical logic vs Value evaluation.

Each one of us has a different lens of evaluation to see and define 'Value' and that is were different people will decide differently.

Friday, October 29, 2021

1 in 2 winder in last few months is it right time to buy new or upgrade house / invest?

*Is it right time for real estate home buy or upgrade / invest?*

1 in 2 has this thought

*40 seconds fill for solution*

Do fill, share to your near and dear ones for solution.

Facebook name change to 'Meta', reflects age of transformation

#facebook name change to 'meta', speaks and reflects that we are in phase of #transformation

New you, newer ways, newer approaches, new learnings and defingning and re-defining #wealthcreation.

#financialplanning #financialfreedom

Crypto , Bitcoin Acceptance

Bitcoin or cryptos growth & acceptance is based on mix of ever reducing trust on formal currencies and looking for newness/alternate.

Advisors and investors who have born, grown & educated on regulatory environment have less acceptance on this new asset class or currency.


Wednesday, October 27, 2021

I intend to become billionaire, rich and have $500 billion of wealth

"I intend to become billionaire and have $500 billion wealth.

#elonmusk, #billgates , #ratantata , #richardbranson , #stevejobs are some of my idols and I want to become really rich in next 20 years. How can I become one".

I got received this question on #quora.

Having a #wealth target is a superb thing and nothing wrong, but one needs to understand what goes behind it to have that number.

What I have understood, read, learned and experienced -

A- Intent behind that number (if this intent or purpose is not there, this number even when achieved will keep shifting) (this defines values and principles)
B- Attitude
C- Habit
D- Discipline
E- Madness to achieve the purpose (not that figure)
F- Taking and having positive people along and their expertise

There are few other things as well, but I think, I can put this as core.

Intent or purpose will largely define your relationship with money, which is very important.

Money if ignored, and/or if it becomes the only top thing, I have learned nothing can be achieved (money may be).So understanding in aware manner that right balance and then keeping that balance is very important.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

IPOs approved and your number one preference to subscribe

About Rs.45000 Cr. (45 thousand crores) #ipos approved by #sebi in last 15 days.

The biggest of them is #paytm with about Rs.16600 cr.issue size and also #nykaa, #anandrathi wealth management (1000 cr.), #policybazaar (6018 cr.), #sapphirefoods , #starhealthinsurance amongst 10+.

Which one do you put as 'subscribe' at number 1?

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Monday, October 25, 2021

Look 'inside' the profit numbers, before investing

Dear Investor, look at company results from business profit and financial profit, before celebrating and taking investing decision.

Let me explain.

'Profit' is directly related to either or both of the three - (for simplicity, out of multiple)

A- Sales increase
B- Cost reduction
C- Asset sale

Cost reduction, includes-
A- raw material cost
B- interst rate cost

Cost reduction in raw material is mostly temporary either (unless some longterm actions were taken in the past, like backward integration) , and interest cost reduction could be cyclical and so again temporary.

A company may even choose to sell a factory unit, a subsidiary, a brand etc and monetize and then book the profits,which forms as profit from asset sale.

It is not that it is not good and I am not saying the profit figures are adjusted or rigged, I am saying ,If you are looking for longterm investment, the business needs to be majorly growing from sales revenue and higher and consistant the % of profit growth from business, better it should be to invest for longterm.

Disclaimer - profit is just one of the various factors in the process of evaluating and making buying or selling decision and not the only one.Since for most investors profit growth % or numbers and even reports headlines highlight the same, I have expressed my views in investors benefit on profit growth understanding.

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Saturday, October 23, 2021

Financial planning cannot and should not only consider logic and formulas

Most of us will find this illogical.When I first saw this, even I found it so.

Life isn't all about logic, it also involves reality, emotions, situations, people, time , understanding, experiences, priorities and creativity with ultimately understanding perspectives, putting it in place and finding & applying suitable solution.

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Financial Planning, Social Media and Clients data privacy

Decision to stop what's app as official medium of advisory or documents transfer was tough,but we decided to do that a year back, when most of the social media platforms were changing their privacy policy and terms and conditions.

Because of ease of transfer and daily communication channel, it was most difficult for clients to accept and apply, but am glad to share and thank each of our clients, that now 100% of our clients document share and advisory has moved out of what's app.

What's app is just for information (nothing personal) and reminder to check the official medium.

Data privacy, has always been, is and will always remain our prime focus.

We understand that clients share everything with us which is private, confidential and personal which they have never shared ever, especially all with one single entity or person.

Do share your views in the same, would be glad to know more.
Milin Shah, CISSP Rajesh Krishnamoorthy , Noel Maye    , Urvish Sanghvi ,   Prajakta Sarfare     , Ashish Singodia      , CA. Anand Lunkar      , Milin Shah, CISSP        , Alkesh Patel         ,Ashish Jhanjee          , Kirtan A Shah            , Rajeev Dubey            , Money9 , Swati Kumari      , Rajesh Kumar Singh                    

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Thursday, October 21, 2021

Congratulations, Growth in Vaccine Administered numbers have out paced Nifty 50 growth in same period

 If you are excited by #nifty50 growth trajectory in last 10 months this calender year, kindly check #vaccination doses administered in India growth chart, it is mind boggling.

With the kind of population, the level of distribution and scale of operations that too home manufactured doses, I take this opportunity as proud Indian to thank all the health workers and professionals who have worked relentlesly and selflessly to administer at this pace, not to forget the conditions in which all of these workers have made it happen.

Also the suply chain management experts and service providers the government functionaries, the local doctors and medical services professionals, the logistics and warehouse ,the medical professionals who rose to the #pandemic situation to conceptualise the systems and needs and not to forget #indian #citizens who has seen all, but followed with patience and trust.

#history has been created and our country has set an example for the world.Remember, in May and June during crisis situation of 2nd phase of lockdown, lot of national and International media and experts published reports of India taking 8 to 12 years and here we are at this stage in 10 months from zero to 1 billion.

All is not done, pandemic has not gone but trust and hope has been double built.

Proud Indian.

How is a investor suppose to read and utilise reports?

Company 'APQ' recent profit reported 5% growth QonQ while company 'SGH' recently reported 12% growth YonY.

Same reporter, same reporting media, similar industry report, reported this way differently.

How are you as a investor supposed to understand this?

Reading media reports , experts quotes and understanding and utilising them, is experts job as -

A- no standardization
B- at times biased (either behaviourial bias or technical bias or business bias)

#beware #financialliteracy #financialfreedom #financialplanning #financialplanner

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Growth vs Value - practically explained through your own portfolio

Your Portfolio insights.
If your portfolio has fallen more than 0.75% today, then it is most likely you are holding growth and/or momentum stocks
if has gone up or remained stable or fallen less then 0.75% today, then most likely you have value stocks in your portfolio.

Practical example or illustration to help understand #momentum stocks and #valueinvesting.

P.S.- Kindly note 'most likely', and it is high chances that I am right, but there are likely for execptions.

Cost of having a car , Not just EMI

And lot of car owners think #EMI is the only thing that they pay as cost of having a car.

In my experience 50% of car owners travelling within city, can use kali peeli taxi, autos, ola, uber, metrocar, and such hired or rental car services and save minimum 40% of EMI outflow and if one starts sharing or pooling it, saving could be as high as 60%.

What is the primary reason to buy and own a car?

As such, not to forget, car is a depreciating asset ,meaning year or year, day by day, it's value goes down and always decreasing.

#spending #budgetingtips #financialplanning #financialfreedom

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Congratulation on being appointed as AMFI Charman Mr.A.Balashubramanian and Vice Chair Radhika Guptaji and entire team. Looking forward on growth together

Hearty Congratulations A. Balasubramanian ji, appointed as AMFI Chairman and Radhika Gupta ji being appointed as Vice Chair .

Looking forward to growth and would be glad to contribute back in any way we can.

More exciting times ahead for #mutualfunds coming, specifically as both are open to innovation, are forward lookng and client centric.

For those who do not know, A.M.F.I.stands for Association of Mutual Funds in India.It is a non-profit trade association of all Asset Management Companies of SEBI Registered mutual funds in India.

Also well lead by Nilesh Shah ji, who turned difficult times into opportunity for industry growth.

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Monday, October 18, 2021

Choose environment friendly banking

I want to understand, what is idea behind choosing 'Print Receipt' and then immediately dumping the same into dustbin.

I today's technological world

all of this informs on withdrawal and even balance after that, then why does one print the withdrawal receipt and that too then immediately that goes into dustbin?

Paper waste, energy waste and both of it has environment negative impact.

Please Please Please, just because the facility is available, do not misuse.

Think and act responsible and contribute to Nation, World and environment saving and building.

#environment #banking  #atms  #financialplanning #financialfreedom

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Frame your child education - framework

Former ISRO Chairman Dr.K. Kasturirangan is heading a steering committee of 12 member team which is going to work on preparing recomendations for New National Curriculum Framework (N C.F.).

This was last created in 2005, and such framework becomes guidelines and includes study material and books,syllabus and educational systems.

What would be your top points that you would suggest and look out for in the committee recomendations?

#nep #nfc #childeducation #financialplanning #financialfreedom #couplesgoals

Friday, October 15, 2021

Remembering Visionary Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, On his birth anniversary

Remembering visionary Dr Abdul Kalam ji, on his birth anniversary.

#visionary #financialplanning #financialplanner #financialfreedom #personalfinance

You are the CDMO - Chief Decision Making Officer of your Family

You are the CDMO of your family.

Every day, every week, every month, every year for self and near & dear ones , for today and for tomorrow, it is YOU who is continously evaluating, and filtering multiple options and taking decisions to meet need/s eventually by optimizing available resources.

YOU are the CDMO -Chief Decision Making Officer of your family and it's on the day of "dushehra', we remind that killing of evil is a habit.

May the good over power the evil, in our process of decision making.

One does not realise, but everytime one kiils multiple thoughts in mind and come to decision.

Happy Dassera
Happy Dushehra

#happyfriday #financialplanning #financialfreedom #festivalvibes #investingforbeginners

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Is the much awaited Market correction coming?

US inflation @5.4% and India inflation @4.4% is no comparission, but gives some good indication that  FED liquidity is going to get withdrawn sooner, and as early as next month.

Only thing may stop is employment data which is still not improved,but supply disruptions due to employment and labour market is world over,so may be accepted for short period.

So I believe withdrawal of liquidity is given, only the pace of withdrawal is to be watched out for -higher the pace and amounts, higher the global disturbance.

What does it mean for investors like you and me?

With liquidity withdrawal the money will move out from risk assets and investments and will get invested into safe and fixed returns/interest products and assets.

#market  #investments #mutualfund #financialplanning #finaicialfreedom #financialplanner

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Index at Record highs, should have no major relevance for investor

'Record highs', has just headlines relevance and it's importance should stay and end there and one should not get too exhubarent nor too disturbed with such headlines and discussions.

What matters is 'Value', for investors to stay put, buy, sell or add.

Do you find value or does 'highs' impact your decisions in any way?

#financialplanning #market #mutualfund #wfpd2021 #financialfreedom

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

How to read market trend and not wait for official inflation and interest rate data,without any financial knowledge?

You don't need to be market expert to read the trend.Why do you want to wait for RBI to declare inflation rate and trend and then take a call on investing accordingly?

One just needs to be aware enough on-

A- is your own spending in new list of items adding or increasing (variable/unknown like vacations, repairs, irregular purchases of clothes/accessories/household items etc.)?

B- is your outflow on regular fixed spending increasing (known like milk, electricity, society maintainance, school fees, cable, internet, vegetables/grains/pulses,travel expenses etc)

C- while talking to near and dear ones are there such spending also increasing? (colleagues, friends, relatives, society members etc)

If your own responses to all the above 3 are 'YES' , the the inflation is already moving up and RBI will take 1 to 3 months to report the same.

This YES will also give indication that the banking interest rates will also start moving up in 3 to 6 months.

Keep it simple.
No need to be expert in reading markets and market technicals.

Happy Investing.
Happy Life Journey travel.....

#inflation #financialfreedom #financialplanning #couplesgoals #travelgoals #lifegoals

Short term or Long term ? Your view ?

Amidst the short term view which seems unclear, there is long term bliss, which view are you loonking at?

Stay aligned to your milestones.

#financialplanning #couplesgoals #traveldiaries  #financialfreedom #mutualfunds #goals

Monday, October 11, 2021

Understand and Plot your milestones well to taking any financial milestone decision before action

Did you study and plot well your milestones indepth ,to come to clear, confident and focused action or decision?

Before arriving to a decision of buy, sell, hold, switch, add start with milestones understanding and plotting and only proper financial planning helps do the same with experienced financial planner.

#financialplanning #financialfreedom #financialindependence #financialplanner #investing #personalfinance

Thursday, October 07, 2021

Celebrating World Financial Planning Day is attitude towards profession and committment to add value to clients life

Celebrating #worldfinancialplanningday and being part of the annual occassion initiated by Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd. all over the world including FPSB Ltd. - India (LO)  and creating awareness with a comittment within community.

Wearing this T-shirt is not just being part of celebrations,but it's a matter of pride and attitude towards the profession and clients, following code of ethics with client first intent.

#wfpd2021 #financialfreedom #financialplanning #financialindependence #financialplanner #cfp #personalfinance #investing

Monday, October 04, 2021

Specialised services - Awareness - are you ready ?

How many understand and do this?
We are shifting our residence and for that we called few movers and packers.

Interestingly, one of the movers and packers visited and said, "Sorry Sir, we are specialised in office shifting and we only do office shifting work,we do not take residence shifting work".

I asked him intriguingly, "what is the difference?"

He replied, "Sir, what is unique about residence wares shifting is that it involves lot of perishable items, fridge, washing machine, oven, cupboard, wardrobe, utensils etc. which needs to be handled, packed, transported, opened and re set differently, which our man are not trained and used of.We only do services which we are doing day in day out, so that our staff is trained speflcifically to handle that and also practice that."

How many service providers by themselves are aware of their own specialisation and offer and only do that?

How many consumers of services understand #specialist services and work with specialists only?

Specifically speaking about financial services, there is lack of this understanding even within financial experts not to mention poor investor.

If you are a #ca , #cfa , #MBA, #cwm , #cfp Life insurance advisor, mutual fund advisor, #mediclaim services provider, #equityresearch advisor, #estateplanning services provider, #loans services provider, share your specialisation and let us spread awareness on financial services specialisation and if you are consumer of such any specialised services, share what speciality services you availed of.

Mentioning specialised groups with intent to let rhem know and the practicing specialist share their area of specialisation. (share in brief and no links please).

Lets see how many  specialised services are at offer and let the consumer understand expertise.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

Chartered Wealth Management (CWM)

CFA Institute 

FPSB Ltd. - India (LO)   

Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd.

Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority 

Mutual Funds Sahi Hai  (since I didn't find #amfi , I mentioned this official mutual funds awareness site)

#irdai #fpsb #mutualfund
#financialliteracy #financialplanning #wfpd2021 #wiw2021 #financialadviser #financialfreedom #wealthmanagement #insurance

Know your self to better manage financies

You are expected to be educated about so many things, including financial markets and products.

-Learn and know more of equities.

-One needs to be aware and educated in Mutual funds.

-Read more on type of financial advisors

-Research before buying term insurances

-read and compare before buying mediclaim insurance

-check multiple sites and banks for Interest rates

-always keep in touch of what is happening on economy

-you should know what is US FED doing

-you are expected to know impact of currency on equity markets

-will oil rise above $130 again?

-How can you ignore political changes?

-keep an eye on what is happening in china

-what did tehran do yesterday? did they drop any bomb?

-is there any war like sutuation any where?

-Is there any liquidity pull back decision

-Is gold better or equity?

-should you buy bitcoin or continue with #mutualfunds

-is there opportunity in buying real estate?

-know on loan terms and conditions before availaing loan amd keep in touch to know on changes

-be aware of tax changes and reducing tax impact

on and so on and onn......

In the race to know the world and others, somewhere no one told to 'know yourself first'.Somehwere you as individual is lost in 'knowing the world'.

'Know self first and always'.

'You are the most important person you will ever know'.

Financial decisions will be better aligned rather then lost or scattered.

Knowing self, keeps you in control of money,rather than money controlling you.

#financialplanning #financialfreedom #wfpd2021 #financialadviser #financialplanner

Sunday, October 03, 2021

Automizing Financial Management thru' Financial Planning

Operational Simplicity and ease is need of each one of us, in every walk of life, how can #financialmanagement be ignored?

With #financialplanning process, first and always advantage is operations becomes easier and to larger extent automized for major aspects.

Freedom can only be experinced, with automization of repetative and known operations.This also brings ease of tracking.

#financialfreedom #financialindependence #wfpd2021

Friday, October 01, 2021

Happy Pension Day - Celebrating NPS Diwas, a tool for retirement planning

Happy #pensionplanning
Happy #npsdiwas.

Today, 1st October is celebrated as NPS Diwas.

N.P.S. is a National Pension System regulated by Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA), under department of financial services.

It is a tool for #retirementplanning for #salaried as well as #selfemployed professionals.

The contribution towards the same is claimable U/s 80C upto 1.5 lac and additional upto 50000 under 80CCD

It offers Tier 1 and Tier 2 as investment options,were basically Tier 1 has tax advantages and has restrictions on usage while Tier 2 does not offer tax advantages but offers lot of flexibility.

This is one of the lowest cost investment option currently available, which also has tax advantages.

Happy Investing.

#financialplanning #financialliteracy #financialplanning #wfpd2021 #wiw2021

Monday, September 27, 2021

This helps you remain focused

When you know 3 things clearly, one tends to gain focus-

A_What to do now, this very moment
B_What to do after A
C_What I should not even think  (because either it is something which you are prepared for or something which you can think only after A and B is done)

Focusing on right things, increases the chances of things happening as desired as the actions are well targeted.

#focusonwhatmatters #financialplanning #financialfreedom #wfpd2021 #couplesgoals #mindfulness

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Sensex at New highs. What should you be looking at?

Enough of #sensex growth journey, let us concentrate on self growth journey.
It is useless, if sensex & markets grow & one still falls short of fulfilling milestones, especially when you are working for 10 hours a day.Own your life.
#wfpd2021 #financialplanning #financialfreedom

Thursday, September 23, 2021

What should be my asset allocation in current markets? Financial Planning makes it simple

What should be your asset allocation as per current market conditions?
Lot of articles are written on this topic, and I would say this is baseless and the most confusing way to approach investing.

Why I say this is baseless and confusing approach?

A_Views on 'current market' are always individualistic (ask 10 different people and market views will be varied).
B_Truth is everyone will have 'view', but no one is definite.
C_Market by itself is ever changing.

The only right approach to define your asset alloaction is to be based on -

_Risk Profile
_Period of Investing (based on more stable defined milestones)

And, sticking to it, with regular re-balancing.

Keep it simple.
Investing is simple.
Investing decisions are simpler.

Happy Investing.
Happy Living your life.

#financialfreedom #financialplanning #financialplanner #wfpd2021 #wiw2021 #couple #market #investing #personalfinance #wealthmanagement #investingforbeginners #wfh #assetallocation

Monday, September 20, 2021

Prepare for worst for family preparedness and increase your focus on professional job

Fear of loosing the job, parents totally dependent on you, school going kids and you the Chief Decision Maker of the family upon which all of family members expectations rely.

It's a huge responsibility and life is uncertain, anything may and can happen anytime. (we have been experiencing this for about 1.5 yrs already).

Worst is so many family's have lost such CDM's in this #pandemic and under regular life as well.

How to prepare?

One client connected with us, with this query and after 4 months now they are fully aware and prepared to higher level then they were previously.

Not only this, with such preparedness, now client is better able to focus on job and now ready to switch the job, otherwise which was disturbing in non preparedness situation.

#wfpd2021 #financialplanning #financialfreedom #couplegoals #financialplanner

Portfolio Re-set alert - If not now, then when?

Portfolio Alert - If you have not yet looked at your investment statements and not corrected or re-set and aligned to life milestones, there are very high chances you are going to fall short or not able to fulfill it at all.

If in good times one ignores this, bad times generally creates havoc and/or tests patience and mental strength and financial analysis and preparedness.

By now, 100% of our clients investments have been aligned or re-aligned to best possible fulfillment of milestones.

Everything in red, from Indian to Global indices , currencies, most crypto assets, most commodities including gold and silver, equity markets, and interest rates not not helping grow.

If not now, then when?

#financialfreedom #financialplanning #financialplanner #investment #personalfinance #wealthmanagement

How to Submitt Life or Existence certificate online for LIC policy's.

This is for you, if you, your parents or any of your loved ones has any Pension or Annuity policy.

Life or Existence certificate is compulsory for #pensiones of #licofindia posion policy holders.

There is Jeevan Saakshya separate app to be downloaded from #googleplaystore ,
then register or add the policy
then click photo on app
then attach aadhar / e-aadhar (by generating ecode)

and ensure the certificate is clearly visible and correct ,then submit.

The user experience is not at all good and the journey needs to be clear and simpler (rembember this is to be used by senior citizens maximum- the e-aadhar comes in encrypted format)

I would request Prajakta Sarfare to be connected by LIC IT team to make it simpler.

At the same time, I would like to acknowledge LIC team to make digital submission possible.

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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Financial Planning would be start, first step for Life Planning

Lifeplanning is simply how would your life travel look like, with your loved ones in conjunction and confirmity of the #timetravel and how to take it forward in  known manner and self defined path.

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Trash of Information - feeling sorry for investors

Feeling sorry for the Investors who has to navigate through loads of trash like information to take investment decision.

Plastic waste is silent but problem for today, not one day, kindly use materials conciously which are bio-degradable.

Issued in Public Interest to create awareness.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

What after retirement is the most needed conversation rather than what retirement corpus in retirement planning

After retirement you won't go to office and so you would have time in your hand.

What would you do with that time, is the most important conversation we start with our clients, rather then your expense is '12345' today with 'X%' annual inflation you would need this much as retirement corpus and for that you would need to invest '123' monthly today.

This calculation is easily available online, you don't need a #financialplanner to give you that, what you need is the conversation on how does life look like post #retirement?

#financialplanning is all about that life of desire rather than that money to live the life.

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Monday, September 13, 2021

Financial Planning empowers road map to make choices

OH so I will be able to pay my Son's foreign education fees, only if I do this ?

A client whom we onboarded about 2 months ago, had 1 very important decision to make- home buying.

His son went to Canada recently for 3 year education.

When we sat together, understood all, after proper evaluation, we clarified them that if they buy home today (just by looking at the markets and interest rates), they may not be able to fund their Son's foreign education fees.

This helped not only the decision maker, but all family members not only get that 'home buying' thought out of there mind for now, but it was jointly decided to keep that milestone year as 2025, by then their sons' education would have been done and their loan eligibility would also be more suitable and comfortable at the same time they would also be ready with bigger down payment.

This is how #financialplanning should help remain focused on actions in the right direction.

It is in human behaviour that we cannot see outcomes in future, especially when there are 2/3 or multiple events coming together.

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Financial Planning enables bringing future into present

You with your family are ready to go out for a vacation by road in next 2 hours.You are going to drive your car to the destination.

What do you do?

Well, most of us, check -

_engine oil
_fuel level
_coolant level
_ensure spare tyre
_check all 4 tyres
_inside environment

(do add in comment, If I missed anything else)

Similarly, you are the driver of your life, family is dependent on you (sitting besides and behind, riding with you), and excited that you are going to make the travel journey memorable and reach the destination.

#Destination in life could be different for every family / individual, but largely achieving milestones peacefully.

That is what financial planning better equips to do.Starts with defining enforceable disturbances and milestones, and drive it thru' to prepare, bringing the future in front and acting upon the same now for better.

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Thursday, June 10, 2021

Be prepared and enjoy the freedom of being unplanned at times

Unplanned break is good, says a 'financial planner'- VIRESH PATEL CFP CM

Life is and will never go as thought or planned. At times it is good to do certain things unplanned.Keep and be ready for such flexibility.

Surprise yourself and family members,enjoy that freedom.

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Friday, May 28, 2021

Where are you in your journey today?

Travelling right ?

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