Friday, January 29, 2021

This is how wealth is lost / not made

Mid March,20, I received a call from a friend to help him understand his investments and market and also I upfrintly asked him, if he has longterm money to add, be ready to add.

He was scared and said he is expecting money,but not ready to invest more,instead,he redeemed his already invested money at loss.

Again, in August,20 end, the same person called me, and asked if now he should Invest in lumsum or monthly, and I asked him to invest in parts and not lumsum,but in december,20,he lost patience and added bigger lumsum as investment and in Jan,21 first week he messeged me, he had invested and is making handsome profit in short term.

Today, he called me, his investments are negative and the markets are choppy,should he remove and sit aside.

What do you think, can this friend make wealth this way?

Is this investor, going to experience real freedom?

Kirtan A Shah
Priyanka Acharya
Mehernosh Randeria - Wealth Wisdom Wellness Coach
Shreyans Shah
Bhuvanaa Shreeram 🎯
Ashish Singodia
Aarti Naik
Jane Sha
Vipul Prasad
CA. Anand Lunkar
Yash Patel
Sanket Prabhu
Nikhil Gopalakrishnan
Ruparanjan Mohapatra
Jinay Rajparia
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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Time challenge is not individual,and can better be resolved at community level

"TIME challenges are not individual, but community problem, and it needs to be resolved at community level" - Dr. Ashley Whillans. Attended this masterclass arranged by #TEDEX.

I am in awe of this statement, as this is so true. If someone has
A-time management issue,
B-feels she/he is so much busy,
C-experiences that 24 hours is less in a day or
D-even if feels that 24 hours are too long- how to pass time, these are not any particular individuals issues or challenges as -
A_ these challenges are faced by many
B_ these challenges can be resolved at community level

Loved the survey on #behaviouralinsights at work place, especially on time management & on challenges which cropped up in this #pandemic

Since years, we have been service providers to #financialexperts as well, not because they lack knowledge, it is because they lack time to apply the knowledge.So while they are busy in preparing reports, plans & tracking & measuring for their company growth, we help them focus there, and do the same in their personal finance space and keep then on track of growth with clarity.This is our full time job.
#time is rare & free commodity, but rarely valued. (I have done the mistake myself)

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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Check what Court says to Investors complain

See what Court says on Investors complain.
Please ask as many questions and clarify everything before signing on the dotted line.

Buying any product (not only financial ,#investment or #insurance), read the underlying statements, if cannot read or do not want to read, atleast give yourself enough time to ask questions on #negative aspects more first and then #positive outcomes and posibilities.

Else, what is the meaning of being literate / educated ,if still one is incurring losses, and after losseing regrets that if only she/he had read.

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Thursday, January 14, 2021

Debt funds for Higher returns- My cautious view in Economic Times

My View in #economictimes article on #debtfunds for higher returns, 6th Jan,21

Voice of caution.

Yes, returns are important,but vis-a-viz risk taken, and so understand need, risk and then look and ask for returns, and that too in the right proportion.

In race to deliver returns, it is easy to suggest long to medium term debt funds, but their is inherant capital loss risk as well. So tread cautiously and in a well informed manner.

Appreciate Mr.Prashant, for giving me opportunity to share my view in larger interest of investors.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

At Nifty current PE what would you do ?

#nifty pe (price to earnings) around 40 for FY 20-21


With FY 21-22 estimated earnings, it is around 27, one year forward earning.

Meaning, if nifty50 is around 14600 and for next financial year, if fy 21-22 estimated earnings is around 550 the price to earnings ratio is about 26.

This is generally considered in higher side.

What would you do under such valuations  ? (Experts share your views)
_ If you are invested for last 1 year, would you hold?
_If you missed investing, would you start?

Disclaimer- I do not claim to be equity analyst, but read multiple house reports (know how to read them thru' experience and certifications) and above data is picked up from one such securities report.

PS - Lot of experts say PE has no relevance under scenariis like current one, but world over there are billions of dollars in Dynamic asset allocation funds and quant models, including india, which are based on PE, so I am sure, cannot be ignored

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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

4 indicators to follow to choose best financial planner to meet

Keep it simple.
How to choose the best financial planner?

Many financial planners experience this, that they are working with client's who took time in choosing financial planner and lost some or the other opportunity and genuinely that's a pain in investors' life.

Here I have penned down certain thought's after many investors shared how they choose their best financial planner to interview, after a lot of time loss and multiple experiences.

Do share your thought's on the same and let me know what you would like to know more to make your life moments peaceful and fulfilling.

Kindly note: This is step 1, of choosing the best financial planner to interview and in due course will be sharing more.

To know the 4 indicators, click on link below-

4 indicators to follow to choose best financial planner to meet

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Friday, January 08, 2021

What is Money for you ?

Interesting to know various views and nothing right, nothing wrong- In fact every view is right.

Someone says,
_money is power,
_another says money gives peace,
_a lady says :money provides safety",
_a young chap says "money gives experience"

What is money for you ?

Thursday, January 07, 2021

The Inside truth - What disturbs at this Index levels ? Not high or low levels

2 Different Case studies, and one key observation.

CASE STUDY 1 : I had invested in equity even in 2006 & removed all the investments in 2011-12 without any profits at cost.Now I have sent you current statement, which shows profit of about 33% on lump sum investment made in May & July 2019.Let me know what should I do, I do not want to loose profits now.

CASE STUDY 2 : I waited since July 2019 to start investing, since I was hearing then, that markets will fall, but it never fell until March,'20.When it fell, I was fearful to start investing and heard a lot of experts who were talking about waiting for the markets to stabilize.Now the markets have elevated to level, where again it seems it is due to fall. Waiting for last 1 and half year, what should I do now, kindly suggest?

Two different calls, 2 different situations, 2 different people, & 2 different experiences, similar kind of disturbance.

What disturbs is not the market levels, but past experiences & memories, which imbibes emotion of fear, greed, caution & this is what disturbs anyone & not #sensex nearing 50000.

Based on ones own experiences & the actions done or not done, one develops memories, which disturbs investor.

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Friday, January 01, 2021

Happy New Year, 2021

Be in Control 2021

Here's wishing Control with Direction in 2021

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