Wednesday, January 13, 2021

At Nifty current PE what would you do ?

#nifty pe (price to earnings) around 40 for FY 20-21


With FY 21-22 estimated earnings, it is around 27, one year forward earning.

Meaning, if nifty50 is around 14600 and for next financial year, if fy 21-22 estimated earnings is around 550 the price to earnings ratio is about 26.

This is generally considered in higher side.

What would you do under such valuations  ? (Experts share your views)
_ If you are invested for last 1 year, would you hold?
_If you missed investing, would you start?

Disclaimer- I do not claim to be equity analyst, but read multiple house reports (know how to read them thru' experience and certifications) and above data is picked up from one such securities report.

PS - Lot of experts say PE has no relevance under scenariis like current one, but world over there are billions of dollars in Dynamic asset allocation funds and quant models, including india, which are based on PE, so I am sure, cannot be ignored

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