Thursday, January 07, 2021

The Inside truth - What disturbs at this Index levels ? Not high or low levels

2 Different Case studies, and one key observation.

CASE STUDY 1 : I had invested in equity even in 2006 & removed all the investments in 2011-12 without any profits at cost.Now I have sent you current statement, which shows profit of about 33% on lump sum investment made in May & July 2019.Let me know what should I do, I do not want to loose profits now.

CASE STUDY 2 : I waited since July 2019 to start investing, since I was hearing then, that markets will fall, but it never fell until March,'20.When it fell, I was fearful to start investing and heard a lot of experts who were talking about waiting for the markets to stabilize.Now the markets have elevated to level, where again it seems it is due to fall. Waiting for last 1 and half year, what should I do now, kindly suggest?

Two different calls, 2 different situations, 2 different people, & 2 different experiences, similar kind of disturbance.

What disturbs is not the market levels, but past experiences & memories, which imbibes emotion of fear, greed, caution & this is what disturbs anyone & not #sensex nearing 50000.

Based on ones own experiences & the actions done or not done, one develops memories, which disturbs investor.

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