Friday, January 29, 2021

This is how wealth is lost / not made

Mid March,20, I received a call from a friend to help him understand his investments and market and also I upfrintly asked him, if he has longterm money to add, be ready to add.

He was scared and said he is expecting money,but not ready to invest more,instead,he redeemed his already invested money at loss.

Again, in August,20 end, the same person called me, and asked if now he should Invest in lumsum or monthly, and I asked him to invest in parts and not lumsum,but in december,20,he lost patience and added bigger lumsum as investment and in Jan,21 first week he messeged me, he had invested and is making handsome profit in short term.

Today, he called me, his investments are negative and the markets are choppy,should he remove and sit aside.

What do you think, can this friend make wealth this way?

Is this investor, going to experience real freedom?

Kirtan A Shah
Priyanka Acharya
Mehernosh Randeria - Wealth Wisdom Wellness Coach
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