Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Time challenge is not individual,and can better be resolved at community level

"TIME challenges are not individual, but community problem, and it needs to be resolved at community level" - Dr. Ashley Whillans. Attended this masterclass arranged by #TEDEX.

I am in awe of this statement, as this is so true. If someone has
A-time management issue,
B-feels she/he is so much busy,
C-experiences that 24 hours is less in a day or
D-even if feels that 24 hours are too long- how to pass time, these are not any particular individuals issues or challenges as -
A_ these challenges are faced by many
B_ these challenges can be resolved at community level

Loved the survey on #behaviouralinsights at work place, especially on time management & on challenges which cropped up in this #pandemic

Since years, we have been service providers to #financialexperts as well, not because they lack knowledge, it is because they lack time to apply the knowledge.So while they are busy in preparing reports, plans & tracking & measuring for their company growth, we help them focus there, and do the same in their personal finance space and keep then on track of growth with clarity.This is our full time job.
#time is rare & free commodity, but rarely valued. (I have done the mistake myself)

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