Friday, February 12, 2021

15 years of Client First through Financial Services

Today completed 15 years into Financial Services and we have just started. So much coming ahead and we are not yet done to work for client betterment.

Today 1% of Indian hold wealth equal to 99% of Indians, we target to bring it down to 98.9% in next 10 years.

I believe, this can be easily achieved.

I would like to thank all my mentors, people who questioned my steadfastsness to leave behind commission based services and only work on fixed fee based model, people who liked my services and give referals,mentors and members within community for helping me reach where I am currently at the same time, keeping me focused to achieve my vision.
Leaving behind ongoing comissions, stoping all income and embarking on a joureny for fixed fee client centric offering which is not understood, not accepted, not heard off, was not at all easy, but the journey is full of satisfaction that GOD has choosen me to add value in peoples life.

Actually just started ,bootstraping for next level of growth and reach.

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