Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Stadium noise vs Match winning is like, Stock market euphoria vs need fulfillment - Sachin Tendulkar interview

"We want Six, We want six. SACHINN, Sachinn " -Noise from stadium.

In an interview Sachin was asked, "how do you remain focused,when there are a lac+ supporters in stadium shouting for a six and making noise?"

The response is something to take away for every investor to apply.

"Stadium noise is euphoria & I take it as encouragement and motivation, but while on the pitch on the ground, I remain focused on what is match need and what I need to do to win."

This is a big take away.

With markets at such valuations & so many experts talking, there is bound to be euphoria and noise ( similar to cricket stadium noise), but what matters is family need fulfillment while making investing decision ( balancing risk and growth ).

Nothing else should matter- everything else, is just noise.

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