Sunday, April 18, 2021

Future Fund Manager is technology?

Future of Mutual Fund schemes Fund Manager seems to be tech manager - Quant / AI / Fintech manager?


which means technical skills is and will be automated to large extent, and so product buying will become a cake walk and technical data will be in abundance.

This gives me emense confidence to be in the field of man to man customised financial life planning amd advisory.


There will be lot of easy information and financial product buying will be at a click of a button.

For which asset class is suitable, which fin.product is suitable and what needs to be done at that particular point in time, especially with aware family, will still need human touch for understanding , helping them understand and help them take suitable actions, atleast for another 10-15 years. (not tech. expert, but also think human need will increase)

What is your take (nothing for or against, but a healthy view point sharing)_
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