Thursday, April 22, 2021

One may miss Equity Market charts and interest rate News, but cannot afford missing these charts and news any more

It is not a day to send msgs and posts, it is a day of being self aware and take care of mother earth.

For friends , relatives , mentors , and all near and dear ones and social connects, It is not the Equity or interest rate market to regularly have a eye on.. if you miss once it should be OK, but it is definately very much needed to keep an eye on these charts and data and work together to be the change and demand for better today and tomorrow.(forest cover and co2 emission increase or decrease charts)
Today, PMO and CMO and all ministry channels are just a click away.

#tweet #tag #hashtag #mention the concerned authority ,and ask for better environment.

Oxygen is less available today, but today is the most important day, when we have realised importance of #oxygen, so why not ask and work for better for life in a natural way by taking care of just 300 to 500 meters of your area. 

Join hands in your area and take care of only this 300-500 meters to start with. 
#bethechange rather than expecting someone to bring the change.

For tracking green and forest cover here is the link-

#environment #psabes #rivermarch #roadmarch #nationalearthday #borivali #bnp

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