Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Separating Couples need to ensure this - my view in today's moneycontrol article

My view published in today's moneycontrol article on separating couples experience tough times, (Link at the bottom of post)
A_ to get the decree
B_ post decree

especially when it is contested.

A- Time to get decree is stretched and totally undefined
B- Post getting it , 70%+, it haunts back, and 30%+ the demands continue from spouses.

Plus, on ground understanding between couples during good times and the bank statement and ITR data, practically are different in most cases, be it salaried couple of business family.

SO it is extremly important to consult and appoint a legale advisor as well as a financial planner at the same time,which ideally results in faster decree and smoother life post decree

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Separating couples need to ensure this while divorce

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