Monday, September 27, 2021

This helps you remain focused

When you know 3 things clearly, one tends to gain focus-

A_What to do now, this very moment
B_What to do after A
C_What I should not even think  (because either it is something which you are prepared for or something which you can think only after A and B is done)

Focusing on right things, increases the chances of things happening as desired as the actions are well targeted.

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Saturday, September 25, 2021

Sensex at New highs. What should you be looking at?

Enough of #sensex growth journey, let us concentrate on self growth journey.
It is useless, if sensex & markets grow & one still falls short of fulfilling milestones, especially when you are working for 10 hours a day.Own your life.
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Thursday, September 23, 2021

What should be my asset allocation in current markets? Financial Planning makes it simple

What should be your asset allocation as per current market conditions?
Lot of articles are written on this topic, and I would say this is baseless and the most confusing way to approach investing.

Why I say this is baseless and confusing approach?

A_Views on 'current market' are always individualistic (ask 10 different people and market views will be varied).
B_Truth is everyone will have 'view', but no one is definite.
C_Market by itself is ever changing.

The only right approach to define your asset alloaction is to be based on -

_Risk Profile
_Period of Investing (based on more stable defined milestones)

And, sticking to it, with regular re-balancing.

Keep it simple.
Investing is simple.
Investing decisions are simpler.

Happy Investing.
Happy Living your life.

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Monday, September 20, 2021

Prepare for worst for family preparedness and increase your focus on professional job

Fear of loosing the job, parents totally dependent on you, school going kids and you the Chief Decision Maker of the family upon which all of family members expectations rely.

It's a huge responsibility and life is uncertain, anything may and can happen anytime. (we have been experiencing this for about 1.5 yrs already).

Worst is so many family's have lost such CDM's in this #pandemic and under regular life as well.

How to prepare?

One client connected with us, with this query and after 4 months now they are fully aware and prepared to higher level then they were previously.

Not only this, with such preparedness, now client is better able to focus on job and now ready to switch the job, otherwise which was disturbing in non preparedness situation.

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Portfolio Re-set alert - If not now, then when?

Portfolio Alert - If you have not yet looked at your investment statements and not corrected or re-set and aligned to life milestones, there are very high chances you are going to fall short or not able to fulfill it at all.

If in good times one ignores this, bad times generally creates havoc and/or tests patience and mental strength and financial analysis and preparedness.

By now, 100% of our clients investments have been aligned or re-aligned to best possible fulfillment of milestones.

Everything in red, from Indian to Global indices , currencies, most crypto assets, most commodities including gold and silver, equity markets, and interest rates not not helping grow.

If not now, then when?

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How to Submitt Life or Existence certificate online for LIC policy's.

This is for you, if you, your parents or any of your loved ones has any Pension or Annuity policy.

Life or Existence certificate is compulsory for #pensiones of #licofindia posion policy holders.

There is Jeevan Saakshya separate app to be downloaded from #googleplaystore ,
then register or add the policy
then click photo on app
then attach aadhar / e-aadhar (by generating ecode)

and ensure the certificate is clearly visible and correct ,then submit.

The user experience is not at all good and the journey needs to be clear and simpler (rembember this is to be used by senior citizens maximum- the e-aadhar comes in encrypted format)

I would request Prajakta Sarfare to be connected by LIC IT team to make it simpler.

At the same time, I would like to acknowledge LIC team to make digital submission possible.

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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Financial Planning would be start, first step for Life Planning

Lifeplanning is simply how would your life travel look like, with your loved ones in conjunction and confirmity of the #timetravel and how to take it forward in  known manner and self defined path.

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Trash of Information - feeling sorry for investors

Feeling sorry for the Investors who has to navigate through loads of trash like information to take investment decision.

Plastic waste is silent but problem for today, not one day, kindly use materials conciously which are bio-degradable.

Issued in Public Interest to create awareness.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

What after retirement is the most needed conversation rather than what retirement corpus in retirement planning

After retirement you won't go to office and so you would have time in your hand.

What would you do with that time, is the most important conversation we start with our clients, rather then your expense is '12345' today with 'X%' annual inflation you would need this much as retirement corpus and for that you would need to invest '123' monthly today.

This calculation is easily available online, you don't need a #financialplanner to give you that, what you need is the conversation on how does life look like post #retirement?

#financialplanning is all about that life of desire rather than that money to live the life.

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Monday, September 13, 2021

Financial Planning empowers road map to make choices

OH so I will be able to pay my Son's foreign education fees, only if I do this ?

A client whom we onboarded about 2 months ago, had 1 very important decision to make- home buying.

His son went to Canada recently for 3 year education.

When we sat together, understood all, after proper evaluation, we clarified them that if they buy home today (just by looking at the markets and interest rates), they may not be able to fund their Son's foreign education fees.

This helped not only the decision maker, but all family members not only get that 'home buying' thought out of there mind for now, but it was jointly decided to keep that milestone year as 2025, by then their sons' education would have been done and their loan eligibility would also be more suitable and comfortable at the same time they would also be ready with bigger down payment.

This is how #financialplanning should help remain focused on actions in the right direction.

It is in human behaviour that we cannot see outcomes in future, especially when there are 2/3 or multiple events coming together.

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Financial Planning enables bringing future into present

You with your family are ready to go out for a vacation by road in next 2 hours.You are going to drive your car to the destination.

What do you do?

Well, most of us, check -

_engine oil
_fuel level
_coolant level
_ensure spare tyre
_check all 4 tyres
_inside environment

(do add in comment, If I missed anything else)

Similarly, you are the driver of your life, family is dependent on you (sitting besides and behind, riding with you), and excited that you are going to make the travel journey memorable and reach the destination.

#Destination in life could be different for every family / individual, but largely achieving milestones peacefully.

That is what financial planning better equips to do.Starts with defining enforceable disturbances and milestones, and drive it thru' to prepare, bringing the future in front and acting upon the same now for better.

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