Monday, September 20, 2021

How to Submitt Life or Existence certificate online for LIC policy's.

This is for you, if you, your parents or any of your loved ones has any Pension or Annuity policy.

Life or Existence certificate is compulsory for #pensiones of #licofindia posion policy holders.

There is Jeevan Saakshya separate app to be downloaded from #googleplaystore ,
then register or add the policy
then click photo on app
then attach aadhar / e-aadhar (by generating ecode)

and ensure the certificate is clearly visible and correct ,then submit.

The user experience is not at all good and the journey needs to be clear and simpler (rembember this is to be used by senior citizens maximum- the e-aadhar comes in encrypted format)

I would request Prajakta Sarfare to be connected by LIC IT team to make it simpler.

At the same time, I would like to acknowledge LIC team to make digital submission possible.

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