Thursday, October 21, 2021

Congratulations, Growth in Vaccine Administered numbers have out paced Nifty 50 growth in same period

 If you are excited by #nifty50 growth trajectory in last 10 months this calender year, kindly check #vaccination doses administered in India growth chart, it is mind boggling.

With the kind of population, the level of distribution and scale of operations that too home manufactured doses, I take this opportunity as proud Indian to thank all the health workers and professionals who have worked relentlesly and selflessly to administer at this pace, not to forget the conditions in which all of these workers have made it happen.

Also the suply chain management experts and service providers the government functionaries, the local doctors and medical services professionals, the logistics and warehouse ,the medical professionals who rose to the #pandemic situation to conceptualise the systems and needs and not to forget #indian #citizens who has seen all, but followed with patience and trust.

#history has been created and our country has set an example for the world.Remember, in May and June during crisis situation of 2nd phase of lockdown, lot of national and International media and experts published reports of India taking 8 to 12 years and here we are at this stage in 10 months from zero to 1 billion.

All is not done, pandemic has not gone but trust and hope has been double built.

Proud Indian.

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