Saturday, October 23, 2021

Financial Planning, Social Media and Clients data privacy

Decision to stop what's app as official medium of advisory or documents transfer was tough,but we decided to do that a year back, when most of the social media platforms were changing their privacy policy and terms and conditions.

Because of ease of transfer and daily communication channel, it was most difficult for clients to accept and apply, but am glad to share and thank each of our clients, that now 100% of our clients document share and advisory has moved out of what's app.

What's app is just for information (nothing personal) and reminder to check the official medium.

Data privacy, has always been, is and will always remain our prime focus.

We understand that clients share everything with us which is private, confidential and personal which they have never shared ever, especially all with one single entity or person.

Do share your views in the same, would be glad to know more.
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