Monday, October 04, 2021

Know your self to better manage financies

You are expected to be educated about so many things, including financial markets and products.

-Learn and know more of equities.

-One needs to be aware and educated in Mutual funds.

-Read more on type of financial advisors

-Research before buying term insurances

-read and compare before buying mediclaim insurance

-check multiple sites and banks for Interest rates

-always keep in touch of what is happening on economy

-you should know what is US FED doing

-you are expected to know impact of currency on equity markets

-will oil rise above $130 again?

-How can you ignore political changes?

-keep an eye on what is happening in china

-what did tehran do yesterday? did they drop any bomb?

-is there any war like sutuation any where?

-Is there any liquidity pull back decision

-Is gold better or equity?

-should you buy bitcoin or continue with #mutualfunds

-is there opportunity in buying real estate?

-know on loan terms and conditions before availaing loan amd keep in touch to know on changes

-be aware of tax changes and reducing tax impact

on and so on and onn......

In the race to know the world and others, somewhere no one told to 'know yourself first'.Somehwere you as individual is lost in 'knowing the world'.

'Know self first and always'.

'You are the most important person you will ever know'.

Financial decisions will be better aligned rather then lost or scattered.

Knowing self, keeps you in control of money,rather than money controlling you.

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