Tuesday, December 14, 2021

How do you read this important information and take informed decision?

How should you read this important data and what should you do after reading it?

November,2021 inflation upped to 4.91% which was at 4.48% in October,2021 but last year i.e. November, 2020 inflation was 6.93% so this november it is lower.

So someone may say it is due to energy (petrol,deisel,gas) prices the inflation could be up and wait for another month of data.

OK, may be, but while you are waiting for another month of data to confirm if inflation is really up or it is again down, federal reserve meeting is lined up this week which is expected to later announce pull out of more liquidity measures and indication of reversing policy rates early next year.

This reversal, will have negative impact on global equity markets, including India and BSE , NSE may fall by 5% to 15%.

Now with this information what should you do?

Simple, sell all, and wait for the market to fall 10% and start buying again.

Is it this simple?
Do you have any other strategy?
This is just 'one piece' of information, can you track such multiple, evaluate and take decisions?

DM and we can understand better and explore strategies which is specifically applicable to suit you.

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