Monday, May 23, 2022

How should a investor choose from TOP RANKED mutual funds? A Query

One of my Clients team mate sent this to my client to ask me on how a common man should read this and take decision.

'Kindly ask your financial planner, how should I decide to buy best mutual funds, as I have bought after looking at 19th May,22 top list some funds and today when I checked the top funds have changed'.

It takes so much time to explain this and the basis behind this rankings or 'Top List', and so I sent short message, saying as follows-

'let your dear friend know that this is good for reference and as re-check, but your life milestones & situation alongwith risk profile is different from the other, hence it is important filter and find suitable funds which passes this criteria,which is specific to you, like DNA of humans, which are unique. This is also part of disclaimer with this popular site.'

Could I have explained better ?
as short and quick, as that was need of my client to respond very fast?

Kirtan A Shah
Ashish Singodia
Priya Krishnamoorthy
Harminder Garg, CFP

#financialplanning #investingforbeginners

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

70% down from TOP - never a reason to buy

70% down from it's high, is never the reason to buy a stock.

You will now see ' XYZ % down from it's high' a lot and I would say do not buy, just because it is down from it's top.

There may not be any reason for it to reach to the 'TOP' it went and there would be a reason for it to fall down by so much %.

Such stocks may fall into high beta & momentum stocks, where market news is driving it up or down, more then it should be.

Ensure, stories may help sell for short term, actual basis , value, and suitability should be the ONLY REASON to buy or even sell.

Do share your experience on this.
Agree / Disagree - #comment

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Monday, May 09, 2022

Sharing some personal secret

Sharing my secret. My wife always asks me to bring fruits, and she is not comfortable bringing home fruits herself.

She even says, 'you choose good fruits and most of the times they are best'.

So here's the secret.

I have been buying fruits from one vendor only, since more then 25 yrs now, and rather a generation has changed in the fruit vendor.

The fruit vendor knows exactly what I am looking for and infact he even knows, I will never even ask price and rather look for best what I ask for.

In turn, my wife, always asks price first, keeps on hopping vendors and in the price discovery and hopping vendors, the vendors also know that my wife will only buy from them, if it is low price.

In case of fruits buying, since my wife has less experience, made some mistakes in the past and not confident, there is no consistency and where as I always look for value buy, and price is most likely secondary for me.

My vendor knows this and respects this, and inturn also at times tells, 'aaj aapko deney layak nahi hai', even when the stall is full of what I ask.

Give time to your servcie provider to identify your needs and seek value rather then price first approach.

Secondly, it turns out to be more harmful in only comparing price, or buying cheap, rather take time to evaluate your service or product provider, and once you get confidence remain loyal for value for money.

In investing, more money is lost in hopping and changing advisor, in the race to f finding 'best advisor', then choosing a average advisor and staying long with the same.

Give time in choosing your service provider, look for value first and ince you identify the value, compare with peers for price vs value alongwith other aspects and choose one PLUS once you have choosen give time.

Read again.

Agree ? contracdictory views welcome.

Kirtan A Shah
Ashish Singodia
CA. Anand Lunkar
Megha Mathur
Deepika Saraf
Divyashikha Gupta
Bina Chheda
Ruparanjan Mohapatra
CA Yogesh Awasthi 🇮🇳
Madhur Gundecha
CA Chintan Dedhia
Hardik Vora
Dr. Hardik Parikh, MBBS, MS [Ophthal], FAICO [LASIK]

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Sunday, May 08, 2022

Ways to cover medical expenses - How have you covered yourself and family?

There are multiple ways to cover for medical expenses. How have you covered yourself and family?

Share your thoughts.
I am sure there would also be some #comment saying I do not believe in #mediclaim insurance policy


Someone also saying not yet covered or looking for cover.

#riskmanagement #financialplanning #financialfreedom

Tejas Shah
Priy-Anka Acharya
Kirtan A Shah
Tajinder Singh Nagpal ,CFP
Bajaj Allianz General Insurance


Saturday, May 07, 2022

World Password day - reminder for keeping personal digital data safe

Happy World Password day. Every first thursday in May, is world password day and is a good reminder on digital assets and information safety.

In this digital and online virtual world, your password is key to insides of your own world, one which is 'you', personal and private.

_Keep password long (8 or more characters)
_Keep password not common (name,birthday etc)
_Keep password multi character (alphanumeric with special character and 1 caps letter)
_Keep it multi linguistic,if available
_if it is important and confidential, DO NOT save password
_Use different passwords for different accounts, do not repeat the same passwords
_Change your passwords regularly
_2 factor authentification is amazing introduction and always use it

I am not a digital expert, but data concious and believer and promoter of data privacy, and above are some of my learnings.

Kindly share your experiences and tips on the same.

#digital #dataprivacy #financialfreedom #financialplanning #fintech

Thursday, May 05, 2022

How to create all weather portfolio?

There are 2 pics posted.

Pic 1 shows a strong tree standing tall,branches spreading accross.

Pic 2 shows the real strength of strong looking tree.

Without strong roots, deep rooted under the ground, however tall and strong the tree may have grown, it's sustanability is always under threat.

Similarly, any large portfolio, however good returns it may be showing, it remains sustainable only when -

_approach towards money is well thought off and personalised
_there is a process followed
_a customised strategy is laid down

Only then your portfolio gives you peace and strength as investor to weather any market shocks and storms.

Keep it simple.
Seasons will come and go, tree needs to keep growing and give fruits.

#financialplanning #financialfreedom #mutualfunds #financialplanner #investingforbeginners

How to create all weather portfolio?

There are 2 pics posted.

Pic 1 shows a strong tree standing tall,branches spreading accross.

Pic 2 shows the real strength of strong looking tree.

Without strong roots, deep rooted under the ground, however tall and strong the tree may have grown, it's sustanability is always under threat.

Similarly, any large portfolio, however good returns it may be showing, it remains sustainable only when -

_approach towards money is well thought off and personalised
_there is a process followed
_a customised strategy is laid down

Only then your portfolio gives you peace and strength as investor to weather any market shocks and storms.

Keep it simple.
Seasons will come and go, tree needs to keep growing and give fruits.

#financialplanning #financialfreedom #mutualfunds #financialplanner #investingforbeginners

Wednesday, May 04, 2022

RBI shocks Markets - announces repo rate hike by 40 bps and CRR by 50 bps

And the expectation has come true... market shocked about untimed surprise, but this was coming and expected.

This is going to and genuinly needs re-look at your investments.

Would lead to 

_equity down
_bonds rate down (debt funds NAV down)
_should also impact real estate in medium to longterm.
_gold could be some saviour
_FDs and bonds could be back as investment products (for large part of DIY and unadvised clients especially)

What are your thoughts?
Agree ?

#comment #rbipolicy #financialplanning #financialplanner #financialfreedom #inflation

Know Less spoken Real LIC, before LIC IPO

Don't miss this-This is real LIC- Lot of advisors and investors are missing this about #licipo, while evaluating the company.

Majority of us know LIC as a insurance comapny, do keep in mind, LIC is a Financial company which includes following subsidiaries and Insurance business -

_LIC housing finance @lichousingfinance
_LIC Mutual Fund @licmutualfunds
_LIC Cards services @liccards
_LIC International LLP (foreign entity)
_IDBI bank (majorly LIC-51% stake), remember LIC bailed IDBI out, in very difficult times with government pressure
_LIC of India (insurance company which most of recorgnize LIC company as)
_LIC Pension funds

Lot of investors and advisors miss the wholesome perspective, and If anyone here is, this information would add value before deciding for IPO and beyond.

IDBI bank stake reduction is waiting since long.

ALSO, LIC is a multi asset index investment for me.

LIC has investments in 3 varied asset classes-
A- Equity
B- Debt
C- Real estate

A lot of value unlocking is also in the waiting from real estate assets.

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My Perspective. - part 2

Does this help?

Monday, April 25, 2022

If only I knew this, I would have taken the job offered then

'If only I knew this is going to come, I would have accepted the job that was offered then' - said a dear friend of mine, when we met last week.

In November,2019 he decided to start enterprenuership journey after education completion.

Started approaching aggressively looking for referals and orders in schools.

Got his first order in Mid January, 2020, took loan of 35 lac to execute, was ready with the material to be supplied by March 20 which he was to supply on March,25 2020 and #pandemic set in.

This friend, now has loan of 35 lacs, material ready worth 40 lacs ,EMI to service and in july, 2020 took a job, to be able to service the loan.

And, last week when we met he said, 'If only I knew this is going to come, I would have accepted the job that was offered then'.

Yes, I understand no one knows when there is going to be medical emergency, big health issue, accident, job loss, income break, unplanned expense, loss in investments, earthquake, loss of dear ones, .... and so on, but 1 thing is always known.... 'change'.

Life is ever changing, at time in next second or next day, thousands of things are not known, but atleast there are some things that are known and will never ever go any where.

You know, there could be emergency.

Once you marry, you know you have joint responsibilities of each other.
etc etc....

Prepare for what is known, and life could be much simpler and happier to live.

Agree ?
Share your thoughts?
let this messege reach your dear ones.

#keepitsimple #financialplanning #financialplanner #financialfreedom #insurance

Monday, April 11, 2022

Investing made simple?

What do you do when your cost increases and your growth % reduces ?

That is exactly what RBI indicated last week in their statements for India.

Inflation expectation (rise in living cost) is moved up to 5.7% for FY 22-23, from 5.5% last indicated and GDP growth expected is moved down to 7.2% for current financial year from 7.8% forecasted earlier.

This means Growth pace is expected to reduce directly or indirectly because of input cost increase, which means profitability over all reduces.

At a general level, is this indication on what to do with equity investments?

More so over, interest cost is also expected to increase, so cash / liquidity available will have higher value.

Isn't investing simple?

#keepitsimple #investorawareness #financialfreedom #investingforbeginners #financialplanning

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

How policy holders and investors are fooled in the name of 'guaranteed' by insurance companies, bank RMs and agents - Beware.

'Guaranteed Income plan',
'Guaranteed return plan',
'Guaranteed Insurance Plan'

Psychologically any word or words used after word 'guaranteed', is read with 'trust' and 'assurance' / 'suriety'. (it literally blindfolds the mind to read and evaluate further).

Yes Income may be guaranteed. - pay for 6 yrs . and get XYZ income guranteed from 8th to 20th year, plus a lumsum in 20th year.

Yes Return may be guaranteed - pay 1lac pa. for 15 years and get guaranteed return of Rs 2 lac pa. from 20yr.onwards for life.  (some schemes gurantee return of premiumafter some period)

Yes Insurance us Guaranteed - Isn't insurance company liable to pay on claim? yes, insurance is guaranteed.

But, investors get tricked with such words.

NOTE - #investorawareness

1_ The difference between income (amount) and returns (%) (any sujectivity involved)
2_ always check the taxability of regular return or income (tax free or tax applicable? or subjective)
3_ The Guarantee is mostly about getting 'cashflows' reguarly for specified peried of time
4_ Always check % returns when the amount is guaranteed as cashflows
5_ Be aware enough to remain concious from cashflow usage when you are actually receiving it - is it going to suffice the need (beating inflation) (if your monthly expense is 70000 pm currently and if you would receive 2 lac pa after 20 yrs., mind you it is not even going to last for 10 after 20 yrs.)

Simple is keep insurance and investments separate, unless you are fully aware what you are doing or have some neutral financial expert to guide you to buy it.

I always tell this -

_'be extra cautious' and ask more questions,
_never decide immediately or at last moment, and
_always ask for written brochures and illustrations and once received first look at disclaimers and assumptions (from find tab)
_and last but not least consult a neutral financial expert to evaluate what is on offer,
_PLUS always check suitability of tax applicability or advantage that is been offered. (yes, I have seen agents and bank RMs saying tax saving,but for so many clients they had already crossed their 80c limits)

#keepitsimple #insurance #financialplanning #financialfreedom #financialplanner

Friday, March 25, 2022

What does this Real Estate news mean for you ? Test of Times-360 degree analysis.

Insiders tell me that due to sharp increase in raw material prices, real estate developers and builders are on the verge of slowing down or even stop work for 3 to 6 months, especially this information is in Maharashtra.

What does this mean, if it happens on ground?

A- For investors who have 2nd property and given on rent - be joyous - your rental income could grow faster and for 1 to 2 additional years with consistency.

B- For investors living on rent - Work more and hard - rental outflow will put more pressure on your cash outflow and personal family inflation.

C- For investors who have booked under construction property - you may miss your capital gain , tax advantage window which could result in higher cash outflow and so higher home buy cost then originally calculated. Secondly, we if you have opted for loan, and if builder is of loose and less financially strong, you uave some tough time to tackle their demand notices, which may reach to legale notices.
CA. Anand Lunkar
D- If you are looking to sell your Old property - joy - depending upon demand, very high chances that your old property may get sold faster and at higher rates then assumed.

E- If you are a developer / builder - testing times - ensure you are funded well and keep up with promises - after all tough times, separates trust worthy real estate developers . Plus keep suppliers and buyers well engaged with transparent communication and ears to what their heart is saying. New sales could take a hit, you may have to extend time lines with RERA, and disbursements on laons could become challenge (for your business as well as from home buyers who have booked in your project).If you are well funded, focus on delivery of project in hand, rather then launching new.
Sharad Kumar 
F- If you are a real estate advisor / agent - mixed time - your processes and skills of understanding of clients needs will be tested.
Ashwin Ramchandani  
G- If you are loan provider or advisor - tough times, learn new skill- Regular and non-technical engagement with clients and understand real estate while you are already expert in financial technicalities.
What say ?
Ashish Singodia   
H- If you are financial planner, advisor, wealth manager, portfolio manager - be prepared for un planned withdrawal requests.
Kirtan A Shah    
I- If you are investor in any real estate stock - revisit the books and deep dive the fundamentals of the company.

J- If you are thinking to enter real estate stock- keep your analysis ready and ears near to ground to enter in right stock.
Madhvendra .
This will directly lead to cost push for each of the groups.

NOTE - interest rates are also expected to rise this year.

#realestate #homebuyers #financialplanning #financialplanner

Your views would mean a lot for the industry and consumers - #comment
Bhavin Kothari      
Nirav Saraiya


Thursday, March 24, 2022

What kind of Tax saver Investor you are ?

There are 'tax over concious investors', who see everything from tax angle first, and take decisions based in the same. (example - a friend was talking that he bought a insurance policy last year to save in taxes 7 yrs back,but then realised it was a mistake)

There are investors who are 'least concious of tax', who decide or not do anything from tax angle. (a business person I know, is so busy in deal making that he has paid zero advance tax and zero tax saving for current year and today is 24th March)

Which side you are ?

Let me clarify, this conciousness is not about knowledge but about 'action'.

#comment #tax #financialplanning #financialplanner #investingforbeginners

My Financial planning clients 7 years experience shared by him

Clients CA representative - Sir we see that there is tax liability in 2 family memebers file, but we can help you save tax.
We can offer you good insurance product, or help you open Retirement pension account which will help you during retirement, and also save on tax.

My Client's response - Mail the options with details and brochures and then talk to my Financial planner VIRESH PATEL CFP CM 👪 . Once he understands and approves we can go ahead.

My Client to me - After meeting you I have understood the importance of working with specialised experts for every aspect of money management, and that every aspect should go under your eyes.

You are my one point contact for everything of my personal financial life.

I have understood that a professional is called a professional, not because of the certification,but because of the specialisation they offer doing and applying what they have learned , repeatedly by practicing the same, day in, day out.

Myself to my 7 year client - This is my fees, you earn a discount on your next year renewal Sir.

#financialplanning #financialplanner #financialfreedom #professionals #moneymanagement

Thursday, March 17, 2022

What type of Investor you are ? This defines your returns.

Kind of Investor ? - First be clear - you are a trader or investor, and it is not even crime to define yourself and both, but be clear on this. If both, the set the limits for each and remain on track within set limits.

Jumping between this always ends up being dangerous, more risk and mostly in losses.

#keepitsimple #investingforbeginners #investorawareness #financialfreedom #financialplanning

image credit - 


Saturday, March 12, 2022

Most important skill of financial planner

Biggest Skill of a good financial planner / advisor is ' skill to understand and make clients understand ', and technical skills are given.

Compare this with _ a good cardiologist needs to calm the patient and give confidence to sleep on the operation table, and certifications of MBBS, Cardiology MS,  etc is given.

This generally is either inborn skill or acquired skill over period of time.

Hope this is clear for all aspiring #financialplanners.

Without people skills, technical skills become just unsharpen tools.

If you are interested to join with this background understanding, DM and we can workout for your #financialplanning growth together.

#keepitsimple #financialfreedom #investingforbeginners  

Thursday, March 10, 2022

Should I buy these at Dip ? - ' dip investing strategy '

'Should I buy at dip ?', - one of my friends sent me this 'dip investing' picture and sent some scripts alongwith the same.

'Buy when everyone is fearful and when there is fall from highs' , is right, but please understand we do not buy price, we buy valuable businesses.

Not all company's (scripts) has value to buy even after 90% 'dip'. For example, ' UNITECH ' was at 444+ in 2007 and fell to below 10 in 2008-09, never rose. (currently @2.50)

Not everything that dips is to be bought.Not everything is worth investing even in good times.Proper research is always needed before buy, with right understanding and after detailed suitability test.

For every successful example, there are lot of failure stories, which are to be learnt and understood to be successful. It is good to know about infosys and cici success stories, but would be better to know such unitech stories as well.

#investing #investingforbeginners #personalfinance #financialplanning #financialplanner

Wednesday, March 09, 2022

Is your investing strategy time tested ?

If you as equity trader / investor do not have tried and time tested strategies, your confidence is bound to shake and subjected to question mark.

Forget an investor, even advisors need to have time tested strategies alongwith personal skills to help their clients tide over and come out as clear winner.

This is simple reason why experienced advisors have higher demand.

(not only in personal finance, but even business finance, even medicine, dietician, physical training, yoga,  business coach etc)

#keepitsimple #investingforbeginners #financialplanning #financialplanner #financialfreedom

Credit - the screeshot in picture is taken from today's moneycontrol article.

Saturday, March 05, 2022

CAUTION - How does 20% - 30% down from it's top calls for a 'BUY' ?

You must have surely come accross one if the 'reels' or videos or social media post of stocks available at 20% to 30% correction or fall from it's high or peak or top.

Value is derived from either -

- current price as compared to it's current cash flow and current profits


-current price as compared to futrue cash flow and profit outlook for the future


-combination of both

So for me, if any stock is a 'buy' which passes one or both of these criteria's.

Everything else is immaterial.

Be it 'Zomato', or 'Tata Steel' or 'TCS', 'HUL' , 'ONGC', 'Reliance' or 'L&T' - this is simple criteria.

(ofcourse there are multiple ratios and formulas to arrive at the above criterias and then ones consent on own reports and readings)

30% or 50 % fall from the top may just send an alert under 'have a look' or 'keep a watch' only if it falls under abovesaid criteria.

So do not get enticed by headlines of 20%-40% down from top or peak.

#keepitsimple #investingforbeginners #financialplanning #financialplanner #wealthmanagement  

Thursday, March 03, 2022

Now buy top US listed stocks from India - NSC IFSC starts US stocks today

Why buy from US when you can now buy US stocks from India? Starting today, you can now buy US top 50 (limited to 8 today) stocks from NSE through it's International Exchange (IFSC), by opening you trading account via one of the registered brokers.

(the lsit and trading terminal screenshot in the picture)

Here is list of stocks which will be available to trade and it's ratios (yes, unsponsored depository receipts will be issued) -

(click to check the list and it's ratios)
List of Top US stocks available to trade in NSE IFSC international exchange

To know the list of registered brokers, click here -

List of Registered Brokers on NSE IFSC for US stocks in India

If you are interested in knowing more, comment your queries and I will write a separate detailed one on the same covering your queries.

#usstocks #nse #financialplanning #financialplanner #comment

Wednesday, March 02, 2022

'I am prepared' - Can I say this today if Ukraine-Russia like situation happens in India someday?

How can I sustain, if this happens in India someday? Those who learn and act to change from situations and mistakes always find them in better situations, even in worst and unthoughtful conditions and in good time as well.

Lot of us have received links, pictures ,memes, whats app messages, articles etc like this (attached in pics).

Yes, proud to be indian and yes it calls for concious application to use and/or shift towards #upi and #rupay usage.

The question here is about how to be self - reliant (#atmanirbhar) on keeping liquid money which is usable in every condition and this Ukraine-Russia war has triggered this question.

I believe and hence put this point forward that this calls for a overall look at once investments and asset allocation  and ask oneself - 'can I or how can I sustain ,if this happens in India someday?'

The question is not only about banking and currency and the way to use it, but how liquid and well diversified is my investment?

Majority of Indians investments are into Fixed deposits, Banks, Insurance policy's , government savings instruments, corporate bonds and real estate. (more then 90%). (some other article on how liquid they are)

What is liquidable immediately, although in such situations it may bring some loss, but is it liquidable?

This is not only question about how to use cash or how to apply banking facilities, but more to do with liquidity.

Above all the majority investments, please be aware and ensure that real estate investments are most illiquidable and more then 70% of tax payers have #realestate as major holding in their #networth.

It's not that one should not invest in real estate, just that it is time to conciously question -'Will I be able to sustain, if this happens in India someday?'.

Lot of people may think I am talking something which is not even 1% posibility, some may say I am talking too negative, but think about family.

Liquidity is important aspect while choosing #investing.

After all when the time is good, you should least get disturbed with such question and remain positive and focused and just respond yourself - 'I am prepared'.

What have you done to say yourself 'I am prepared'? 

#financialplanning #financialplanner #financialfreedom #couplesgoals

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Link your PAN to your LIC policy here

Link your PAN with your LIC policy. #licipo

Link your PAN to LIC policy here

Disclaimer - Do not consider this as recomendation or advise to subscribe for the IPO

#lic #financialplanning #financialplanner #financialfreedom #investingforbeginners

Is this market fall short term like one in March,2020? Should I take entry that I have been waiting for ?

" Viresh, I do not want to miss the chance like I missed in March,2020 " - said one of my friend upon a tele talk today.

Entry Point - choose how ?

If you are one who is waiting for the fall to enter largecap stocks, here is breakup of Top Nifty50 stocks

A- which fell the most (even 10%)
B-which fell the least (less then 0.5%)

(Note the difference in fall %)

Which ones would you prefer to enter?
Which ones would you keep close watch on?
How would you choose?


would you prefer largecap #mutualfund to enter ? (again which one and how?)


Index ETF to enter ?

Plus when ?
is this the time like March,2020 which is short term fall and then immediate rise?
or should you wait for the market to stabalize?

#investingforbeginners  #financialplanning #financialfreedom #couplesgoals

Image Credit - moneycontrol app

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Luring 'EXPERTS' advise on TCS buyback offer to investors - Be Aware

So many investors got excited on advise by there friends and brokers on TCS buyback.

What was the offer?

_buy TCS shares at market price before 21st Feb.,2022 (say @3800)

_give all shares to co. under their buy-back offer (offer price @4500)

_40% avg.may be accepted @4500 each under buy back

_hold or sell balance (60%)

_profit between 6% to 16% depending upon price shown and leveraged or non-leveraged (as presented by thise advisors to many investors)

So many investors think this is pure profit of 6% to 16% in 45-90 days.

A-lot of investors were not aware and not connect on % buyback acceptance ratio i.e. not all shares will be accepted @4500 meaning some share bought @3700-@3800 range will still remain with them.

B-Lots of them were not able to connect with the fact that if markets go down and if the share price of TCS goes down there overall profitability will go down.

Example to understand point B-

_buy price 3800 -10 shares so amount invested Rs 38000.

_say acceptance ratio is 40% so you will get Rs.4500 each for 4 shares accepted.
(Means you received Rs.18000)

_6 shares post buy back remain with you at Market price then

Check 2 sample scenarios in attched Pictures to understand better.

Out of 100 calls, I only suggested 3 to do this. (good understanding, ther risk profile, holding period and time and effort)

This was one of many such schemes floated by 'EXPERTS'.

#tcs #buyback #financialplanner #financialplanning #financialfreedom

Word of Caution for Investors from National Stock Exchange (NSE)

Word of caution from #nse.
When the going is good everything and everyone looks performing, expert and easy and during good times lot of 'success stories' do the rounds.

Only when they are time and service tested one realises the difference between sustainable and fly by night.

#beware #financialplanning #financialplanner #financialfreedom

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Smart with Zero balance savings account or Online balance in ecommerce apps ? How you manage ?

Lot of us went for 'ZERO' balance savings account to keep money liquidity and probably gain more, right?

Most of us today have balances in ecommerce sites and apps or credit points in exchange of materials returned.

How smartly you use this money?

Instead of credit cards lot of us freeze money in pre-paid wallets and apps.

Which app you have balance in?

#onlineshopping #cashflowmanagement #financialplanning #financialfreedom #couplesgoals

image credit - ceo world magazine 

Friday, February 18, 2022

Financial Planning - Financial Freedom - The real meaning.

Lot of us would have borrowed and/or copied project journals and submitted. (study shows very higher number)

But, when it comes to expressing love through writing letters and journals, each one writes in her/his own words.

Emotions are personal, technicals can be borrowed and learnt.

Similarly, Financial Plan in my belief is more to do with emotions (life,self,family,society and freedom) and very little technical, and hence each one needs to write and have their own #financialplan.

A financial plan is all about achievements, success , overcoming fears, emotions behind money, being in control, gaining clarity continuously working to live life on own terms, and making money work for you to be able to do that for you.Letting you choose what and how of making best of time in your hand and living the life fullest. That's #financialfreedom ,not one day, but today, this very moment.It's about letting you take decisions with clarity and taking people together.

Financial Freedom, is so much about giving (time, expertise, money, efforts) and less of getting. 

Would love to hear your views. Agree?

#financialplanning #couplesgoals #financialindependence

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

How investors get trapped- current headlines is superb example?

1- Biggest fall in markets seen in last 10 months.

2- Bloodbath in markets
3- Midcap down 11% from highs
4- Bank Nifty down 14% from highs
5- BSE cos.lost market cap of 9 lac crore in one single day
6- Nifty down 532 points

and such more.

It is something like, you had once bought potato @65 and now available @54.

I am sure we all know that the original normal per kg potato price is in and around 30. (an example)

Consider this as reminder that reasons could be anything, valuation and risk is 90%+ times the decision maker.

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14% down from it's top
90000 lac cr lost

Friday, February 11, 2022

Thinking of subscribing to LIC IPO- consider this.

Investing in companies like LIC , HDFC Mutual Fund, SBI Life insurance etc? Just think about this aspect.

Where does LIC, HDFC AMC, SBI life insurance and such companies invest?

Diversification and Minimum Duplication is one of the key elements while preparing list of investments and ensure this does not get ignored while you are choosing to invest in these companies.

Let me explain.
Mr. Shah has Reliance Industries, ITC, L & T industries, TCS, HDFC bank shares in his portfolio.

Over this also has investments in Axis Bluechip, SBI Focused fund and HDFC Top 100 mutual fund schemes in debt category and HDFC corportae bond fund, IDFC GILT fund, Kotak Ultra short term fund and ABSL dynamic bond fund under debt category.

The portfolio is big and pretty much concentrated to these funds.

Now he asked his advisor, should I buy HDFC AMC shares, SBI Life insurance , HDFC Life insurance shares and should I subscribe to LIC IPO?, and the amount is again lump sum and big.

To my understanding this should increase concentration risk and deviate from diversification basiscs and increase duplication.

Please understand, LIC of India, SBI Life Insurance, HDFC Life insurance , or any AMC (asset management co.) ,is again investing in the same companies which Mr.Shah is already having exposure to.Check the level and weightages at overall portfolio level.

Read diversifying definition carefully.

Choose carefully. #keepitsimple

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Thursday, February 10, 2022

RULE No.1 for anyone while preparing and tracking investing strategy

Never forget rule no.1
Capital return, is more important then Return on capital (which may be no 2 priority) while setting investment strategy.

No confusion. #keepitsimple

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Monday, January 24, 2022

When to revisit your investment strategy?

'Bloodbaath on dalal street'- if this disturbed you, or if today's fall disturbed you because of the loss you see in your investments you need to revisit your investment strategy.

Was this not known?

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Saturday, January 22, 2022

Majority and even your wealth has a impact by this Supreme court ruling

This impacts high % of Indians networth and wealth, including yours, and is a decision which has retrospective impact to properties transfer disputes or pending even before 1956.

Networth management and transfer is a a continuous process independent of age, wealthy or middle class, salaried or business or professional, big family or nuclear, beginner or matured or retired - and with returns, expenses, insurances, investments , loans and liabilities, income growth etc this also, cannot be ignored.

My take is, once anyone has opened a bank account, one needs to have a WILL.

#wealth can be managed, operated and transfered via multiple ways like gift deed, POA, joint or single bank account holding, proper nominations, trust deed, WILL , seperation agreement (family or divorce) etc which, when and how to choose and apply is always individualistic, depending upon why and what.

Simple, there are ways, point is how serious and committed you are for your hard earned money to work for you as you intend and need ?

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Image credit and reference - Hindustan Times news on recent Supreme court ruling. 

Friday, January 21, 2022

Find answer to this question first, before searching for answer on where to invest

CEO of  Mirae Asset Investment Managers (India)  shared this - for first time and seasoned investors equally.

'Before looking for answer on where to invest, first lookout for answer on why to invest'

'Everybody has a different why'

"there is no difference for retail investors and rich or wealthy investors - today every opportunity is available for each investor.'

Beauty of Investing is that there is always product available to follow and satisfy your why.

Appreciate Swarup Mohanty , for sharing this so simply and coming from you with experience.

Appreciate CIEL - Center For Investment Education and Learning for facilitating such session.

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Thursday, January 20, 2022

Budget 22 expectation to save on tax by Salaried employee

What would you prefer from BUDGET 2022 ?

For a salaried employee more cash in hand and less tax is important.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Continuous Learning is best Investment and highly ignored

Continuous learning need not be just lip service, but to make it part of personal and professional growth. More so over, learning and sharing with the community and growing together gives another high.

Needless to say, with this in DNA, it also helps passing professional #CFP certification regulatory requirements as well to gain CPE points as part of holding and renewing the professional certificate of CFP year on year as mandated by Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd., and FPSB Ltd. - India (LO) .

Not only attended, but also successfully passing the tests to gain this certificate. Appreciate and gratitude to the team members of Network FP to conduct such a professional event.

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Secret to apply financial information or headline numbers to your advantage

News - 'XYZ' delivered 30% CAGR returns since Jan, 2015 (7 years)

Truth - 'Anything that is compared during it's peak or in bull market will always lift the average up and it never stays up, infact upside only comes after a bad phase'

Action or how to apply this-

Always see 'downside' and downside period & then upside and upside period and check the range , plus check how it has done in down time and uptime and then what is current time ? (uptime or downtime) AND then see if matches your risk profile, your liquidity needs and beats your inflation.

Everything else, then would follow and then decision and action time.

Keep it simple.

What say ?

Kirtan A Shah
Priya Krishnamoorthy 
Shreyans Shah  
Madhvendra .    
Anagh Pal     
CA Yogesh Awasthi 🇮🇳   
Vipul Prasad        

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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

What would be your action after reading this headlines ?

What would you do, after reading 2 headlines as below-

1- Blackstone exited and sold it's stake in Mindspace REIT

2-Middle East sovereign fund Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) took about 9% stake into Mindspace REIT thru' a bulk deal today.

Is this news leading to action and if yes, what should be the action?

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Sunday, January 09, 2022

Financial Freedom in real sense ?

How about 3 in one planning?

A- Ideal Home to stay plan,

B-That serves as part of Financial Freedom in it's true sense (and not just financial plan),

C-Contributing to Environment by building sustainability.

A client of mine told me rather then pending bomb on home which is not sustainable, has more negative longterm impact then positive and also impacts health negatively, I would like to reverse all of this.

He sent me this article today. (regularly sends me such articles). (Click on link provided at the end)

What are your thoughts?

Sharad Kumar 
Kunal Sawant 
Piyussh A Shah  
Ashish Singodia   
Ruparanjan Mohapatra    
NaReSh JoGu      (already implemented)
Bhavin Kothari      
Vinay Desai       
Divyashikha Gupta        
Kirtan A Shah         
Ashish Jhanjee          
Falak Lokhandwala           
Alkesh Patel            
Yash Patel             
Jesse J             
Sharad Kumar             
GAURAV BHOSLE                  
Dr.Vinita P. Kadam  Physiotherapist - Hotelier                  
Subhajit Mukherjee   
Mahesh Thawani  
Urvish Sanghvi  
Vibhav Kulkarni   
Abhijeet Zagade   

Gopal Jhaveri

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Self Sustained home

Saturday, January 08, 2022

General basic but specific factors to consider and rank before going to buy a home

Following are specific but general criterias, when one looks to buy a home to stay -

A-Environment (light, air, sound, cleaniliness etc).

B-Space comfort (inside and outside).

C-Amenities and facilities (within and around the society).

D-Type of society construction, kind of people in society and builder quality.

E-Social Circle around.

F-Time of travel (proximity to comfort), like school, office, college, relatives, and to public transport and other utilities like hospitals etc systems.)

G- other needs (floor preference, snr.citizen area or comfort, jodi flats,)

Ofcourse, within budgeted range. (goes without saying) (this plus, E & F defines your location preferences and at times even A)

What else you think one must see as important criteria to buy home?

What have I missed?

What is your preference number (top 5)?

Ashish Singodia
Piyussh A Shah 
Sharad Kumar  
CA Yogesh Awasthi 🇮🇳   
Ruparanjan Mohapatra    
Madhur Gundecha     
Kirtan A Shah      
Madhvendra .       
Shrey Jain        
Alkesh Patel        
Ashish Jhanjee           
Deepika Saraf           
Tapan Shah            
Jaiyy Kumar Pathak
Falak Lokhandwala
Kunal Sawant  
Vinay Desai   
Kriti Belwal  




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Friday, January 07, 2022

Free Financial information based on google SEO could be deteimental to your growth

Take 'free' information with a pinch of salt and one needs to know to filter the #google seo information right.

What is coming to your inbox could be detrimental to your growth.

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Saturday, January 01, 2022

Welcome Action Year 2022

Welcome 'Action' year, 2022.

Actions are differentiator between Wishes and Fulfillments.

Sidhi baat, No Bakwas.

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