Sunday, January 09, 2022

Financial Freedom in real sense ?

How about 3 in one planning?

A- Ideal Home to stay plan,

B-That serves as part of Financial Freedom in it's true sense (and not just financial plan),

C-Contributing to Environment by building sustainability.

A client of mine told me rather then pending bomb on home which is not sustainable, has more negative longterm impact then positive and also impacts health negatively, I would like to reverse all of this.

He sent me this article today. (regularly sends me such articles). (Click on link provided at the end)

What are your thoughts?

Sharad Kumar 
Kunal Sawant 
Piyussh A Shah  
Ashish Singodia   
Ruparanjan Mohapatra    
NaReSh JoGu      (already implemented)
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Divyashikha Gupta        
Kirtan A Shah         
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Alkesh Patel            
Yash Patel             
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Sharad Kumar             
GAURAV BHOSLE                  
Dr.Vinita P. Kadam  Physiotherapist - Hotelier                  
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Self Sustained home

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