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General basic but specific factors to consider and rank before going to buy a home

Following are specific but general criterias, when one looks to buy a home to stay -

A-Environment (light, air, sound, cleaniliness etc).

B-Space comfort (inside and outside).

C-Amenities and facilities (within and around the society).

D-Type of society construction, kind of people in society and builder quality.

E-Social Circle around.

F-Time of travel (proximity to comfort), like school, office, college, relatives, and to public transport and other utilities like hospitals etc systems.)

G- other needs (floor preference, snr.citizen area or comfort, jodi flats,)

Ofcourse, within budgeted range. (goes without saying) (this plus, E & F defines your location preferences and at times even A)

What else you think one must see as important criteria to buy home?

What have I missed?

What is your preference number (top 5)?

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