Saturday, January 22, 2022

Majority and even your wealth has a impact by this Supreme court ruling

This impacts high % of Indians networth and wealth, including yours, and is a decision which has retrospective impact to properties transfer disputes or pending even before 1956.

Networth management and transfer is a a continuous process independent of age, wealthy or middle class, salaried or business or professional, big family or nuclear, beginner or matured or retired - and with returns, expenses, insurances, investments , loans and liabilities, income growth etc this also, cannot be ignored.

My take is, once anyone has opened a bank account, one needs to have a WILL.

#wealth can be managed, operated and transfered via multiple ways like gift deed, POA, joint or single bank account holding, proper nominations, trust deed, WILL , seperation agreement (family or divorce) etc which, when and how to choose and apply is always individualistic, depending upon why and what.

Simple, there are ways, point is how serious and committed you are for your hard earned money to work for you as you intend and need ?

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Image credit and reference - Hindustan Times news on recent Supreme court ruling. 

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