Thursday, February 24, 2022

Link your PAN to your LIC policy here

Link your PAN with your LIC policy. #licipo

Link your PAN to LIC policy here

Disclaimer - Do not consider this as recomendation or advise to subscribe for the IPO

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Is this market fall short term like one in March,2020? Should I take entry that I have been waiting for ?

" Viresh, I do not want to miss the chance like I missed in March,2020 " - said one of my friend upon a tele talk today.

Entry Point - choose how ?

If you are one who is waiting for the fall to enter largecap stocks, here is breakup of Top Nifty50 stocks

A- which fell the most (even 10%)
B-which fell the least (less then 0.5%)

(Note the difference in fall %)

Which ones would you prefer to enter?
Which ones would you keep close watch on?
How would you choose?


would you prefer largecap #mutualfund to enter ? (again which one and how?)


Index ETF to enter ?

Plus when ?
is this the time like March,2020 which is short term fall and then immediate rise?
or should you wait for the market to stabalize?

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Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Luring 'EXPERTS' advise on TCS buyback offer to investors - Be Aware

So many investors got excited on advise by there friends and brokers on TCS buyback.

What was the offer?

_buy TCS shares at market price before 21st Feb.,2022 (say @3800)

_give all shares to co. under their buy-back offer (offer price @4500)

_40% avg.may be accepted @4500 each under buy back

_hold or sell balance (60%)

_profit between 6% to 16% depending upon price shown and leveraged or non-leveraged (as presented by thise advisors to many investors)

So many investors think this is pure profit of 6% to 16% in 45-90 days.

A-lot of investors were not aware and not connect on % buyback acceptance ratio i.e. not all shares will be accepted @4500 meaning some share bought @3700-@3800 range will still remain with them.

B-Lots of them were not able to connect with the fact that if markets go down and if the share price of TCS goes down there overall profitability will go down.

Example to understand point B-

_buy price 3800 -10 shares so amount invested Rs 38000.

_say acceptance ratio is 40% so you will get Rs.4500 each for 4 shares accepted.
(Means you received Rs.18000)

_6 shares post buy back remain with you at Market price then

Check 2 sample scenarios in attched Pictures to understand better.

Out of 100 calls, I only suggested 3 to do this. (good understanding, ther risk profile, holding period and time and effort)

This was one of many such schemes floated by 'EXPERTS'.

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Word of Caution for Investors from National Stock Exchange (NSE)

Word of caution from #nse.
When the going is good everything and everyone looks performing, expert and easy and during good times lot of 'success stories' do the rounds.

Only when they are time and service tested one realises the difference between sustainable and fly by night.

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Saturday, February 19, 2022

Smart with Zero balance savings account or Online balance in ecommerce apps ? How you manage ?

Lot of us went for 'ZERO' balance savings account to keep money liquidity and probably gain more, right?

Most of us today have balances in ecommerce sites and apps or credit points in exchange of materials returned.

How smartly you use this money?

Instead of credit cards lot of us freeze money in pre-paid wallets and apps.

Which app you have balance in?

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Friday, February 18, 2022

Financial Planning - Financial Freedom - The real meaning.

Lot of us would have borrowed and/or copied project journals and submitted. (study shows very higher number)

But, when it comes to expressing love through writing letters and journals, each one writes in her/his own words.

Emotions are personal, technicals can be borrowed and learnt.

Similarly, Financial Plan in my belief is more to do with emotions (life,self,family,society and freedom) and very little technical, and hence each one needs to write and have their own #financialplan.

A financial plan is all about achievements, success , overcoming fears, emotions behind money, being in control, gaining clarity continuously working to live life on own terms, and making money work for you to be able to do that for you.Letting you choose what and how of making best of time in your hand and living the life fullest. That's #financialfreedom ,not one day, but today, this very moment.It's about letting you take decisions with clarity and taking people together.

Financial Freedom, is so much about giving (time, expertise, money, efforts) and less of getting. 

Would love to hear your views. Agree?

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Tuesday, February 15, 2022

How investors get trapped- current headlines is superb example?

1- Biggest fall in markets seen in last 10 months.

2- Bloodbath in markets
3- Midcap down 11% from highs
4- Bank Nifty down 14% from highs
5- BSE cos.lost market cap of 9 lac crore in one single day
6- Nifty down 532 points

and such more.

It is something like, you had once bought potato @65 and now available @54.

I am sure we all know that the original normal per kg potato price is in and around 30. (an example)

Consider this as reminder that reasons could be anything, valuation and risk is 90%+ times the decision maker.

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14% down from it's top
90000 lac cr lost

Friday, February 11, 2022

Thinking of subscribing to LIC IPO- consider this.

Investing in companies like LIC , HDFC Mutual Fund, SBI Life insurance etc? Just think about this aspect.

Where does LIC, HDFC AMC, SBI life insurance and such companies invest?

Diversification and Minimum Duplication is one of the key elements while preparing list of investments and ensure this does not get ignored while you are choosing to invest in these companies.

Let me explain.
Mr. Shah has Reliance Industries, ITC, L & T industries, TCS, HDFC bank shares in his portfolio.

Over this also has investments in Axis Bluechip, SBI Focused fund and HDFC Top 100 mutual fund schemes in debt category and HDFC corportae bond fund, IDFC GILT fund, Kotak Ultra short term fund and ABSL dynamic bond fund under debt category.

The portfolio is big and pretty much concentrated to these funds.

Now he asked his advisor, should I buy HDFC AMC shares, SBI Life insurance , HDFC Life insurance shares and should I subscribe to LIC IPO?, and the amount is again lump sum and big.

To my understanding this should increase concentration risk and deviate from diversification basiscs and increase duplication.

Please understand, LIC of India, SBI Life Insurance, HDFC Life insurance , or any AMC (asset management co.) ,is again investing in the same companies which Mr.Shah is already having exposure to.Check the level and weightages at overall portfolio level.

Read diversifying definition carefully.

Choose carefully. #keepitsimple

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Thursday, February 10, 2022

RULE No.1 for anyone while preparing and tracking investing strategy

Never forget rule no.1
Capital return, is more important then Return on capital (which may be no 2 priority) while setting investment strategy.

No confusion. #keepitsimple

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