Friday, February 18, 2022

Financial Planning - Financial Freedom - The real meaning.

Lot of us would have borrowed and/or copied project journals and submitted. (study shows very higher number)

But, when it comes to expressing love through writing letters and journals, each one writes in her/his own words.

Emotions are personal, technicals can be borrowed and learnt.

Similarly, Financial Plan in my belief is more to do with emotions (life,self,family,society and freedom) and very little technical, and hence each one needs to write and have their own #financialplan.

A financial plan is all about achievements, success , overcoming fears, emotions behind money, being in control, gaining clarity continuously working to live life on own terms, and making money work for you to be able to do that for you.Letting you choose what and how of making best of time in your hand and living the life fullest. That's #financialfreedom ,not one day, but today, this very moment.It's about letting you take decisions with clarity and taking people together.

Financial Freedom, is so much about giving (time, expertise, money, efforts) and less of getting. 

Would love to hear your views. Agree?

#financialplanning #couplesgoals #financialindependence

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