Tuesday, February 15, 2022

How investors get trapped- current headlines is superb example?

1- Biggest fall in markets seen in last 10 months.

2- Bloodbath in markets
3- Midcap down 11% from highs
4- Bank Nifty down 14% from highs
5- BSE cos.lost market cap of 9 lac crore in one single day
6- Nifty down 532 points

and such more.

It is something like, you had once bought potato @65 and now available @54.

I am sure we all know that the original normal per kg potato price is in and around 30. (an example)

Consider this as reminder that reasons could be anything, valuation and risk is 90%+ times the decision maker.

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14% down from it's top
90000 lac cr lost

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